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Vaptio Sleek

Discussion in 'E-Cigarette APV Reviews' started by Frenkyou, Dec 2, 2019.

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  1. Frenkyou

    Frenkyou Senior Member

    Apr 26, 2019
    The Vaptio SLEEK is an attractive and slim rechargeable pod with a very ergonomic shape. The drip tip is not present and not even the cartridge is visible, it is hidden under a magnetic door that blends with the design. The 1.5 ml cartridge has a 0.8 ohm ceramic coil and is powered by a 400 mAh battery that pushes it to a maximum of 13 watts.

    The main feature of SLEEK, which is marketed by Vaptio, is to "adapt" automatically according to the intensity of the shot, in practice, drawing strong increases the intensity of the steam produced, while vacuuming slowly the steam decreases.

    The small cardboard box containing the SLEEK shows the Pod at the front and an indication of the color that we will find inside it, the usual warning about nicotine and the writing Air Flow Technology.

    On the back side are indicated: the content, the warning about minors, Vaptio's address, various brands, various logos and the usual nicotine warning.


    Kit Contents:
    1 x SLEEK device
    1 x Cartridge
    1 x USB cable


    Cartridge: Refillable 1.5Ml
    Battery: 400 mAh
    Coil: 0.8Ω
    Power: 13 W max
    Color range: Gold / gun metal / blue / rainbow
    Weight: 66 grams
    Dimensions: 86.22x31.22x12.1mm
    Charging Current: 5V / 0.5A
    Low-Voltage Protection
    Over-Vaping Protection
    Short-Circuit Protection
    Over-Charging Protection
    Warranty: 90 days


    Colors: gold, gunmetal, blue, rainbow (more exclusive options for replaceable battery doors)



    The SLEEK is made of a polished zinc alloy, which makes it very smooth and subject to preserving fingerprints, the metal alloy increases the weight to about 66 grams despite only 12 mm thick and 86 mm long, of other hand in hand feels and holds really well.

    There are no buttons or anything to deface the SLEEK line. There is a thin opening in the front of the device that acts as a liquid control window, but it is almost useless because you cannot see through it unless you remove the battery door. Although I like the general aspect of SLEEK, there are some design choices that are not very rational.


    Battery door

    The "back shell", as Vaptio calls the battery door, is a thin, curved plate that connects to the device via two small circular magnets near the mouthpiece. The door is firmly anchored to the body.
    On the side there is a small side recess able to accommodate a nail to facilitate the removal of the panel.




    The mouthpiece is not really a mouthpiece. It's just a slightly sloping hole where you put your mouth to vaporize.
    The end where the USB port is housed has an almost identical design.

  2. Frenkyou

    Frenkyou Senior Member

    Apr 26, 2019
    The cartridge fits well into its housing, the right direction is with the refill tab facing towards the inside of the device.


    The 1.5 ml cartridge has a 0.8ohm ceramic coil. The ceramic used is referred to as the "fourth generation diatomite ceramic atomizer". I don't know if or how it is different from normal ceramics.


    The SLEEK cartridge has a double plug top cap, is easily removed and put back in thanks to a practical flap, the refill slots are a bit narrow, being just 3 mm in diameter, so it's better to use narrow beak bottles for the refill .



    I used 50/50 liquids the taste is slightly above average for this type of very "Basic" devices, the steam is hot and the hit quite consistent.
    I refilled the cartridge at least five times and it is still working well, the performance did not disappoint, the operation is extremely quiet and I have not had any losses.
    But what about the special function? The presumed automatic air flow that increases when the user gives a more intense shot, I failed to notice, indeed it seems to me a classic operation, like any other device.


    Battery life and charging

    With only 400 mAh and with 0.8ohm coils, the SLEEK does not have a very long battery life, but obviously, as with all batteries, it depends only on how much you use it.

    At the bottom of SLEEK on the front side, there is a small battery and charge status LED.

    White: normal
    Red: recharge.

    It is a pity that there are no other lights to show an average charge.
    The SLEEK has a fairly long recharge, it takes an hour, but eventually it can vape thanks to the pass-through.
    When the battery is charging, the small white LED pulses. The pulse intervals are shortened as the battery approaches the maximum and then stops.


    Aesthetically pleasing design
    Good taste and good hit
    The shot is of the MTL type and is sufficiently contrasted
    The ceramic coil supports 70/30 liquids

    The liquid window is useless.


    If you are a very moderate smoker and would like to stop smoking those few cigarettes a day, this pod may be suitable for you!
    For heavy smokers I recommend other more powerful devices such as the Vaptio Cosmo or the Vaptio Palo that are able to provide significantly higher performance both in terms of autonomy (battery) and satisfaction.

    I thank Vaptio for sending Sleek free of charge for the review: SLEEK

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