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*REVIEWS* - HHV Fruits

Discussion in 'The HHV Army' started by XfooYen, Jan 30, 2013.

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  1. AbqDave

    AbqDave Full Member Verified Member

    Apr 21, 2013
    Albuquerque, NM, USA
    Cinful Apple. 20/80. 6mg nic

    Well I just got my first order from HHV. Gonna go easy while they are steeping, but I had to sneak a taste using an ego-style battery and a Cisco-spec 2ohm dripping atomizer.

    Cinful Apple makes my toes curl. My wife was all like "whats with all the yummy noises?"

    There's a bit of a pastry angle on this. Reminds of those apple pies they used to sell at McDonalds. Remember how they tasted fresh. This is it, it, it. It's a heavy, complex vape. I think it will be nice for dripping in the evening after dinner.
  2. Frantic9k

    Frantic9k Super Member ECF Veteran

    Crackberry 70/30 12mg (from the sample order)

    Vaping this on a Lava tube V2 using a 3.0 ohm Tube tank. I played with the voltage quite a bit on this one and I enjoyed it at any setting I used above 4.0 (mainly because I don't like vaping under 4) I typically vaped this around 4.9.

    This was my first flavor I have tried from HHV....It won't be my last. Being the Big ol' southern boy I am, this took me back too spreading a nice natural Blackberry jam on a biscuit. To the point where I actually wished I had a biscuit to eat as I was vaping this. AMAZING! This has to be one of the truest flavors I have found so far. This will most likely become my primary all day vape. (or at least until I try some of these other samples I got LOL).

    I also want to add that this is the first liquid that I have been able to vape at 6 volts without getting any type of a burnt taste. This made my jaw drop! I think it is time to move to Georgia!!!!!!!

    I highly recommend this flavor.
  3. Chakris

    Chakris Resting In Peace ECF Veteran

    Aug 22, 2012
    Bangkok, Thailand
    Just Peachy

    PG/VG Ratio: 100% VG
    Nicotine: 6 mg/ml
    Device: HH.357 on a VAMO 1.5 ohm @ 3.7 V - 4.5 V

    Like the name says, this juice is Just Peachy! You don't even have to vape it to know that for as soon as you pop the cap off, the smell of fresh peaches fills the air and taking a couple cold puffs off the atty without power the flavor came through crisp and clear. Upon firing up the atty, it was like taking a bite of a ripe peach, no candy flavor or perfume tones that I could detect.

    I started at the low voltage of 3.2v and worked my way up to 4.5v. The sweet spot for me is around 3.6v - 3.8v - the flavor was quite good even at 3.2v, however, seemed a bit weak for my tastes. At 4.4v - 4.5v the hits were a touch too warm and I noticed a flavor change that I didn't like. Not yet a burnt flavor, but not as peasant a flavor as before.

    Not only is great only, but I believe this would mix well with other HHV flavors - personally, I'd like to try a bit of this with Tuscan Cocoa. HHV's Chocolate Orange is good, I bet this would just as good if not better. Since I only got a 6ml bottle my mixing & testing might be limited till I get some more. Next time round I'll get at least a 15ml bottle at 70PG/30VG to see how/if the flavor changes. There's plenty of vapor now as it's 100% VG - we'll see how that changes also at 70/30.
  4. Frantic9k

    Frantic9k Super Member ECF Veteran

    Nice Pear 70/30 12mg

    Vaping this on a Lava tube V2 using a 3.0 ohm Tube tank.

    This one is yummy, I found it to be mellow when compared to crack berry but I still liked it. I had to do this one hot though, once i hit 5.2 volts or higher it was like eating a baked pear.....YUMMY!! This one would be nice to have after eating food off the grill. Good summer feel too it, and made me feel like I was eating home cooking.
  5. Frantic9k

    Frantic9k Super Member ECF Veteran

    Cinful Apple 70/30 pg/vg 12mg

    I steeped this for 1 week. I am using a Protank at 2.5 ohms on a Provari set to 5.3 volts.

    Ok This stuff is AWESOME. Like others have said, Apple Pie! This is a nice fruity sweet vape. If you wanna try something really good, vape this while drinking a nice Espresso. I am doing that as I type this and yeah I feel like I'm in gourmet heaven! HHV's Gourmet Heaven!

    I highly recommend this flavor because it is unbelievably good, and I'm not the biggest fan of apple pie either.
  6. PapawBrett

    PapawBrett Travelin' Man Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Jul 16, 2012
    Monroe NC
    Cinful Apple, 30/70 PG/VG @ 12mg nicotine
    As an admitted Sweet and Dessert Lover, I must admit this one is exceptional. A very pleasant and flavorful blend of Apple and Cinnamon, sweetened to perfection. Taste is rich and vapor production is very good. Tastes like fresh apple pie, without the crust.
    A Definite Reorder, this selection moves into my permanent order rotation. Another Winner from HHV.
  7. Bunnykiller

    Bunnykiller ECF Guru Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Nov 17, 2013
    New Orleans La.
    Crackberry 24nic 100VG

    upon opening it and a quick squeeze for the smell test...
    first a slightly sweet hit then it went directly into a tart fresh blackberry
    Loaded up a CE8 1.8ohm on a Vamo3 at 6W
    pulled a few primer hits no power and got what reminded me of Blackberry juice drink
    power on... this is the hidden flavor in Legend :)
    slightly tart no sweetness but blackberry it is
    going to let this mature a bit it should be really good..
  8. mattrhdr
    This message by mattrhdr has been removed from public view. Deleted by a moderator, Feb 22, 2014, Reason: Format.
    Feb 22, 2014

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