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Where can I get a e-cig job?

Discussion in '"Where can I get a .......?"' started by Yankee802, Jul 1, 2012.

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  1. Yankee802

    Yankee802 Super Member ECF Veteran

    Mar 13, 2010
    Panama City, Florida
    Been vaping for 2 years now, lots invested, lots of knowledge and experience. Thought about starting my own brick and mortar ecig store, but haven't for a lot of reasons. ($, no business experience, economy, fear) My wife and I live full time in our Prevost coach RV, so relocation to anywhere is possible. We are currently in Florida, but would go pretty much anywhere. If anyone wants a vaping, driven employee to do anything you may need, let me know, maybe I can find one and help out in the meantime. :)
  2. Hottody

    Hottody Moved On ECF Veteran

    Mar 20, 2011
    Temcula CA
    I hear Blue Ecigs is hiring! Starting a business is good, but know that the first year or two will be spent building the business, so you won't see a profit for awhile! If you realize this, the ecig business is a good industry, but it does take money to make money and it never happens over night! Get into if you love it and want to serve the customer. If you want to make a quick buck, it just won't happen! just to much time and investment is needed to get started and keep things going!
  3. Clovery

    Clovery Super Member ECF Veteran Verified Member

    May 5, 2012
    new jersey
    I've thought about doing this, but I just don't have the time...

    Buy a bunch of stuff that is noob friendly from alibaba - KGOs, EGOs, clearos, cartomizers, various liquids, chargers, etc. Find a nice festival/concert/flea market circuit. Drive around, see the country, meet people. Set up a vendor table for a small fee or even free and let people try it out and sell sell sell! I was at an outdoor wine festival recently and an ecig vendor table would have made a killing there. Check out who is on tour, and consider what kind of people go to the concerts. Jimmy Buffet, the remaining members of the Grateful Dead are a couple that come to mind and it's a very nice atmosphere with lots of people selling various wares in the parking lots.

    Maybe it's just my pipe dream... but I thought I'd share :D
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