Yep, I've had this name forever, I started using it when I got my first good RC an rc10T3!
Thanks for the birthday greetings Ian not sure how I missed them? lol!
Thanks for coming in last night too cheers!
Vapoor, just gotta tell you I think you are one of the most helpful, tolerant and patient posters on this forum. The tone of your posts is always an inspiration. Also, thanks for the welcome when I stumbled in back in July.
All the best!
Good night Raynes, My Mom came down to visit, and i talked to her a little about when she rode as young girl (preteen really). All my horse loving friends made me think of her riding, Mom and i never really discussed it before, so it was nice conversations ..... Hope ur week is great :)
Hey when you responded to my Reo questions I didn't notice your name, but just did. Is the RC10 as in Team Associated RC10? If so it cool to see other RC racer Vapers!!!
Hey Lori. replied to my email and here is their response.

"Thank you for your inquiry. Vapers' Choice is in fact 100% Vegetable Glycerin.

Please let me know if you have any further questions.

Thank you,

I'd give it a try! :) Hope you're doing well!
SD I haven't seen you this whole day...well most of it....I hope you are ok? I am a little worried and i am thinking about you..miss you sweet friend..take good care..{{{{{{hugs}}}}} love Pri
hey i am really sorry for the delay, i got back late wednesday night and had to leave again at 330 this morning, i promise i will get your CE3's in the mail tomorrow. I only have to work half a day.
the bliSS by Docdave
You should probably look and see if you have a "post new thread" option in the CASAA section CASAA If not, you can post it in the new member section and one of the mods can then move it to the CASAA section for you


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