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RDA Tugboat V1 RDA

Discussion in 'RDA' started by buildabane, Oct 22, 2014.

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  1. buildabane

    buildabane Senior Member

    Sep 11, 2014
    St. Louis, MO
    Hey all, I have been learning, building, and vaping on the Tugboat V1. I really, really do love this thing, plus it looks awesome on my Caravela. I think the simplicity of it is what attracted me (my first RDA ever). I also love the airholes - Because I LOVE dual coils and I love lung hits. I've been getting into subohm vaping with the Tug, and it has been getting hot on me. I did replace the insulated drip tip with a new, wide bore tip that I find to be better (although a bit warmer). I am running dual micros (I forgot how many wraps I did, it's 26 gauge Kanthal) at 0.34 Ohms. This is the lowest I have gone so far (yes I have proper batteries and use my Ohm's law calculator regularly). When I took my first lung hit on the 0.34, I was pretty impressed. Instead of sucking hard on that drip tip, I felt like the vapor was almost being catapulted into my lungs! Using 3mg nic and 80% VG juice, this did give me some nice clouds and I got a warm vape with good flavor. I noticed after about 7 hits, my Tug was getting hot. Now obviously I expected this because subohms = more heat, so duh. The battery or switch never changed temp (throwing this is so you all know I that I am being safe). I am now looking at the airflow on the Tug. Now that I have established that I love a handful of big, dense, warm hits instead of 25 meh ones (I was previously running dual coil with a total resistance of 0.42 Ohms). The big question - The Tugboat comes with 3/32 (so ...2.5mm?) drilled air holes set up one on each side of the device, lined up with the dual coils this works great, and I always make sure that my coils are right in front of those air holes. The dilemma now is to add more air, since I will be running this exclusively on dual coil, sub ohm builds. I would use the extra airflow for cooling the tug down faster when I am vaping on it. I don't find the stock draw to be airy (unless you run single coil, which I never do). Thinking about drilling out the holes just a little bit bigger than 3/32. What do you guys think? A little more air couldn't hurt, but I don't want it to be overly airy. Why do my posts always turn out to be so much longer than I wanted them to? Lol. Any help would be appreciated!!:vapor:
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