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Some important 'Don't's' to remember ...

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Mar 22, 2009
Campbell River, BC
    Gawd, I miss this forum! Was thinking about a few things today and thought I would share them so that others do not make some of the same mistakes that I have.

    1) DON'T - buy a whole crap load of goodies all at once! You may think this is a wise thing to do but trust me ... you will be kicking yourself for weeks to come! Because once you have unloaded all that moola on your 'stash', guaranteed there are a whole bunch of new goodies that Steve constantly throws out there that you badly want but ... hey! You've blown your wad and, until you finally get through it all, you just have to wait. I hate waiting ... :-x

    2) DON'T - get yourself so involved in something that you find you have no time left over to spend in places you would love to hang out in more often ... like this forum!! :(This place is not only a wonderful gathering spot for some truly great people, it is also a constant help and inspiration to keep you from ... (here comes the next 'don't') ...

    3) DON'T - think for a minute that you can easily mooch cigs from your significant other because ... well, you're tired of vaping the flavors that you have outrageously stockpiled and ... well ... it's convenient and it's only a few, right? I am so embarrassed to have to admit that I have SO fallen off the wagon these past three weeks! :mad: Even worse is how hard I am finding it to get rid of the cancer sticks once and for all again! I'm slowly climbing back up there but it isn't easy for me. I have come to the conclusion that, just like with every other method of quitting analogs, you really have to develop the attitude that you can never have 'just one or two' again. At least I can't ... sigh.

    Anyway, sure wish I could spend more time here like I used to and will try harder to flip in here more often. I'm missing this place!

    Hey, Steve - WOW! Nice new DIGS!! Way to go! So happy to hear Leaford is heading (or gone now?) to China. It is just wonderful that he has joined the V4L gang as I know you have been told umpteen times by everyone here.

    Okay - that's my list of 'Don't's' so will end up with one DO.

    DO - keep hanging out here with your stories, your tips and your awesome welcoming friendliness. This is such a great place!! :D


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    Nov 5, 2009
      I'm glad I read this post. Money is super tight right now, and I have often thought that if I can't come up w/ the loot for a future order sometime down the road, that I could *wince* bum a couple analogs off my wife. But I don't want to smoke analogs again, ever. Especially since, in this case, the grass IS greener on the other side. I can B.S. everybody else until i'm blue in the face, but I know if worse came to worse, I would revert just for a nic fix:( If that day ever comes, you better believe all my juice bottles and carts will be licked clean, j/k that's pretty gross:p


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      Nov 4, 2009
      Apple Valley, MN
        Hi Fisherpal!!

        You've been missed!

        One day at a time, right?

        Amen! If I know one thing, it is that I am addicted to cigarettes. I am happy that I have been able to go without one for over 2 weeks, and am still carrying around a half-pack. But I know i can't have one, period.


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        Sep 20, 2009
        Northern California
          Hi Fisherpal! You were missed, and like Born said, one day at a time. Don't beat yourself up over slipping, it's the Holiday season and it can be stressful. Hope to see you a lot more, have always enjoyed your posts. Do you need to trade some of your cartos? There is a great carto swap thread going, might help get you back on the vaping wagon;)


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          Aug 27, 2009
          Sunny Arizona
            Glad to see you back Fisherpal! Missed you! Hang in there, we all have our weak moments. And those of you living with a smoking spouse - wow! It must be so much harder! Hats off to you!

            One thing I love about this place is that we are all in it together! We have our own back up "cheerleaders" to help pull us through the bad spots! Hang in there sweetie! We can all do this together!
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