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The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

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Sep 12, 2014
joshua tree, ca
    I think we all have vape gear that will fit into the categories. I know I do. This will obviously be personally subjective so I ask that be no bashing in this thread. That being said I like some unusual gear that never really became mainstream. What do you have? Is it's good, Bad or ugly?
    The Good
    Vicious Ant Spade mech, Signature Tips SQ 217 and Clutch, All Armageddon RDAs, All Purge RDAs, TM24 PRO rda, MDX B@stard Kit, Fossil Box mod. Those are my favorites
    The Bad
    Axial rda I want to like it but I don't. SQ Topside mod it hits hard but the squonk bottle is bad.
    The Ugly
    VLX rda the one I have is the ultem version. Wormhole RDA is a good RDA once you get it setup but it is ugly. Elder Dragon RDA is a nice little single coil RDA that I like but you have to admit it is ugly.
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    May 22, 2015
      The good is the heron and paps or any other combination including either a paps v4 or a heron 1/1.5 ;)

      There is a lot of bad stuff. Pretty much everything I bought apart from the 3 mechs and 5 attys i use is a regret

      let’s go with sigelei 75 and ego one atomiser. Or just that whole joytech contraption for both bad and ugly

      no that’s a lie. I really really liked my rdna60 but it got battered, ugly and then died :cry:
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      Jan 25, 2018
        Signature SQ 217, VA Spade 21700, Krönig Box, B2K, Vauban, Redemption, KRMA

        MCM Underground Squonk. Both my clones and my authentic had switch issues rendering them paperweights. Awesome looking more, but functionally flawed. Vandy Vape Pulse BF (mech). Voltage drop in this mod is horrible. Wasp Nano. I tried to like it, unsuccessfully.

        Hugo Squeezer (good mod, poor finish). Toaster Designs V3 (looks are not it's leading attribute, but functions fine), GR1 (great rda, but sadly was beaten into existence with an ugly stick), Elder Dragon (the ugly stick has returned for this one too), and to throw it back a little I'm going to mention the Mad Hatter RDA, I've always thought it was a hot mess when it came to looks.
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        Jul 1, 2012
        Mallorca, Spain

          G: Great lil sub $20 squonker, 8ml bottle, dropped repeatedly and still hits like a champ.

          B: Both of my S2s leaked thru the 510 center pin. (easy fix, BTW). Kelpie deck is too deep and it drools if not vaped dry and kept upright. (Notice the little hole placed low to encourage said drooling) Kelpie design more suited to a regulated device.

          U: Normally, beauty is the eye of the beholder, however in this case... better to close your eyes and just enjoy the vape.

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