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TugBoat: Hot.. Suggestions

Discussion in 'New Members Forum' started by tfraley, Aug 25, 2014.

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  1. tfraley

    tfraley Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Good day guys

    Ok really new to this so bear with me and please correct if i'm off on anything.

    So my build

    Tugboat: Brass
    Drilled out air wholes to 1/8th inch on both sides.
    Dual 5wrap coils (was build in local shop so not sure what type of wire and gage, still new at this)
    When connecting the tugboat to a multimeter i'm reading between .7 - .8ohms​

    Nemesis (clone)​

    MNKE IMR-18650
    OK: So this could just be me but seems the vapor and or tip gets pretty hot. I don't seem to be able to pull long at all before it get hots. My thinking is it's not getting enough air, but I would hate to drill more whole and over air it. I'm very new to this so can be over looking basic fundamentals.

    If anyone could lend a hand and help me troubleshoot this a bit further before taking to the drill press again. this would be helpful.

    Some images and close up of coil.
    Vapor 1.jpg
    Vapor 2.jpg
  2. jaxgator

    jaxgator Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    May 24, 2014
    Jacksonville, FL
    Do you have the air holes positioned directly in front of the coils? Are the coils at the same height as the air holes when the sleeve is installed?

    There are two ways to cool the vapor down, air flow and/or higher ohms.
  3. k702

    k702 Super Member ECF Veteran

    it looks like you have a ton of cotton and or juice in there, and the coils are sitting in said cotton/juice...

    that will heat up the cotton and or juice and make the rda hot. It will also cause all sorts of popping and snapping and make the vape rather unpleasant because of lack of airflow around the coil. the coils need to have room for air to move around them (above and below).

    unrelated but you should also work on getting those legs cut off as close as possible to the screw/post to minimize the possibility of shorts.
  4. tfraley

    tfraley Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    jaxgator: Yes I can see the coils right through the wholes.

    The thinking here is you want lower ohms for cloud chasing right. So the options would be to add more air wholes then?

    Does anyone have any experience with the build, lend some insight ..
  5. k702

    k702 Super Member ECF Veteran

    pull the coils up out of the juice well.. or don't fill it so high that they sit in the juice. moar air flow means nothing if the coils aren't actually getting airflow over them.
  6. tfraley

    tfraley Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Great information, The coils were down at a local shop and I have changed out the cotton twice already but mimics what they did.

    So what your saying is less cotton? I didn't think I used any more then in the video's I have seen online. Have a video of one you agree with?
    pretty much the cotton extends a little past the ring. the tugboat is also pretty deep compared to others.

    But like you said their is a decent amount of spitting going on.
  7. tfraley

    tfraley Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Ok looking at the coils again. they do seem to be right at the top of the cotton under neath it. just raised it alittle bit. Not the top of the coil is a bit higher then the middle post
  8. k702

    k702 Super Member ECF Veteran

    all you have to do is either pull the coils up so that they aren't sitting on the cotton/ in the juice. Or use a pair of tweasers or something to pull the cotton away from the bottom of the coil, to the sides of the well so that they have room all around them for air flow. Just make sure they're exposed and you'll be good. The build looks fine, it's just the way they're sitting it's always going to be either flooded or dry.
  9. tfraley

    tfraley Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran


    You nailed it that seemed to do it.
    Thank you very much, it's the basics that get over looked and by being new. I knew no better..

    thank you
  10. k702

    k702 Super Member ECF Veteran

    no problemo, glad you got it worked out! have a pleasant vape.
  11. tfraley

    tfraley Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Still seems a bit hot, But could be too much juice in their as well. Will post back in a bit one I vape though some.
  12. k702

    k702 Super Member ECF Veteran

    With .7 dual coils you should be getting a fairly warm vape, depending on what you were using before it could feel hot, is it more pleasing with room for airflow around the coils at least??
  13. tfraley

    tfraley Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Ok just to double check my newness. lol

    Less ohms me more watts which in turn means a hotter and more vape but requires more air.

    Another assumption by adding more wholes/air this would in turn cool down the vape and for lack of a better expression water down the flavor and vape cloud.

    are these assumptions correct in your experience?
  14. k702

    k702 Super Member ECF Veteran

    Lower resistance (ohms) = higher watts = more heat yes

    You pretty much have it more airflow can cool down the vape... from my knowledge of the tugboat design though I'm not sure how much drilling holes in it would actually help.... not sure how much room there would be to enlarge the stock holes further..

    If you drill more airflow in the wrong place you'll pretty much get vape that feels like air. They also call the tugboat the leakboat more holes might make that issue even worse if thats anything you're concerned about.
  15. tfraley

    tfraley Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran


    Thank you for confirming my thoughts and great to get insight from someone experienced .. "leakboat" never heard of that
  16. k702

    k702 Super Member ECF Veteran

    Not a problem
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