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Discussion in 'Armed Services Forum' started by jShipp, Mar 16, 2013.

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  1. jShipp

    jShipp Full Member

  2. Rader2146

    Rader2146 Ultra Member Verified Member

    That story is a joke. If Mrs. Laura Weart had any authority on the topic then I'd figure she should be Dr. Laura Weart. Otherwise she's just another blind sheeple with completely inaccurate info.
  3. Thedan1284

    Thedan1284 Senior Member

    Vape ban, unlikely. Im stationed at Travis. Most people seem to be pretty chill with vaping. I have and will never attempt to do it inside however. Most people in my squadron are used to it. I (piddly a1c), and a ssgt vape in the pit. They can giggle about the looks of any device larger than a cigarette, but when they ask how it is, i simply explain in simplified terms and inform them how long i have gone without a smoke. That method seems to work for me at least. I prefer to use a simple ego at work though because i dont want to appear to be toking off a car muffler ****. Appearance (as well as work ethic) is everything in uniform.
  4. retired1

    retired1 Curmudgeon Staff Member Admin Verified Member

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    I am SO glad I'm retired.
  5. CrossXFire

    CrossXFire Full Member Verified Member

    This article disgusted me .-. i wrote a very long response and got "contact a system admin " as an error lol. I AM a system admin. I have a feeling its set up that way so no one can flame the article.
  6. Lopaka79

    Lopaka79 Senior Member Verified Member

    Hats off to our service men/women. With that said, damn I'm glad out of the service. Gawd damn pencil pushers and desk fliers trying to push their ideas of professionalism in my AO. Grab your .... (Full Battle Rattle), rock'n'roll in the box and lets see you complain about my dirty *** boots.

    Nothing but love for the men/women in the service who get .... done ground zero.
  7. Lopaka79

    Lopaka79 Senior Member Verified Member

    Should design a tactical e-cig. Wrist mounted / wrist-watch. Or duct-tape Ego to a camel-pak tube.
  8. fabricator4

    fabricator4 Super Member Verified Member

    I managed to get comment through!

    I clicked the link to confirm the email. It wasn't much of a comment since I wasn't going to write a book if it wasn't going to go through - mainly slammed the misleading information
    and said that personal vaporisers should be encouraged, not lumped in with the tobacco smoking.

    It did refuse to take the comment at first, saying I couldn't use any HTML in the comment. Huh, I didn't use HTML, just a couple of brackets. I took the brackets out and tried again and it worked! Write your comments, and send em in. You'll get the confirmation email. We'll see what happens and how many of the comments get OK'd and posted.

    Good Luck!

    (No I'm not a US citizen, and not currently serving. I left that merry-go-round about ten years ago. I just think if one county's service starts to treat PVs like cigarettes they will all start doing it, and I think all of our men and women deserve much better than that.)
  9. SpEcTReCHieF

    SpEcTReCHieF Ultra Member Verified Member

    Well I to am glad I retired. I do still work on the bases in my area. That article in question though is full of bad information. The liquid is made of Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin, and flavorings. Laughed my a z z off at the part that stated we could be vaping battery acid. And this Nitrosamine stuff they mentioned? Our e-cigs should be glowing green radioactive devices from the way they make it sound. LOL Maybe we should be using them as weapons instead of a "Safer alternative to Smoking". What a crock.....

    Edit: I posted a response to the article also. You could definately tell the intent of the article was geared more as a scare tactic about use of nicotine than anything factual about e-cig/vaporizer use.
  10. Denyse

    Denyse Senior Member Verified Member

    Supporting member
    I can almost guarantee that none of your responses will be posted. :( My husband is currently deployed but that article irritated me so much I linked it to him immediately and it also irritated him. He sat down and wrote a very long response which has been ignored for almost a month now. So I think it's pretty safe to say at this point that they have no intention of letting the inaccuracies in that article be brought to light. It's so very frustrating!
  11. JuiceIsLoose

    JuiceIsLoose Full Member

    I was in the USAF for 26 years--worked in the hospital.

    What is the "Health and Wellness Center" It is NOT the hospital and should never be confused as such. The 32.5 inch waist thing, ergo cycle testing and that sort of thing would never be condoned by an actual doctor--so you have the HAWC for the AF mouth piece. A doctor can over rule a base commander (and have) so the HAWC is there to be a simulation of something. For doctors, it's medicine first and the AF second (or third or forth or...) so not a reliable mouth piece.

    Relax! It's not is along the lines of those annoying CBT slides you click as fast as you can to get through--and learn nothing. An
    X in the box... All part of the game I played for 26 years, you'll laugh looking back on it eventually.
  12. fabricator4

    fabricator4 Super Member Verified Member

    Perhaps, but it's just this sort of tripe that gives vaping a bad name. If they can write such ill-informed nonsense, we should have the right of rebutal.

    I went into a chemist to pick up a prescription and got talking to him about my PV. This is a man that smokers might talk to about NRT's. He didn't know *anything* about 'e-cigs' except that they contained "anti-freeze". And that's from a chemist with about 5 years of university education.

    I'm not laughing.
  13. fabricator4

    fabricator4 Super Member Verified Member

    OK, trying again, just for giggles.

    Clicked the Contact Us link. Selected recipient as HAWK. Added the following:

  14. SpEcTReCHieF

    SpEcTReCHieF Ultra Member Verified Member

    Probably would be better to select Public Affairs from the list since the SSgt in question that wrote the article is assigned to Public Affairs and the comment would go directly to them. (99th Public Affairs Office, Nellis AFB). Just a thought... Not that it will change anything or get a response though.
  15. Rader2146

    Rader2146 Ultra Member Verified Member

    Could probably find him in the GAL. ;)
  16. Kenavides

    Kenavides Full Member

    Wow...that article was probably the most misleading and worst-researched thing I've ever read. But remember: "if it makes sense and is smarter/safer, the military will surely not approve." I also tried to post a response (wrote more than the article itself) - keyword tried, as I could not get it through. Convenient coincidence, USAF; touché.
  17. fabricator4

    fabricator4 Super Member Verified Member

    If you try to send it direct to the relevant person responsible you won't get a response either. There are none so blind...
  18. BardicDruid

    BardicDruid Ultra Member Verified Member

    "Public Affairs Office" is just another title for spin doctor.
  19. Burnie

    Burnie The Bug Man Verified Member

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  20. gruntybob

    gruntybob Full Member Verified Member


    I wish me and my wife could duke it out another 10 years for it, but we decided it's not worth it. BTW both maintenance.
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