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Sour Blue Sl. by Mod Sauce // Liquid Review by HyDrOpOnIc1987

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Sep 12, 2021
Sour Blue Slushy (Sl.) by mod Sauce // e-liquid Review By HyDrOpOnIc1987

Hello everyone, today I bring something new. I haven't done a liquid review on ECF before, but have done a few reviews for devices and the such so this shouldn't be too difficult (I hope!). I've been getting most of my liquids from True North Vapor since I started vaping a year and a half ago. Because of that, and the reviews I've been writing lately, I decided to reach out and suggest that we work together. As such, I received a nice box full of liquids for me to go through and choose to review. This is the first of the liquids, so let's get to the review!

This flavour is called Sour Blue Sl. but before changes in regulations here in Canada, it was called Sour Blue Slushy by Mod Sauce. Mod Sauce is a brand that True North Vapor created shortly after opening their doors in 2011. It's a brand that was created to be high in VG and to be used by modders back when cloud competitions were still a thing. They also created another line at the same time called Loyal Vape. I'll be reviewing a flavour from that line soon as well.

At the time, True North Vapor's liquid line was very heavy in PG and was known to be beginner device friendly. But, also during that same period, higher wattage devices were becoming more popular and people wanted to blow some clouds and that need lead to the creation of Mod Sauce.
Now that I covered some history and background, lets get to the bottle. We have very strict rules in Canada as to what can be used on labels and what HAS to be included, like the Health Canada Nicotine Warning. As such, we can't have anything that could be deemed as marketing towards children. That means that labels in Canada tend to be rather bare. They have some nice background designs, like the blue splatters on this Mod Sauce bottle, and their company logos, but not much else. Because of that, I wont really be going into detail of the bottles. Instead I will include a photo of the front and back of the bottle.

I want to talk about the liquid now. It's been made to be low in sweetener and to not have a shocking amount of flavour. A lot of the liquids in Canada are like this. It helps to maintain the life of coils as well as to lessen the amount of rewicking needed. Plus, we tend to like flavours a bit less powerful. All this said, the flavour of this liquid is pretty tasty. Immediately on the inhale you get the blue raspberry taste, but then after a second a slight sourness starts on my tongue. It's not overwhelming by any means, but rather it gives it a boldness and fullness that the straight blue raspberry flavour wouldn't have had on its own. There's also a slight sweetness. On the exhale, you get the usual “Blue Slushy" flavour in all it's entirety. The sweetness gets rounded out, and there’s other fruits that I can taste but can't place, that come to the surface. It very much reminds me of running to the store to get a Slush Puppy when I was a kid. So many memories of those slushy's, sharing them with friends. There really isn't much else to say besides that this is almost identical to a blue slushy.

This liquid has a light throat hit typical to a higher VG/ lowish nicotine %, but it is very satisfying when using in any of my mid/higher wattage devices, which is what it's designed for. I use 6mg nicotine (not for children!) and felt that using my new Vaporesso PT80 S Pod Mod (0.15 ohm at 67.5watts) it was a smooth vape and able to produce decent clouds. And, did I mention it was very satisfying?

If you like Blue Slushies, Blue Raspberry and live in Canada, then you can pick up a bottle of Sour Blue Sl. By Mod Sauce from True North Vapor dot Com today! I definitely recommend checking it out if you know you already like that flavour profile. It’s just as good today as the day the recipe was created.

I want to thank True North Vapor for sending me this liquid to review. I am posting a link to their site so that you can check out the liquids that they offer. They also have a fairly decent selection of coilheads if you find yourself in need. Also, I will post a link to this flavour. That way, if you want to try it you wont have to go searching for it.

Thank you very much for reading this liquid review. Please bear with me as I find my bearings with liquid reviews. It's not as easy as I thought to accurately describe flavours haha. I will be trying to release one liquid review a week for the next couple months, but the schedule may change a bit depending on my IRL schedules. I hope this review helps you make a decision on whether to pick up this liquid or not.


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