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Store in Vegas?

Discussion in 'Vegas Vapers' started by Frody, Oct 14, 2010.

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  1. Frody

    Frody Full Member

    Mar 21, 2009
    After a very ecxiting time in Vegas we're back in good old Germany. I had fears, that the customs grab my liquid or the hardware gets broken but all was fine. Except for the first day, when I lost my eGo in the middle of the street (was running) and one really big car drove over it!8-o
    The cone become deformed and the end-cap of the battery was out! I unscrewed the cone (a bit hard) and replaced the cap and this great chinese device (never thought, that I ever would say that) worked like before! :)

    Unfortunately I had only for a short time internet access (free at Mc' Donalds near Circus Circus). So, I couldn't read your posts.

    Our best friends had their marriage in Vegas, we were in the Grand Canyon NP, at Freemont (amazing!!!), watched some shows and at thursday we were at Swapmeet..:( Unfortunately it's only open friday and saturday..damn! But I saw a "Smoking Everywhere" kiosk in front of "Neiman Marcus" (near "Treasure Island"). Just in case of emergency.. :2cool:

    @BiohazardVideo: I'm from a region near Heidelberg. Very different to Vegas..:laugh:
    Vaping in Germany is still not common. Very similar to the US imho. Some interested glances but no questions (ok, I forgot the guy who wanted to sell some drugs to me after he sees me with my eGo :blush: ), no vapors on the street (never met one) and a gamble when indoors in non-smoking areas (not official forbidden but owner could execute his domiciliary rights). There are still no restrictions but it seems that the European Commission has some bad plans.. :( But who cares, we have some very nice selfmade atomizers here (e.g. "Genisis" from Raidy) and for the liquid there'll be a way.. ;-)

    Thank You all for Your help/tips. Feel free to contact me, if You're in my region..
  2. MikeDblue

    MikeDblue Full Member

    Oct 3, 2010
    I have family in Las Vegas and visit there often. The last time I was there (July), the outlet mall on Las Vegas Blvd. near the airport there was a Smoke 51 kiosk there. I didn't check it out though.
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