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What to upgrade to?

Discussion in 'Ask The Veterans' started by kfig, Mar 10, 2012.

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  1. kfig

    kfig Senior Member Verified Member

    Feb 13, 2012
    Myrtle Beach, SC
    So I've been off the stinky sticks for 3 weeks and since have learned a lot about vaping. I've learned I shouldnt have purchased a 510 but oh well It was what got me into it. I'm actually quite fond of it minus the constant re filling. I like clearos much better than anything else I've tried and i BURN through juice. Cartos seem to dry out quickly and need to be topped off so much I don't find it worth it. I can't seem to keep everything organized. I have batteries everywhere, juices leaking all over everything because Im always opening them etc etc

    I want to get a PV that will be low maintenence that doesnt break the bank. I don't want to go VV yet, just want something that will stay charged for a long time and hold a lot of juice. Would like it not to be huge but beggers can't be choosers. Been thinking about something like the inferno....thoughts?? Would love some advise.

  2. Rocketman

    Rocketman Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    Congrats on making the switch.
    I've looked over your posts and it does seem you have outgrown your 510. It was probably a good first choice though, and the little things can still be useful.
    When you end up carrying a half dozen of those little suckers, and a charger with you, it's time to get something a little more practical. I wouldn't recommend going off the deep end but moving up would help you.

    Take a little time to read up on mods, batteries, chargers, etc. as there is a learning curve when using the larger e-cigs.
    Look for something that uses a single cell and not the stacked battery mods, not just yet, OK?
    When you have made your decision, go search ECF for good things and bad things about your choice before completing your purchase.
    Learn how to pick cartos based on resistance, if you haven't already, as the wrong resistance carto can kill an e-cig.
    As far as leaks, well that's a fact of life with most larger cartos and tanks. They either don't hold enough liquid, or they leak a little. I like a 6ml tank, but I don't mind carrying 6ml of juice and getting to vape 5ml of it.
    I also use LARGE Dual Coil Cartos (4 to 5 ml ones), but these are usually low resistance and a heavy load on some e-cig models. 2 to 2.4 ohms usually doesn't kill e-cig batteries.

    Be careful about believing what someone says about a model they own. I think sometimes people will brag about a model just to mentally justify their choice. None of the current offerings are perfect, there is no best.
    As you move up from the 510 to something larger, the cells inside the e-cig get larger, last longer, make a bigger BANG if something goes wrong. Find a safe place to do your charging, away from anything that can burn. Maybe even a container to charge in, or a "Li-po charging bag".
    It you pick a single cell e-cig (mod) that takes user replaceable cells use only those recommended by a reputable vendor for that exact model. If the vendor lets you pick and choose when purchasing it's your responsibility to pick correctly. Learn what is meant by protected and unprotected, 'somewhat safer chemistry' and learn how to ID each when the postman drops your new equipment at your door.

    If you pick a name brand, make sure it's a name brand and not a 'Knockoff'.

    So, where to go from a 510?
    Maybe a mid size eGo (stay away from the smallest and largest sizes), 900mah real eGo C battery would work with your existing 510 cartos. Just don't get the chargers mixed up. Keep each charger with the model it was made for. Again, not a perfect choice.
    A single cell mod that uses an 18500 PROTECTED or IMR cell would be another step up.
    By the time you get to 18650 size, those are getting LARGE.

    Read up on e-cig safety, especially if you select something commonly referred to as a "MOD".
    GO to the stickies. Take a little time to make an educated and responsible choice.

    Congrats. and

    Best of luck on your journey.
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