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Twisp Ego Review :(

Discussion in 'South Africa Forum' started by Tamakachi, Aug 8, 2010.

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  1. Tamakachi

    Tamakachi Full Member

    Jan 14, 2010
    South Africaq
    So, last month I bought a Twisp Ego and I have to say I am thoroughly dissapointed.

    There was a big hype about the Ego on the net and I bought into it.
    The biggest flaw I found was the atomizers, they can't take more than 3 drops of liquid and the vapor is very weak.

    I felt like I was vaping a really bad 4081 with stylish exterior.

    The battery life isn't as long as you would think with the massive battery it comes with.

    The atomizer floods very easily and at R180 per atomizer plus the fact that they're probably the worst atomizers I've ever used just put me off completely. I couldn't even keep of the analogs!

    I'm very very disappointed in the Ego, for R1000 for a starter kit where the vapor sucks, the battery life is average and the charge time is unacceptable and the atomizer drowns with 4 drops of liquid;
    I have to say I should have rather gotten another Twisp Stick.

    The twisp stick could handle 15+ drops at once, I didn't feel like I was spending more time dripping than actually vaping when I used the stick and the battery life wasn't a problem. The vapor rocked and I got a powerful nicotine buzz every time. Not once did the ego give me a nicotine buzz.

    Aside from the physical appearance this device is far from "cool"
    There is nothing egotistical about the ego, except maybe the size of the battery.

    Here are my ratings for the Twisp Ego

    The Good

    Appearance: 8/10

    Somewhere Inbetween

    Battery Charge Time: 5/10
    Battery Life: 5/10
    Vapor Flavour: 6/10

    The Bad

    Vapor Production: 2/10
    Atomizer Capacity: 2/10
    Atomizer Lifespan: 3/10
  2. kot1rc5

    kot1rc5 Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Mar 12, 2010
    I have been using a Tornado/eGo for about 6 months, and this has not been my experience.
    Sounds like you got some of the higher resistance atomizers (3.2+ ohms). The real Joy 510 atties should be about 2.3, the low resistance should be 1.6.

    Get yourself some authentic Joy/Janty 510 atties, or even better a LR atty.

    I have had good experience with Totally Wicked or Janty, they have a UK shop that will probably ship to your location.
  3. BartS

    BartS Super Member ECF Veteran

    The Twisp Ego is the Janty Ego. It just gets marketed here in SA as Twisp and not Janty. :D

    [FONT="]The stick uses an 801 atomiser. Maybe you must just get yourself a 510 to 801 adapter, and then you could use an 801 atty on the Ego battery. I doubt if the cone will fit, but the cone is mostly aesthetic in any case. :D [/FONT]
  4. Nomdo

    Nomdo Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Hi, I never really liked the Twisp Dura C and the expensive Twisp liquid, but it got me off tobacco. In meantime I've tried a lot of e-cigs available here in SA. I even got the DSE905 (It was OK, first 901 atty experience). Then last month I got the eGo (under R800) from Electronic Cigarette Store Pretoria, South Africa

    it is the best e-cig I've owned. (I've ever tried the Stick). My most disapponting buy was the green smoke.

    The eGo is like a manual 510 with excellent battery life (6 hours for me, vaping ~ 2 ml/day). Good throat hit, and clouds of vapour, especially with VG e-liquid.
  5. Tamakachi

    Tamakachi Full Member

    Jan 14, 2010
    South Africaq
    In all fairness it could have been the liquids I used, I was using Xplode liquids which are VG liquids. I ordered a Twisp Stick and it arrived this morning. God I missed this thing!

    Also back to my Deep Forest liquids. The ego got extremely got very quickly and the throat hit wasn't really cool, was very weak. I find the stick has better battery life for dripping because it gives a better throat hit so its great to have 1 or 2 puffs every 15 mins.

    As soon as I got my stick this morning I quit the cigs, I was on 2 and 1/2 packs a day of LD Reds. I'm so glad I got this stick again, for a pc junkie like me it's puuuurfect.

    I also love how I can put 20 drops in and not worry about having to refill every 5 minutes without flooding the atty.

    If you're after Twisp-similar liquids try Deep Forest, I prefer them to twisp. They have more flavour and more nicotine as well as thick strong vapour at R35 per bottle.

    Here's my supplier url Wholesale & Bulk Lots - 10 ml Premium Liquid Nicotine bottles for all Electronic Health Cigarettes for sale in Pretoria / Tshwane (ID:24431784)

    Happy Vaping!

    *Is currently Vaping French Pipe + Tobacco Storm with Twisp Stick v2*
  6. Nomdo

    Nomdo Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Hi, Tamakachi

    Glad to hear you're happy again.

    My 10 bottles from Amelia @ SA Liquid is on the way. I used to buy the Twisp liquid way back, but they r just too expensive - (l liked the coffee, Redbull and Tob#1 - I will buy it again if less than R80/10ml)

    I've also tried the "Xplode" from kinleroux (bidorbuy), but it had a very distinct VG taste. Also on bidorbuy "Indiafrica" sells PG based liquid for R25/10 ml -> the liq is ~ OK, but nothing special.

    Other I've tried include: (Walter) , (Mike) (Gerhard) and (Stephen Rowley or Alicia) -(Deep Forest Liquid)

    The Feellife juice from Mike ( e.g. is something different, but my daily Liquid now is the Tobacco Flavour Dekang VG liquid from ecigies.

    (I dislike the French Pipe flavour, Tobacco Rush is my Favourite "Deep Forest" Liquid)

    Happy Vaping
  7. Nomdo

    Nomdo Senior Member ECF Veteran

    I have the same experience with the 510 atty's. On the USB passthrough, on the ego and especially on the original manual battery. At least the cone on the eGo helps to shield the burning hot :evil: atty.
  8. Tamakachi

    Tamakachi Full Member

    Jan 14, 2010
    South Africaq
    Wow thanks for the links!

    I've tried a few liquids out there (quick kwit, xplode, twisp, deep forest)

    How would you describe ecigies and vaping101's liquids to say deep forest and xplode? After getting 10 bottles of xplode I'm realy cautious about trying new brands.

    About the attys. I know right, the ego attys burns :evil: the crap out of you if you chain vape the way I do I suppose it's no surprise.

    I just found the ego to be rather unsatisfying in general.

    I guess I'm just used to the massive plumes of strong vapor from the stick, plus seeming I'm always at the pc the fact that it doubles as a passthrough is just perfect for me.

    The most interesting deep forest combo I've found is if you take Irish Whiskey and Caramel together it tastes like Cookies and Cream.

    Then obviously blending tobacco flavours together in different quantities, I find the Virgina South makes a nice base with a bit of tobacco rush and storm with a tiny drop of french pipe for smokiness.

    The tobacco rush tastes a LOT like twisps Tobacco #1, I'd even go as far as to say they're the same thing but twisp being a bit more diluted.

    I like liquids that show how much nicotine inside, twisp is vague when they mention strengths. But then again they make the most awesome PV's

  9. Nomdo

    Nomdo Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Hi Tama

    Vaping101, eciggies and easycigarette all sells the same Dekang Liquid. Child proof Caps in blue for medium (18 mg) nic, Orange for High (24 mg nic) - with the letters YNDK on the caps.

    So try any one that has a good price, If you like the Deep forest Liquid, you will like theirs. Kwik quit also has the same Dekang Liquid, but overpriced and crappy flavours like Cherry. In the beginning I liked the cherry, but now i hate it.

    For some nice strong Tobacco flavour, try USA mix and Camel (Desert Ship) and Virginia. In the USA Mix you can taste the "cow farm, Marlboro man flavor"
    Stivenson/Mild 7 has a unique taste combined with Tobacco - you might like or hate it - I like it...

    For some thing with a "nutty" (as in peanut butter nutty) tobacco taste, Try 555 or Winston (Wensten).

    The Tobacco, or Sweet Tobacco or Blended tobacco has a more smooth tobacco flavour - nice for chain vaping...

    The above should fix anyone's craving for real tobacco cigs. I don't like the french pipe flavours.

    Mike @ Vaping101 sells the Feellife juice, its way different from the Dekang Juice, They all have the same perfumy undercurrent taste but I like them, I recommend the Hilton and Watermelon. Maybe the Blacktea if you like tea.
    If you think Echinacea drops drops in water tastes nice and herbal, you might lke the Ginseng. (No, it does not seem to influence libido..) If you hate herbal, stay away.

    Most of the Dekang e-liquid has a VG (Vegetable Glycerin) version. The taste is the same, feels more smooth, the vapour lingers longer. They don't wick well in the carts, so rather use them for dripping. I have mostly VG juices now.

    For sweet stuff, I like the Dekang Caramel (used to be toffee)

    With coffee flavours your are on your own - the best is probably the one you know: Deep forest Coffee Cream

    Anyway, it is nice to share my experience :vapor:with some one that gives a damn about it:rolleyes:.

    Happy Liquid Hunting
    Oh, to answer the question:
    Dekang is as Good as the Deepforest (the same anyway?)
    Both better than Xplode

    Twisp is very nice, but to expensive, have you ever tried the VG liquids?
  10. riche

    riche Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Aug 12, 2009
    Cape Town
    Hey there Nomdo + Tamakachi - fellow South African Nicotine junkies … :D
    Just want to throw in my bit here …
    Vaping unit preference seems very personal …

    I got off cigs with a Twisp Stick – jahoo…
    Found using toooo much liquid and found smoke to dry…
    So moved to DuraC – all good except for battery life – got a PCC case – worked ok for a coupla months …
    Started finding problems with Twisp attys – started getting stuff from China … better …
    Got a ludicrously large unit called the Indulgence from East Mall – uses 510 atty so great for me. – You gotta see the ad looks a lot like something women would use for pleasure.
    Anyway I now have a RiVa which is a eGo clone – better battery life apparently – and less ridiculous than the Indulgence.
    I do still use the Stick every now and then - but prefer the 510-atty vapor.

    What I find REAL interesting guys is all your talk about eJuice you are getting locally – I have just had a order from China stopped in its tracks – up against a lady who should try out the Indulgence for what it looks like and lighten up.
    (A bit worried about her telling me about pharmaceutical imports – see stuff on )
    Anyway thanks for posting all the useful info and links…
    P.S - I have been ordering DeepForest and many more…
    I like VG a lot (when it does not have a metallic taste - as some do) - Not many SA suppliers have though …

    I went right off tobacco flavors – started tasting rancid to me.
    Got heavily into excellent Coffee from (Gerhard) – he no longer has.(He tells me he is waiting on supply delivery)
    Ordered lotsa coffee flavors from china – mostly rancid.
    Stephens is not too bad.
    I will check out Tobacco Rush – I loved Twists Tab#1 – got a bit rich for me though.
    I now find – almost out of desperation in flavor dilemmas that I use VG noFlavor High Nic and mix in a 3rd or less of some premix flavor …
    (do we really need as much flavor as these juices have – what do the lungs think about coffee and other dubious flavorings)
    Problem is my customs blocked order has the VG I need NOW .

    >>> do you guys know where to get flavorless VG in SA ????

    (gonna PM this to ya in case you don’t spot on eGo review Thread)

    [FONT="]Have Fun … RICHe :D
  11. Nomdo

    Nomdo Senior Member ECF Veteran

    I am finally OK with my PV units (510 & 901 atty's, incl. eGo mega and 510 mega, and a few cartomisers whe I'm in the mood.)

    Riche, I hope you get your stuff out of customs...
    I also love the VG juices, I buy it from (Walter) for the normal R60/ml.

    Keep us updated about the customs situation.
  12. Nomdo

    Nomdo Senior Member ECF Veteran

    I am losing my memory, I see that I have posted the same info as above in different threads tonight. Hahaha

    But at least it seems consistent with some evolution.

    @ Tamakachi - if you still have your twisp ego: get some low resistance atty (LR510 atty) - it should transform it - just be carefull with the TH and hot atty.
  13. Leyla

    Leyla Full Member

    Dec 25, 2010
    Cape Town
    Hi all,
    Thought I would let you know bout Todd @ Vaperite: Vaperite

    1. Organic & blended at the company
    2. Free shipping to SA (I did order over $100 worth of juice) BUT it works out to around R50 per 10ml - because practically for every flava 12ml bottle you get a 3ml choice of flava free.
    3. Good service and he has shipped to SA a few times.
    4. Choice of vg / pg / or % of each to your choice, choice of nic %, also choice of mixing different flava's etc.

    Will let you know what I think of the choices (they sound yummy & have received good reviews in the forum) but then pffff I cannot taste the Twisp flava's at all :( One of the reviews of the Organic Tobacco flava was that it was the closest to real cig un-toasted (ie Peter Styvasant type analogue)

    :) Lxx
  14. Doug_Dread

    Doug_Dread Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Oct 26, 2009
    Jo'burg, South Africa
    Word of warning: Not true, the Stick V2 atty does not fit the 510/810 adapter and therefore cannot be used on the eGo. Been there, done that, failed i.e. it's not an 801 atty. (Joye 302 I think)

    I'll just add my eGo review, with Mega XL atty and USB battery for balance:

    The Good

    Appearance: 8/10 - a bit bulky
    Battery Charge Time: 10/10 - charges while you vape
    650 mAH Battery Life: 9/10 - Full charge 8.5 hours, unplug and go after charge/vape, about 6 hours.
    Vapor Flavour: 8/10 - just a tad below the M201 but way beyond the Stick (Stick retired)
    Vapor Production: 8/10 (10/10 when atty is new) - more than my Stick
    Atomizer Lifespan: 7/10 - 1st atty 2 weeks, 2nd atty 2.5 months and still going - averaged.
    Cartridge capacity: 9/10 - holds a lot
    Durability: 9/10 - an order of magnitude beyond the M201 and Stick.
    Vaping kick and satisfaction: 9/10 - My first PV that satisfies in the morning or after a meal as good as an analogue used to.

    The Bad:

    Uses more juice, like driving a V8.
    Can't think of anything else right now.
  15. Tamakachi

    Tamakachi Full Member

    Jan 14, 2010
    South Africaq
    Personally, I found the very opposite to be true.
    When you compare an ego with a stick v2 with passthrough, the ego falls flat.

    I hear so many people saying that the atty that comes with the ego is not cool, but why should I have to fork out more money modify it by buying an adapter and a different atty than what it came with just so that it can be equal to the stick?

    I reviewed the Ego in the "as is" state of how it arrived as a package and to be honest, I ended up giving it away to my aunt who can't even keep off analogs with it. I also couldn't keep off analogs when I used the ego.

    Personally, I get a lot more vapour out of my stick and when you compare the ego + passthrough to the stick + passthrough the stick kicks the ego's ....

    However, I do find that the stick without the passthrough attached does tend to lose out on performance very quickly even though the battery doesn't die until a few hours later. The stick also doesn't charge perfectly when using a battery charger even if it shows as fully charged and over time becomes less and less powerful if not charged via USB.

    I have tried 2 ego's before, one in shop and another that I bought and neither of them were satisfactory when compared to the stick.

    Vaping experience is subjective, I just thought that the hype about the ego was way overblown.
    To me it's just a 4081 with a stylish exterior and longer battery life.
  16. Nomdo

    Nomdo Senior Member ECF Veteran

    My opinion:
    The ego is the best c-cig by far. The Stick is one of the few local available e-cigs I have NOT tried - One has to draw the line somewhere.

    I agree with you Tamakachi about the "4081 with a stylish exterior and longer battery life." But for me that is exactly what makes it good. the 4081 was always good for me - except the battery life sucked - both in how long it hold a charge and how long before I kill the switch. Now with the eGo I have the same performance, but with a reasonably reliable battery.
    Even the eGo is still not the final frontier for me - I already replaced two batteries, but it is better than anything else. (except the stick?) I know Doug was a stick man as well, (and we both used the m201) so I am inclined to agree with his view.

    Also the eGo with standard 510 atty works just fine. That is the Joye eGo, with Joye 510 atty's - I know the Twisp Dura 510 atty and I don't like them in particular.

    Interestingly I also have the exact setup you desdribe: the eGo battery with a RN4081 atty, via an adapter. I think the 4081 performs better with its native battery (Maybe the voltage is slighly higher). The 4081 cartomiser on the eGo batery is the best cartomiser I've come accross.
  17. Doug_Dread

    Doug_Dread Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Oct 26, 2009
    Jo'burg, South Africa
    People who use guns want big names like Ruger, Glock, Colt etc. In actual fact the make of gun is almost meaningless, it's the bullet that counts. The eGo battery is long lasting, consistant and reliable but just a battery. The atomiser is the equivalent of a bullet, find the right one and the Stick is very dead.

    I've tried a 510 atomiser on my eGo battery and it was a waste of time, so this far I'll agree with you.
  18. Nomdo

    Nomdo Senior Member ECF Veteran

    I bought the eGo, not for the name, just because it said 650 mAh. That is what I needed. As a bonus its fairly reliable as well. I've tried several "bullets" and currently I prefer the LR bullets. (and the 900 mAh batt)

    I have my doubts about the "make of the gun" being meaningless. Compare misfire/jamming and dead batteries - regardless if you have a 'killer' atty/bullet - you still need a reliable gun to fire it from. No gun: No (throat) hit, No smoking barrels.
  19. RevTrip7

    RevTrip7 Moved On

    Jul 17, 2011
    South Africa
    This I would have to agree with even if I think the scores are slightly low. From all available products in SA that I have now tried from friends and stalls at festivals the eGo is the biggest dogs balls. (Not that anyone likes sucking on big dog balls but you get my drift.)

    I use the tank system now for all day vaping and stick a LR atty on it with a drip tip for after meals and before bed, or whenever I want a quick strong hit. I got all these from Walter at Eciggies Online Store and I believe all his parts are original Joye parts. They simply kick ... and I can't rave about it enough. I also ordered the Italian liquids that he stocks and I'm very impressed compared to the Twisp products. Twisp really can go to hell for what they're doing as far as marketing is concerned. Their PV's are great and that I give to them, but over priced. If only I found Eciggies sooner. You can get eGo's cheaper but I'm not too sure who manufactures them and I'll gladly pay the extra bit at Eciggies for the kind of service, delivery and packaging. It's just a winning recipe hard to beat! Walter surprised me with a little something extra too. Not much, about R30 worth, but hey, it's just a nice surprise and good business! I digress... where was I...

    Oh sending Twisp to hell. Yes, how nice to be able to pick up E-liquid in Clicks. Unfortunately it's hidden on the self next to some of the worst products on the market and at a price that I will not fork out compared to Walters stuff and Deep Forrest liquids. I got so mad I considered stealing it :D Don't get me wrong, their service was great and fast when I ordered my eGo from them and the product is reliable but stop marketing this thing to people who wipe their butts with money and make it available to folks who consider using it then get a stroke when they see the price. As far as marketing goes it is the most well known PV supplier in SA... I'm just pissed that people think it's the only one! (and stop plastering your feminine logo on every square centimeter too!) :D
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