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Discussion in 'Aroma Ejuice' started by Kookie, Apr 6, 2013.

  1. Kookie

    Kookie Super Member Verified Member

    There should be a sticky for peoples review. IMHO. IDK, it’s up to you guys. I, myself am not a good reviewer. I don’t like most things. I tried many liquids that got great reviews and hated them. Some still hate, others hated at first, then thought they were ok, but still would not probably order more. Like Boba’s Bounty. (BTW, Boba’s is just old butterscotch flavor to me. Really… tried it side by side with some expired butterscotch.)

    I liked most things jerry has made but hated, or hate right now, may grow on me IDK, is tobacco Road. (My opinion is still out.

    Should you guys make a sticky for things like this? (Hope I didn't miss something and there is one -- Duh.)

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  2. radiokaos

    radiokaos Forum Supplier

    There are a few threads....let me see what I can do ....thread may be weird for the next few days but will sort it out.
  3. snork

    snork Vaping Master Verified Member

    Yeah, I know I've posted my impressions all over the place and tried to condense them a couple of times. It might be cool to have something stickied and hopefully it would remain a "review" thread and not turn into a chat thread.
    God how I hate the word "review" when it comes to juice. There is not a single person on earth qualified to be a juice reviewer except for his/herself. Make a sticky called the "Opinions are like _______s" thread.
  4. snork

    snork Vaping Master Verified Member

    ............ :)
  5. homeprogreen

    homeprogreen Ultra Member Verified Member

    Flavor is so subjective that all anybody can really do is give their impression of each juice. I might taste totally different flavors in a juice then snork or anybody else
  6. radiokaos

    radiokaos Forum Supplier

    For the record all reviews positive or negative are welcomed here. If you don't give us and your fellow Vapers feedback we will not learn if the majority like or dislike a certain flavor. Also don't hold back regarding reviews located on our website. Every review gets published even if its a one star review. It does not do us or others justice if you sugar coat a review.

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  7. Kookie

    Kookie Super Member Verified Member

    IDK, I'm not suggesting more work for ya' Jerry. (Consolidating threads and all.) I'm saying something that could be started and let it work itself out. Personally I'd rather hear about you in the lab there making us all more juice, LOL (me/ cracks the whip, JK). It could turn out to be somewhat helpful to you too -- possibly. If you’re getting a higher percentage of people not liking a particular concoction, you could make a more informed decision to switch up or something if you wish to.

    I know. (And, yes opinion would be most appropriate.) I see separate posts about different flavors that people offer their opinion all through this section. It’s kind of frustrating to me personally to find em’. Even though, yes indeed, I certainly take those opinions with a grain of salt, but regardless I do like to see what other do say. (Secretly, so that I can disagree like what I said in the beginning of this post, lol.) Seriously though, it could be helpful in certain ways. Especially if a name of a flavor is vague, for instance the "Serfs Choice". The description says: "Natural tobacco taste unlike the kings tobacco with notes of green herbs, oak and ceder with a slight hint of nuts." (Not that Jerry would be that vague, but take this as an example for sake of argument.) I love all kinds of nuts, but for some reason I can't stand hazel nuts. If a good number of people are saying they taste hazel huts, I wouldn’t spend the money to venture there. But someone says the green herbs taste to me like cabbage. The Pollock in me would give it a second thought. Yummy cabbage! Hazel nuts be dammed. Let’s give it a whirl. – LOL, can’t imagine vaping a cabbage taste, but this is just an absurd example. (I actually don’t like hazel nuts though.)

    Absolutely agree! It’s almost like discussing what colors you like, and to boot, I would venture to say we are all most likely ex-smokers. Smoking certainly messes up your taste buds. So, it's like discussing colors with varying degrees of color blind people.
    I was reading a review for some juice somewhere, don’t remember where, but I guy jumped in and said it tasted like windex. Someone jumped in and belittled the guy for saying that. Hey, maybe it just tasted like windex to the guy. Maybe the guy got his mouth washed out with Lifebuoy soap by his mother to often when he was a kid and everything is messed up for him. Who knows?
    Regardless, I do enjoy reading what others say. IMHO, it would be nice to see in one thread. Your right too snork, without idle chit chat. Maybe some guidelines to the postings in the thread.

    BTW, the "Serfs Choice" tastes like the kings socks! -- JK LOL :facepalm:

    **edit: misspelled serf the second instance, lol. Sorry misspell alot - duh.
  8. Kookie

    Kookie Super Member Verified Member

    Missed this one while composing my long drawn out post there. Yeah, right on Jerry. My verdict is still out on the Tobacco Road. Giving it a fair chance, but don't think so far it's my cup of tea so to speak. I ordered 4 bottles because I mix the 12 and 24 to make 18. One 20ml bottle was gonna be for me and I was gonna experiment with some menthol drops in the other for my partner. (Still have 2 10ml in original bottles.) Another thought here is maybe a trader sticky or include a trader thing in the opinion sticky. Wouldn’t mind trading my Tobacco Road (maybe, jury is still out) with something I haven’t gotten around to trying yet.

    One flavor that surprised me is the Mint Mango Berry. Got that for my partner since she is of the menthol school (mint / menthol -- somewhat similar in my thought) and I really like the hell out of it. She does too. Umm… no trade, definitely need to order more. Yummers.

    Will do on the site once I actually give it a while. Yes, like or dislike. I did post something on the FB page describing juice with WTA compared to any straight nic juice. Straight nic juice to me is like vaping diet juice. It lacks a kind of complexity. If that makes any sense.

  9. homeprogreen

    homeprogreen Ultra Member Verified Member

    I think a trade/pass it on thread is good idea
  10. snork

    snork Vaping Master Verified Member

    I've been in an awful awful mood lately when it comes to the way all the eliquid vendors, not just Jerry, are treated here on ECF. There is a certain segment of the vocal populace that seems to get some kind of gratification from treating eliquid like it was vintage wine. Bandying terms like "Flavorist" and "Flavor Artist" they ceaselessly debate the merits of some and deride others with innuendo. I'd like to know, how come today's eliquid god is tomorrow's patsy? Why do they flit like butterflies from vendor to vendor? Just to have an excuse to blither and blabber? It's not that complicated. Find a juice that you like and shut the hell up.


    I know that was a very hypocritical thing to write but it's been a long time coming. Don't mind me. I'll be back to nermal tomorrow. :)
  11. homeprogreen

    homeprogreen Ultra Member Verified Member

    Actually the only 2 forums I spend anytime on is aromas and smokeless image. I learned a long time ago from the bulldog forums that 99% of it is just somebody taking shots at somebody else. I've checked out the forum suppliers list and visited most of the websites. If site looked good and I wanted to try something I ordered a 10ml bottle. If I liked it I ordered more and left decent review on their site saying what I liked and disliked about it. If I didn't like it not a big deal. I didn't spend much so no harm no foul. Jerry's juice I like so I order a lot of it. I've even given 10ml bottles of G.I Joe to people that were trying to quit and struggling. Some it helped some it didn't. All I know is Aroma has the best tobacco flavors out of all the different vendors I've tried and I will continue to spend the bulk of my juice budget supporting a company that has proven customer service and shipping. You can tell the amount of time and care that's Jerry has put into developing his flavors and nobody beats the order processing time. From what I've seen Jerry doesn't go around hollering Aroma Juice is the best juice out there. He just puts it out there for everybody to try it for themselves and make up their own mind about it. All I know is I like the the flavors and that since I found WTA juice it's been a lot easier

    Well I will jump down off my soapbox now. Not sure what's been going on in the forums since like I said I only visit a couple suppliers threads but I for one just want Jerry to keep doing what he does best and keep cranking out what I think is great juice
  12. snork

    snork Vaping Master Verified Member

    We operate very similarly. :)
    Back to business!
  13. radiokaos

    radiokaos Forum Supplier

    I have to say you guys got style, class, and soul.

    I will ask that we are respectful to each other and the community.

    Also if anyone has a personal agenda or ulterior motives that they take it somewhere else.
  14. PLANofMAN

    PLANofMAN Signature Guru Verified Member

    I don't see that being hypocritical...Just the other day I was reading a post where a vocal individual was claiming that a well known and somewhat hard to get juice was made from nothing other than expired butterscotch (older than a year old). Even if that was the case, which I strongly doubt, that particular vendor still would have to get the flavor and age it for over a year in order to get the right flavor. Either way, it's a good example of the foolish things that people get worked up over.
  15. Kookie

    Kookie Super Member Verified Member

    Whoa, what did I say that could have been construed as "personal agenda or ulterior motives"? Had no intention of that, and don't get it.
  16. PLANofMAN

    PLANofMAN Signature Guru Verified Member

    You probably don't get it because he wasn't talking to you. He was asking Snork to not talk crap about another vendor, or people who stick up for said vendor, in Aroma's threads. Sometimes you have to read between the lines.

    It just so happens that I do agree with Snork's assessment though. :)
  17. Kookie

    Kookie Super Member Verified Member

    It made me paranoid I said something funky. I do that ya' know. :blink:
  18. snork

    snork Vaping Master Verified Member

    He wasn't talking about me.
  19. PLANofMAN

    PLANofMAN Signature Guru Verified Member

    In that case, I agree with what I thought was your assessment. Hmm...I find myself agreeing with myself more often these days.
  20. Jobear

    Jobear Senior Member

    So here's an actual review for the review thread. Just got my 12 mg Red Tail Vapor Snickerdoodle infused with WTA yesterday, Wednesday, that I ordered Sunday morning. This is my first order from Aroma and my first experience with WTA infused liquid. First some things I liked and disliked in general, then a review of the juice itself. Skip to the bottom Summary if you don't enjoy reading.

    What I liked- The shipping time. Duh. 3 days, really only 2 business before it arrived in my mailbox. Much appreciated. I also liked the sturdiness of the bottle, though that also led to one of my dislikes. The label is easy to read and being a minor World War II buff I appreciate the name. I've liked my interaction with Jerry so far (it involved some pms so I won't discuss specifics here). He was knowledgeable, friendly, and objective.

    What I disliked- I wish I could have gotten lower than 12mgs. I was a relatively light smoker of half a pack of lights per day and sometimes with how much I vape 12mgs can be too high. I'm using vaping not only for quitting cigarettes at the advice of my doctor, but I have also lost 10 lbs in 2 months using it as substitute for late night snacking. This flavor would be perfect for that. The label doesn't include some information I'd like to see- the pg/vg percentage - they have addressed this. Also, the bottle is VERY hard to squeeze, and the liquid comes out with much difficulty. I accept this might be a fluke and that this is a pretty small problem.

    Notice price is not in the likes or dislikes. This juice is expensive for eliquids, at 1.20 per mg. It's not just for the sake of the eliquid though, the WTA process is complex and expensive and therefore the product is expensive. I for one though, refuse to compare something like eliquid based on price, when the quality of eliquid is so varied. It's like comparing meats. Ground beef is cheaper than a filet, but I've had hamburgers of great quality that put poor quality filet to shame and fantastic filets that were worth the $50 price tag. The only question is whether or not an individual feels the price is worth it. I personally think this juice is worth it.

    General comment- I thought about putting this under dislikes, but really it's not. I want more flavor choices of course! I love chai flavored liquid (hint hint).

    Now the juice-
    Note that I used a fresh 2.5ohm 510 atomizer with an adapter on my Vapor4Life Dialavolt. After I decided it was "carto worthy"- I only have a few blanks left-I also filled a Bloog carto and used my auto Titan battery. I will be taking the latter combo for my drive to work tomorrow.
    This is my first "bakery" flavor from any company, and I am digging it. I love the real life snickerdoodle cookies, and this taste is spot on. I taste butter, cinnamon, sugar, and cookie dough. I might check the corner of my mouth for crumbs. The only negative is the buttery flavor was a little dominant- but it is a cookie, after all. I didn't detect any chemical undertone that I have in some juices. I tested it in increments in the 3.3-4.8v range my battery allows and the flavor was good throughout. It got to be a little bit of a "crisper" cookie as the voltage went higher. The sweet spot for me was at about 3.6v.

    The vapor production was very good, almost great at my sweet spot. (I usually rate poor, decent, good, very good, great, and outstanding). It satisfied me just fine. The vapor production at 4.8v was a little crazy, it would be in the "outstanding" end of my scale, but I must stipulate I am VERY new to playing with voltage.

    The throat hit at my sweet spot was on the lower side of medium, which is great for me because I'm not a big throat hit seeker. As an anecdote- I tried an Atomic Fireball juice from another company when I first started vaping that had rave reviews for throat hit and I haven't touched it since. It almost killed me.

    The WTA- I think I get it. It's subtle, but I do feel differently after vaping this. Not just the difference from the 12 mgs- I vape mostly at night in 4, 6, 8, 12mgs so I know the difference in how I feel from these different mgs. And what I feel tonight is succinct. I wish I could be more specific but we're dealing with brain chemistry here- I'll just use the words "calm" and "sated". I usually get that "last cigarette before bed" craving even when I vape, a craving I still sometimes give into to be perfectly honest- at the rate of about 2-3 analogs per week that I'm trying to give up. Tonight I have none. Thumbs up on the WTA, you've got a believer here.

    I'm sorry this turned out to be such a long post, but I know a lot of people are curious about Aroma and their juices. I enjoy reviews like this that are thorough and informative, so that's the type of review I write. So I'll include this-

    Summary- Great tasting juice with very good vapor production and mild throat hit, with a noticeable difference from the WTA.

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