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[REVIEW] DV Pod by Innokin - Better Than The Orion?

Discussion in 'Standard E-Cigarette Reviews' started by TheOneVape_Review, Mar 23, 2019.

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  1. TheOneVape_Review

    TheOneVape_Review Full Member

    Jan 21, 2019
    DV Pod by Innokin

    Hello! TheOneVape_Review is back once again and today, I am going to review a pod system from Innokin and it is the DV Pod. I am actually quite excited about the pod system when it arrived. But how does it performs when the real testing begins? It is impressive? Or is it a disappointment? To find out more, let's head down into the review.

    The DV ( Daily Vape ) by Innokin may be just another pod system to you, but how it performs is a total different story. Just a quick overview of the DV - It has an internal 500mAh battery capacity, uses PLEX3D mesh coil pod cartridge which holds a refillable 2.8ml of eliquid capacity whereas for the TPD version, it only holds 2ml. It can be activated by either pressing on the button or automatic draw activated, and if the vapor is not satisfying or warm enough, the wattage can be changed anywhere from 12 to 15 watts.

    How well does the DV performs and how does it hold up against the Orion? Let me talk more about it, show some pictures that I took and give you my final thoughts.

    Height: 75 mm
    Width: 42 mm
    Depth: 21 mm
    Material: Zinc Alloy
    Ultra-Compact & Light-weight
    500mAh Battery with Micro-USB Charge
    Adjustable Wattage ( 12 - 15 watts )
    2.8 ml Refillable Pods / 2 ml ( TPD Compliant )
    Automatic Draw Activated / Button Activated
    PLEX3D Next Generation 3D Mesh Coils
    3 Colors LED Battery Indicators ( Green, Orange, Red )
    Bottom Filling System
    Nicotine Salts / Freebase E-liquid Compatible

    • Short Circuit Protection
    • Low Voltage Protection
    • Over Heating Protection
    • Over Charging Protection


    Color Options / Picture Credits: Innokin

    1 x DV Pod
    1 x 0.5Ω Spare Pod
    1 x Micro-USB Cable
    1 x User Manual
    1 x Warranty Card
    1 x Battery Care Guide Card
    1 x Warning + Safety Card

    DV Packaging

    Packaging Content

    0.5Ω PLEX3D Mesh Coil Pod with Mouthpiece
    Silicon Gasket
    Connection Pin
    Airflow Hole
    Firing Button
    Wattage Adjustment Button
    LED Indicators
    Micro-USB Port

    Pod Separated From The Device


    The DV has a shape that looks like Darth Vader from star wars. The white DV looks like Storm Trooper whereas the black DV looks like Darth Vader. On the front, there's an airflow hole, a firing button with an integrated LED, a blue and thin wattage adjustment button, a display for the set wattage, a cutout for the LED to light up when taking a puff, and a DV logo. On the back, there's a rubberized material with honeycomb patterns and a cutout for the pod's notch to connect onto the device. On the bottom, there's a micro-USB port and also states the internal battery capacity of the DV.

    Although the DV is made out of zinc alloy, it feels as if it was made out of plastic due to the glossy finish on it and feels very smooth. The pod is not magnetic but is more of a clip on style. The DV feels ergonomics in the hands as well as the buttons when clicked. It is a very practical device to be used for stealth vaping because of it's compactness. Once you wrap it in your hands, you literally can't see the device. The rubberized material at the back feels slippery. I thought it was supposed to help with grip when holding it. But I realized it was supposed to give extra grip when laying flat on the table to prevent it from having too much movement when hit accidentally. The DV is a fingerprint magnet on the black cutout at the front of the device.

    Overall Looks Of The DV Pod ( Front )

    Overall Looks Of The DV Pod ( Back )


    The pod and the mouthpiece is together. The cutout for the mouthpiece can be found at the top of the pod. It isn't a very large cutout but isn't the smallest either. The whole pod is dark but still able to see the e-liquid capacity under proper lighting. The pod has a bottom filling system that is covered by a silicon gasket. The fill port is big enough to use a glass dripper / bottle tip. On the bottom has a connection for it to connect to the device and also there is a hole at the side which I believe is the air to enter while taking a hit. One side of the pod has a notch which means the pod is only allowed to slot in one way.

    The mouthpiece which is also the pod, feels very comfortable in the mouth. The mouthpiece area is flat and does not have any odd shape. The restriction between taking and putting the pod and the device is just nice. Not much force is needed to take and to put back in unlike on the Orion, where a lot of force needs to be applied in order to take it out.

    0.5 Ohms Dark Translucent Pod


    The build quality of the DV is good except for some areas. I've been using it daily, putting it in my pocket, on the table, using it outdoors and so far not a single scratch can be seen. Button is very nice and clicky but slight rattling. The device has an uneven base and I guess that is because it can be split into 2 parts as there is a line around the whole device. The uneven base makes it easier to topple off easily when sitting upright. The clip on system on the device is quite sturdy as it didn't get loose overtime. Pods did not disconnect from the device when placed in bags / pockets.

    Uneven Base


    The pod is good as there are not defects on the pre-installed and the spare pods. There is some play in between the pod and the device but it is not noticeable unless you fiddle around with it. I experienced slight leaking through the pod's connection whenever I leave it overnight.

    Operates using only 2 buttons; fire button, wattage adjustment button. The DV provides you with all the information you need in such a small and compact device.

    Click the fire button 3 times:

    • On
    • Off
    The LED integrated in the fire button will light up thrice ( Green, Orange, Red )

    Press and hold the wattage adjustment button:

    • 12 w
    • 13 w
    • 14 w
    • 15 w
    Once it reaches to your desired wattage, release the button. If not, the values will continue to change and will round robin.

    Battery life indicators are shown in multiple colors:

    • Green - Full
    • Orange - Half
    • Red - Low
    To check your battery life, simple take a hit or just press the fire button once and the LED lights in the fire button will show.

    The information provided when taking a puff are:

    • Battery Life Indicators
    • Wattage Values
    • Puff Activation Light


    The device itself performs really well. There isn't much difference between 12 to 15 watts in my opinion. Maybe just a slight warmer vape and that's it. The DV hits hard, harder than on the Orion. I can feel nicotine buzz after taking my third or fourth puff.

    Whenever I take my first puff in the morning using the draw activation, there will be a slight lag to it. Sometimes it can't even detect my puffs at all and I have to take a really long and hard drag for the draw activation to activate. But as for the button activation, it ramps up pretty quickly every time.

    The device is giving a very consistent vape throughout, even when it is on low battery. You are also able to charge and vape it at the same time.


    Navigation is really simple and fool-proof. Important information are all provided.

    I have nothing much to complain about the DV. The only down side of it is that the wattage can only be changed when you press and hold the button. It scrolls a bit slow in my opinion. I would like to see Innokin making it such that the wattage will change every time I press the button once instead of press and hold. I feel it is faster that way.

    Battery Life

    The battery capacity of the DV is only at 500 mAh and in my opinion, the capacity is quite small. Battery life depends on how heavily you use the device. But for my style of vaping, I usually would take a hit every 1-2 hours and each session, I will take about 10 puffs. The battery lasted me for a good 3 days. Although the DV has only 500 mAh battery capacity, but the battery life of my Orion lasted around the same time with the same amount of usage. This is actually quite impressive.

    Once the battery indicator turns red, it won't last very long until the device complete shuts off, like for another few more puffs. Unlike on the Orion, you are able to continue taking a lot of hits before the device turns off. When the battery on the DV is flat, the red LED will flash 4 times. If you try to vape again, the red LED will start to flash 8 times.


    The airflow on the DV is a loose MTL, not very loose but has a slight restriction to it. It is similar to the airflow on the Orion when 1/4 opened. I do realized that when you cover the airflow hole that is just right on top of the fire button, I get a tad tighter draw. Other than that I have zero clue on where the other airflow holes are located. I tried purging the pod and I saw vapor coming out through the airflow hole and from the side of the device.

    The pod does not whistle or make any funny noises when vaping. It is a pretty silent vape. The pod will make a pop and crackling sound only when you take your first few hits in the morning.


    Fill up the pod and let your new pod to saturate for about 5-10 minutes before taking a hit. I left mine for 10 minutes and when I took my first hit, there is a strong cotton taste to it. It is not dry hit or whatsoever, just a cotton taste. It is gone after a few puffs. The wicking is very consistent as there is not dry hit while chain vaping on it. This leads to my next point. Sometimes when I am chain vaping, the mouth piece tends to get hot. The heat doesn't stay on the mouth piece very long as it cools down immediately. Also, I have experienced zero spit backs.

    The lifespan of your pod depends on how heavy you use it, the sweetness of the juice etc. There are many factors to consider if talking about the lifespan of the pod. For me, it has a pretty good pod lifespan as I am able to use it up to 1.5 weeks.

    Flavor & Vapor Production

    Now comes the interesting part. How is the flavor and vapor production? Flavor is absolutely good for a pod system as it uses Plex3D Mesh Coil in it. To be honest, the DV gives out more flavor notes than the Orion.

    Vapor production is quite little and is really good if you want to using it outdoors without causing too much attention.

    The DV pod is a fool-proof device that is very suitable for all kind of vapers. Although it has a small battery capacity, but it can last me for days but not forgetting it also depends on the user's usage. It is such a pity that Innokin didn't make it a 1A charging as most pods today supports a 1A charging and is able to charge in within 45 minutes. There is also no adjustable airflow to suit each and every individual vaping style. It is mainly because of the design which only allows it to be a fixed airflow. The DV is already close to perfect and in my opinion, if they included the 1A charging and an adjustable airflow, the DV would be a perfect pod system. Currently, there is only one type of pod which is the 0.5Ω pod and I wish Innokin would release different resistance pods in the future. The cons that I stated earlier above is not really major ( except for the leaking through the connector part ) as it is not noticeable unless you really try fiddling around.

    I find myself choosing the DV pod over my Orion pod more often as it really provides you the real stealth vaping in times when you really need to be stealthy. Reason being it because it hits really hard and is able to fix my nicotine needs quickly, it is a really silent vape, and the amount of vapor it produced.

    If I were to choose between the DV and the Orion, which would I choose? Both have their pros and cons and both of them are good devices. If you want to customize your wattage settings ( which I don't find myself using it ), a more premium, weighted pod system, and adjustable airflow, go for the Orion. But if you are just like me, just need a larger e-liquid capacity, hits hard to fix my nicotine needs quickly, able to legit stealth vape, and just a few wattage settings to play around with, go for the DV. Thus, I would choose the DV over the Orion as it meets all my checkbox requirements.


    • ElementVape - $34.95 ( Usual ) / $22.95 ( Now )
    • MyVaporStore - $34.99 ( Usual ) / $27.99 ( Now )
    • VaporDNA - $27.99 ( Usual ) / $24.99 ( Now )

    REPLACEMENT POD ( 1 Piece / Box )

    • ElementVape - $9.95 ( Usual ) / $3.95 ( Now )
    • MyVaporStore - $3.99
    • VaporDNA - $5.99 ( Usual ) / $3.99 ( Now )

    • Really Good Flavor
    • 2.8 ml E-liquid Capacity
    • 2 Pods In Packaging
    • Small, Light Weight & Compact
    • Cheap In Price
    • Hits Hard
    • Good For Stealth Vaping
    • Easy To Use
    • Button & Draw Activation
    • Able To Change Wattage
    • Comfortable Mouth Piece
    • Ergonomic Device
    • Good Pod Life
    • Fast Ramp Up Time

    • Battery Capacity Is Too Small [ Subjective ]
    • Leaks Through Connector
    • Uneven Base
    • Unable To Charge Upright [ Subjective ]
    • Slight Button Rattle
    • Slight Play Between Pod & Device
    • Slow Wattage Scrolling Speed [ Subjective ]
    • Slight Lag In Draw Activation At Times [ Subjective ]

    Thank you for taking the time to read my review on the DV Pod by Innokin. This is TheOneVape_Review, signing off.

    REVIEWER DISCLAIMER: I only type reviews during my free time so some products may take quite some time to be posted up. All products are used for 2 weeks or more.

    PRODUCT DISCLAIMER: Thank you Innokin for sending the DV Pod to me for the purpose of this review and this will not affect my opinions of it.

    PICTURE DISCLAIMER: All pictures posted in my threads are purely taken by me and only me. Do not use without my acknowledgment or giving any credits.
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