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TPSAC -- Go there!

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Sep 24, 2009
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A Public Participation Forum for the FDA Advisory Committee (TPSAC)

A Public Participation Forum for the FDA Advisory Committee (TPSAC).
This is a section devoted to FDA issues, on the website of the Center for Regulatory Effectiveness, a US government regulatory authority watchdog. The CRE invites public comment by offering a blog comment page on issues of interest, named an Interactive Public Docket or IPD.

The FDA Advisory Committee or TPSAC (the meaning of the initials is not clear) has several pages on issues that are open to public comment. An ECF member (thanks, Traver!) has had an impact here and they already have a page on our discussions.

The following note by their site editor, on the issue of menthol in cigarettes, indicates that a higher volume of public comments is recognized at government level. Unfortunately this probably refers to the FDA itself, though doubtless the louder our voice grows the better.

"Editors Note: CRE is receiving a substantial volume of comments on menthol. We are particularly impressed with the thoughtfulness of the comments. Based upon our experience in running a number of IPD’s, when public participation on an IPD increases there is a corresponding increase in visits and reviews of the IPD by federal regulators. Consequently, we encourage the public to continue to post on the IPD."

So please visit and comment. Once again thanks to Traver for locating and publicizing this.
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