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Sep 19, 2022
    Setup: Single DL rta, 27W, 12% mixing
    Tequila is a distilled spirit of Mexican origin, which is fermented from the sugar-rich root of the blue agave and for couples. This all sounds very good, but what does tequila taste like? I have no idea . I don't think agave can be compared to anything else. The smell is like an alcoholic spirit with a slightly bitter smell. The taste has a little silky sweetness, but it is not dominant. It also gives your throat a dry and scratchy feeling. I'll be honest, I expected worse, such an insufferable sickly taste. Although the sickly taste is characteristic of this aroma. I puffed for half a day, but I didn't find anything in it that would make me say "I'll fill up the tank one more time". It's like there's a little lemon in it, but it's also like a lemon replacement pill, a little bitterness that makes your mouth stink. You have to drink this, but not tequila, but some sweet soft drink that loses its taste. I would have expected something special, an unusual taste (I got that ) or something that would have really transported me to Mexico. If you feel the urge to try it, make sure you have a salt and lemon ring with you, maybe the steaming will be more tolerable .

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