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Tailoring the set-up to the smoker

Discussion in 'Ask The Veterans' started by Gingerzeronic, Jan 22, 2012.

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  1. Gingerzeronic

    Gingerzeronic Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Jan 18, 2012
    I'm taking KeysBum's advice and hoping this is the right forum.

    I have not yet ordered anything. My ultimate goal is to transition from analogs to vaping and from nic to zero nic. I have a lot of insight and support into the habit aspects of the habit.

    I currently smoke Marlboro Golds at a PAD. I never smoke inside anywhere aside from my car. I'm fine with vaping outside (I don't want to vape more than I smoke). I don't have much trouble going 4 - 6 hours without smoking. I don't require a lot of novelty. I'm not interested in tricking out my smoke (I have enough hobbies). I have no interest in fiddling with my equipment at work. I don't want a cig-clone or flavor-clone to analogs. I realize that this is not a "smoking substitute", it's a displacement activity and I fine with that.

    I want a simple set-up that allows me to run from 7:00 - 6:00 with no dripping or recharging or fiddling (4 - 6 short smoking opportunities including driving). I'd also like to step down in a fairly direct manner.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Mudflap

    Mudflap Vaping Master ECF Veteran Verified Member

    Dec 19, 2010
    Tyler, Texas
    For a device, I'd suggest 1100 mAh kGo batteries paired with eGo threaded dual coil cartomizers. Here's a video you can view for a visual reference. Use a syringe and long small gauge needle to fill each carto with 4 mLs of juice. One fully charged battery and one full carto should allow you to vape uninterrupted as you described.

    For transitioning to 0 nicotine, I'd suggest starting with 24mg nic juice. If 24mg doesn't satisfy your cravings, try 30 to 36 mg juice. If 24mg proves to be too much nic, then try 18mg juice. There is some trial and error involved in figuring out what will work best for you, but 24mg is a good starting point for a PAD smoker. Once you find the nicotine strength that works for you when you start vaping, use that same mg of nic for at least a month after you've totally stopped smoking. Then you can start to taper down on the nic in your juice. Example: If you use 24mg from the start and that helps you quit, try 18 mg juice for at least a week or two. Keep a carto filled with 24mg juice handy in case a super strong craving comes along that 18mg won't squash. It's better for you to temporarily swap to a higher nic carto than to be tempted to light up. After a full week or two of vaping 18mg with no issues, try some 12mg juice. Again, keep some higher nic juice available while you're transitioning to a lower nic juice. Keep tapering down at your own pace until your get to zero. Give yourself as much time as it takes. Every day that you don't smoke is a victory, no matter what level of nic is in your juice.
  3. Kent C

    Kent C ECF Guru ECF Veteran Verified Member

    Jun 12, 2009
    NW Ohio US
    First, there are no 'trouble free' ecigarettes. The nature of the fact that you are using a coil in order to heat a liquid that contains flavors, some of which have particulates in them (some more than others) and those particles can gum up a coil, and if you are using a cartridge or cartomizers that has filler in it to hold the ejuice, then that filler will also tend to get gunked up somewhat. So cleaning the parts is a fact of life with any ecigarette.

    That said, there are ejuices that have less particulates - mainly clearer/transparent flavors and there are some ejuice holding tanks that don't use fillers, which tend to make the cleaning part less than if you use dark ejuices and fillers in your cartridges and cartomizers.

    In my experience, the ecigs/pv's that come the close to 'no fiddliing' are the eGo-c and the Reo mini (also the Reo Grand). The eGo-c is a tube type ecig and the Reo's are 'box type'. Niether have fillers. With both you'll have batteries that are rated from 650mAh (miliamp hours where 100mAh approximates 1 hour of use - ymmv) to 1000mAh. This means that you'll likely have to carry at least one extra battery for each, for the time period you state - 11 hours.

    The eGo-c has a tank that holds about 1.5ml of ejuice and the Reo is a bottom feeding mod where the ejuice bottle is included in the mod's box and it holds 3ml of ejuice. Most PAD smokers will use about 3ml of ejuice a day - ymmv and it may vary widely here. So with the eGo-c you would need to refill the tank or have at least two refill tanks with you. The Reo should last you for the day but I'd always carry a bottle of ejuice to fill just to be safe until you find your xml/day use. I'd suggest getting a cisco 1.5ohm LR atomizer for the Reo - I've found they last the longest and get the job done. Although you could use any atomizer that is from 1.5-2.5 ohms - the lower number of ohms will result in more vapor and more ejuice used.

    Those are the two I'd recommend after over 2 1/2 years of trying various other ecigs. I have several eGo-c's and one Reo mini. Very little maintenance but there is stil a need for cleaning of the atomizers/coils. For that I soak them in 151 proof cheap unflavored uncolored vodka ($12/fifth) which lasts me about a half a year. Soak for 1/2 hour, blow out and you're good to go.

    Reo Mini

    LR306 Low Resistance Atomizer 1.5 ohm (Cisco Spec) - Avid Vaper

    XL306 Contoured LR306 Delrin® Drip Tip - Avid Vaper
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