Wotofo Skuare 6000 and Wotofo Refillo!

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Jul 1, 2020
Wotofo Skuare 6000 and Wotofo Refillo!

Hello again vaping community! I am back with another review, which I hope you will all enjoy and find useful!

Today we will be looking at two of Wotofo’s new releases, both of which challenge the idea of what disposable vape kits are: the Wotofo Skuare 6000 disposable vape kit, and the Wotofo Refillo kit.

These devices were sent to me by Wotofo for review purposes (thank you, Cara!).

At this point, you might be asking how they are different from the sea of disposable vape kits out there- well, let’s all find out together!

My review will be from my own experience of using these devices in everyday life as a regular vaper.

Wotofo Skuare 6000


Quick specs:

- 94 x 45 x 22 mm. If you have used AIO vape kits before, then the form factor of the Skuare 6000 will be very familiar to you.

- Something I’ve never seen in a disposable vape kit before: uses 1 x 18650 external battery to run!

- Made from SS304 and food-grade PC.

- Having a 1.2 ohms mesh coil with nexMESH Tech.

- A whopping 15mL of e-liquid volume, and claims to have a 6000 puff-life.

- Has a USB-C port for charging on one side… but I strongly recommend charging external batteries using stand-alone battery chargers for safety and longevity of your batteries!

I didn’t think it would happen, and yet it did, we now have a disposable vape kit that uses external batteries! I would say that this is the main feature of the Skuare 6000, making it easily stand out from its competition.

As mentioned, it has an AIO style to its form factor: essentially a thin box with rounded edges that contains e-liquid in a chamber, and a compartment in the body for the cell. A grooved magnetised panel acts as a secure battery door which can be easily detached/reinstalled to the device.

The body itself is a very bright, almost neon colour, with unmistakable Wotofo branding around it. It is very lightweight despite having such a massive e-liquid capacity, but of course it will weigh a little bit with a battery inside. Still, it’s comfortable to use and to place in one’s pocket.


Taking a look inside, the e-liquid chamber has a clear window to let you know of the e-liquid level remaining. This is, again, something new for me as I hadn’t seen this before in traditional disposable vapes, and is of course a pro!


Battery polarity is clearly marked, and installing/removing the battery is easy enough. But I did wish that Wotofo included at least a small ribbon to help pull the battery out as the space is quite tight, especially with the spring-loaded positive end. Alternatively, they could have made the opposite panel detachable as well to help push the battery out. None are deal-breakers, in my opinion, and are just suggestions for the future.

The device also comes with a detachable drip tip that is sort of flattened at the end. However, this isn’t a 510 drip tip (none of my 510 drip tips fit) and I think this was a miss from Wotofo, as it limits the customisability the vaper can have with this device due to its incompatibility with standard 510 drip tips. The drip tip itself though was comfortable enough to use and vape with.


It’s a simple pull and puff type of device which is very responsive, and a hidden LED light at the bottom is activated when taking a puff or charging. The draw from it is a medium MTL draw in my opinion, giving a pleasant and warm enough vape with the coil installed. Despite its unique features though, it doesn’t have airflow control, and I do think this was a miss again as airflow control would have allowed more choices for how loose/tight or cool/warm a vaper wants their puffs to be.


The Skuare 6000 comes in a variety of flavours, and I was sent Peach Ice Cream, Energy Cherry, Strawberry Ice Cream, Watermelon Ice Cream, and Strawberry Rum. Judging by these, I can tell that the available flavours are quite diverse which is great to suit all types of vapers. The flavours are punchy and strong, and are definitely sweet. The “ice creams” (Strawberry, Peach, Watermelon) are definitely creamy which is quite hard to pull off in a MTL vape, and yet Wotofo did so wonderfully. The fruit notes do really shine as the predominant flavour with the milky cream in the background. Strawberry Rum is quite unique tasting: I could definitely pick out the strawberry but the rum was a tad too much for me. Energy Cherry was a nice surprise as I typically don’t like energy drink-flavoured e-liquids; it actually tastes smooth and nice with the cherry really coming through and mixing well with the energy drink taste.


All in all, it’s a tidy and convenient disposable device that, one can argue, is a little more environmentally friendly than traditional disposable vapes. That is primarily because of the use of external batteries- so it’s only the plastics and metal from the coil that would require responsible recycling as the batteries can be used over and over again until their end of service life. While this is a major pro in my eyes, I can already see that some may see this as a con because disposables are primarily aimed at beginners who may not be familiar with or may not be comfortable with handling external batteries. I would argue that responsible selling of this device which includes proper instructions for handling external batteries by a retailer can help with this perceived downside. But if you are a beginner reading this review, here’s a few tips from me for handling external batteries (and there are PLENTY of articles and videos out there that can offer more tips):

- Use an external charger.

- Always check the wrap of your batteries that it is free from rips, and that the insulator on the positive side is fully intact. If this is not the case, rewrap the battery safely (plenty of YouTube videos available to show how re-wrapping is done, and all you need are wraps and a hair dryer!).

- Check your batteries for dents. If dented, do not use!

- Always store batteries in their protective containers when not in use; most batteries are sold in such containers to prevent them from having contact with metal.

- And, only buy batteries from established retailers. There are too many fakes out there that can be risky to use.

The Wotofo Skuare has a good selection of nice flavours, is very easy to use and maintain, and should last a fair bit. All in all, I can recommend this device for starters who may not want to invest yet in a refillable pod system, but will be comfortable in responsibly maintaining external batteries. It also makes a good back-up device for experienced vapers such as myself- carrying 2600 mAh of battery life for a disposable is fantastic for long walks!

Wotofo Refillo


Quick specs:

- 97 x 16mm in dimensions, having a cylindrical form factor typical of disposable vape kits.

- 400 mAh battery.

- Made from stainless steel and PCTG.

- Having a 1.6 ohms mesh coil with nexMESH Tech.

- Refillable via a side fill port, with the e-liquid chamber (tank?) having a 3 mL capacity.

- Rechargeable, having a USB-C port at the bottom

Kind of a disposable but not really, the Wotofo Refillo is a device that evolves our concept of disposable vape kits. That’s mainly because of its refillable and rechargeable nature which means the device is only disposed of when the coil is burnt or has reached its end of life. Already, these features make the Refillo stand out from most disposable vape kits in the market.


Up top is a narrow and flat(ish) drip tip that is comfortable on the lips. The e-liquid chamber is coloured, although being translucent, it is very easy to see e-liquid levels. The side fill port is sealed by a rubber bung, and refilling is quite easy given the generously-sized fill port. Being a refillable vape kit is already a pro because of less wastage, and also because it means that the vaper isn’t limited to one flavour per device, which is the case for most disposable vape kits. You can change your flavours as you like!


The USB-C port is at the bottom, and the device charges quickly enough. Factoring in that the device has 400 mAh of battery, a 1.6 ohm coil, and 3 mL e-liquid capacity, I would say that a full charge will not drain all 3 mL of e-liquid because the high resistance would usually mean low wattage output. I found myself recharging the device more than refilling it, but that’s not to say that the battery is somehow lacking in performance. This was exactly what I expected to happen given the device specs, and a full charge was enough to vape with for most of the day.

Again, it’s a device without buttons and functions via auto-draw which engages all the time. An LED at the bottom lights up when charging and also during use. The device will come in a variety of colours; and I have to say that the ones I received were eye-catching and were certainly unique-looking, especially with the usual Wotofo big branding around the body!


It’s certainly lightweight and ergonomic, perfect for portability. The draw from it (at least for me) is somewhere between tight and medium MTL, which tells me that this is categorically aimed for folks coming off of smoking. Although the device is rechargeable and refillable, it has no airflow control which again I would say is a miss (airflow control is always better in my book so that I can adjust my puff as I desire).

The flavour off of the coil is nice, but given the high resistance, the draw is quite tepid which is something to note for folks who like a warm MTL vape (like me). I also noticed that the device gives better flavour when used with really strongly flavoured e-liquids, such as the nicotine salts coming out in the UK right now that mimic the taste of most disposable vapes. These e-liquids are really sweet and have strong flavour, and those elements come out easily and nicely with the Refillo.

Simple to use and easy to carry around, I can recommend the Refillo to starters and folks that use disposable vapes. Because the device is refillable, there is less wastage associated with this device as opposed to traditional disposable vape kits, which is always a major pro. As for coil life, I was able to vape around 10 mL of nicotine salts before I felt like the device reached its end of life, which is pretty decent as (at least in the UK) 10 mL of e-liquid means at least 5 disposable vape kits used. That’s very cost-effective too!

My sincerest thanks again to Wotofo for allowing me to review these products!
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