Fall From Graceland - VapEscape

Bottle Size: 30ml
Nic Strength: 6mg (12mg)
VG-PG - 50/50

I purchased this juice from a local Vape Shop in Montgomery Alabama. It was my first time in this shop and I simply went in there to see what they had and what the prices looked like. It was only the 2nd vape shop I had been in with the 1st shop being a little closer to home so I wanted to see if there was a significant difference in prices. Well there wasn't and in fact I got burnt by this shop in Montgomery as I purchased what I thought to be an authentic Protank II tank and it turned out to be a knock off but that is another post in another blog.

I started tasting the juices they had out in testers and actually liked a couple of them. One of them being a juice they called "Fall From Graceland". They blend their juices in house and this particular juice I had heard one of the sales clerks describe to another customer. So being curious I asked if they had a tester with that flavor and they did. I tried it and I liked it alot. The key tastes was that of Peanut Butter and Bananas, hence the "Graceland" in the title of the juice in reference to Elvis.

I was asked what what nic strength did I want and I told him 8mg as this is what I had purchased from my local vape shop and would like to keep it the same. I was told that all they had was 6 and 12mg. So as I contemplated it, the guy tells me thatthere is not much difference from 8mg and 12mg so I decided on 12mg. When I got home and loaded my tank, I almost gagged and the strong taste on nic. It was like I was licking an ashtray. It was so bad that I had to take it back to them and have them cut it to weaken the nic strength. Once the nic was cut down, the tatse was very satisfying and I was very happy with the purchase.

I creamy peanut buttery taste with a hint of banana in it. I have tried to match this taste with a couple online vendors and to date, I have yet found an online vendor who can give me a juice that has a smooth taste without a gagging throat hit. This is one of my favorite juices and it remains on the top shelf of my juice cabinet and will refill it as needed in the future.

I give it a 5 out of 5



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