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Advice pls on Vision Spinner battery problem + thinking about ProVari (I or mini?)

Discussion in 'Ask The Veterans' started by Amyalex, Oct 21, 2012.

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  1. Amyalex

    Amyalex Full Member

    Mar 29, 2012
    Hello! I received new spinner battery (1300 mah) a few days ago while I decide which ProVari (still pondering) to order. I think it was okay for awhile although the light flashed. Now it flashes quickly when I try and vape with new vivi nova (2.4) as well as my mini vivi nova and a couple ego tanks caused the flashing light. Could it be bad connection I'm getting? I hate to send it back if I'm doing something wrong! I'm just so happy to get away from the ego tanks! Vapes and tastes so much better with vv.

    I'm also trying to decide which ProVari to order. I'm a girl with a big purse so size isn't an issue. ;-) that sounds funny. I was leaning toward the mini, but if vape time would be much longer with the other..... So if you have a recommendation (doesn't have to be ProVari), please share while I'm bothering you! Thanks!!
  2. Kurt

    Kurt Quantum Vapyre ECF Veteran

    Sep 16, 2009
    It sounds like it could be a bad connection if it is only with some tanks/attys/cartos. It can happen occasionally if the center post of the atty does not make full connection with the center post of the battery. Sometimes the center post of the atty (or tank or carto) can be pried down to make better contact, sometimes not.

    This could also be due to low resistance and high voltage over-drawing the circuit. I've not have this on a vv fat batt, like the vision spinner, but I have had this with Echo batteries. 2.4 ohms is fine, but 2.0 ohms is too low.

    Another issue is the battery material is faulty and it is not taking a charge well. But if this is only with some atty/tank/cartos, it is not likely to be the problem.

    The vision spinner is a knock off of the Ego Twist, so you could try one of those. I have both and like both, not had this issue with either, but then it doesn't take much variance with machining these to get this problem with contacts.
  3. Hoosier

    Hoosier Vaping Master ECF Veteran

    Jan 26, 2010
    Well, Amyalex, it looks like Kurt covered most of the twist issues pretty well, so I will take the ProVari question.

    The females I encounter at the vape meets in Indiana that are using a ProVari, are using the standard size with extension cap on the bottom. Usually with the extension cap on the bottom, but not always. (Don't know if they didn't want the extra half inch or if they just did not order an extension cap.) Oddly enough the only ProVari mini's I recall seeing were held by males and were shirt-pocket-back-ups to their primary unit.

    I have read were people buy the mini as their primary unit, but I have yet to encounter it face-to-face.

    I'm going off of what I've seen rather than myself as I can palm a ProVari with extension cap and most people wouldn't even know I had anything in my hand, so me saying it is actually a small unit is a worthless measure. The woman's units usually seemed to be topped with pretty tanks like the Bella. (As an example) Since these tanks are about the same diameter as the ProVari standard, I do not think they find the size a turn-off. So, if battery capacity is a primary concern, then a standard with an extension cap may be a good way to go for you.
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