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Where can I find a VV Ego Battery in a Pen-Style Kit??????????

Discussion in 'The Leo' started by scubadoo79, Jun 28, 2013.

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  1. scubadoo79

    scubadoo79 Full Member

    Jan 20, 2010
    I've looked everywhere, and I can find variable voltage Egos...and I can find Ego Kits that look like Pens with Caps and all...but I can't find a Kit that combines these two features!

    >Ideally, the VV Battery would have a display screen showing the selected voltage, but no screen isn't a deal breaker.
    >I also wish the Pen Cap would cover the tank or Clearomizer, but again, if it doesn't it isn't a deal breaker.
    >I also would like the Cap to snap on instead of screwing on, but again, not a deal breaker.
    >And I've read a lot about Giantomizers leaking, so I am trying to find a Pen Style that doesn't leak...maybe one that doesn't use a Giantomizer? I like the looks of these Pen Styles with a Cap that covers all but the Battery better than the look of the ones that have a Cap that covers only the Mouthpiece, but I think the ones I like the looks of only use Giantomizers. Maybe there's a different brand of Giantomizer out there that I don't know about, that doesn't leak?

    I don't necessarily need a "kit", but it would help in saving money. If I just knew where I could get all of the parts(VV Battery, Cart/Tank, Pen Cap, USB & Wall Plug, etc.) at a good price, in one place to save on shipping, that would be great too!
    Oh, I wouldn't mind a PCC too, but am not focused on that...I'd just be grateful if I could find the stuff I mentioned above all in one place for a good price!

    Thanks for all your help!!!
    PS. Sorry, I put this in the wrong category...didn't mean to put it under Leo...unless there's a Leo or other brand with the specs I'm looking for at a great price. Lol. ;)
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