Best beginers RBA ?

Discussion in 'Requests for Opinions/Reviews' started by Edd Harbin, Dec 28, 2012.

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  1. Edd Harbin

    Edd Harbin Senior Member Verified Member

    Looking to make the plunge into RBA's and was wondering what is the best one to start with ? Easiest to work with/on ? What would you recomend ?
  2. Zerrrro

    Zerrrro Full Member Verified Member

    Have a look at Discount Vapers. They have a pretty good selection. I would recommend the A7, Phoenix Clone or IGO-L. You can't go wrong with any of them.
  3. Cid78

    Cid78 Senior Member

    Any dripping RBA is quite easy to set up. Perfect for beginner
  4. jaybirdtherangerfan

    jaybirdtherangerfan Full Member

    Spendy but worth it, Provari with the DID. The provaris power management features make setting up the DID as easy as possible. I would think the Provari would make most rebuildable attys easier to set up, but this is an assumption. Good Luck!
  5. Zerrrro

    Zerrrro Full Member Verified Member

    The Provari is definitely a quality mod, but anything with a resistance check function will make working with RBAs easier. The VAMO, Vmax, Zmax, etc... If you're using an RBA on something without a resistance check feature use a multimeter to check the resistance of the coil before putting power through it.
  6. jcal

    jcal Super Member Verified Member

    the phoenix clone is a starter.I love it and its cheap
  7. k3vin

    k3vin Registered Supplier

    Edd find a Penelope by GG.. IMEO the maker has his own sub forum down below... U want to start with something that is easy and just plain works find you a Penelope... Almost too easy.. Usually did them in the classifieds.. You will be glad you did..
  8. Big Mac

    Big Mac Super Member Verified Member


    I'm gonna ask the question the others didn't. Are you looking for an RBA that mirrors dripping....or one with a tank, such as the AGA-T, over at DV? Jay bird did mention the DID, but as a beginner unless you got money to spend without worrying about it, maybe a clone such as the Cobra, or the AGA-T, or the Griffin. All are available at DVs at pretty reasonable prices (and are available at other sites under other names, watch for deals over at Vaper Joes blog) all are good to experiment with. Some come with extra wire and mesh, mistakes don't cost you an arm and a leg and if you do what Zerrrro said and check it before using it, the only real loss would be some time spent.

    How do I know this stuff....I'm a beginner too. Got a couple of DUDS (nickname for the DID clone, DVs Griffin), got a Chobra for Christmas (Chobra=Cobra), and have two AGA-T on their way.

    I followed this video for the most part to setup my DUD.

    I did oxidize the entire wrap and cut the bottom at a slight angle so the mesh opening in the bottom won't plug up. So far, so good. Still got some experimenting to do, but I'm happy with my you can tell by my other purchases, lol. Watch as many videos as you can stand to watch.

    Good luck, no matter which form of rebuildable you choose....wick or mesh, drip or tank.....y'all have fun and let us know what's up once you get started. Need any help, just post.....a ain't life grand?

    Big Mac
  9. Zerrrro

    Zerrrro Full Member Verified Member

    Is the ground screw on your Chobra kinda... crappy? Either I torqued it down too much and stripped the threads or it was kinda iffy to begin with. It still does the job, but I'm scared to touch it now.
  10. Big Mac

    Big Mac Super Member Verified Member

    It's a bit on the iffy side, so is the fill screw, but I'm still awfully gentle with all of mine cause they're all so new and purty and shiny, lol. I took the screw completely out and restarted it and was gentle and it seems to be alright....At least for the time being. Only time will tell. I guess if they end up stripping out they could be threaded again..maybe. You should see that puppy on the SS ZMax...looks nice. A little work and it'll be fantastic.

    Good luck with the threading Zerrrro, let me know of anything like quirks or good/bad things to do with the cobra..since I just got mine, haven't messed with it much yet.

    Big Mac
  11. Zerrrro

    Zerrrro Full Member Verified Member

    I use 500 mesh rolled super tight with no hole in the middle, and fill screw out otherwise I find it wicks a little slow. Currently have a 1.6 ohm coil at 3.6v on my Provari. Other than the screw holes being a little iffy, I really like it. Not a bad genny for the price.
  12. Dzaw

    Dzaw Super Member Verified Member

    I'm gonna break from the pack and say that for a beginner, go with the vision eternity.

    No screws to mess around with, no wire or mesh to oxidize, and you get a few prebuilt coil and wick assemblies to work with while you figure out your own.

    Not to mention it looks real nice, vapes like a dream, and is quite reasonable in price to boot. I'm a big fan of price/performance ratio bias. I'll pay 75% to get 95% every time. I generally haven't got the bankroll to just say 'to heck with it' and buy 100% at $100%, but hate to death being stuck at 50% for $60%.
  13. Edd Harbin

    Edd Harbin Senior Member Verified Member

    Looking for a tank style RBA .
  14. Zerrrro

    Zerrrro Full Member Verified Member

    I'd go with the AGA-T then personally.
  15. Big Mac

    Big Mac Super Member Verified Member

  16. Zerrrro

    Zerrrro Full Member Verified Member

    :blink: Those look great compared to the original finish.
  17. jjwhite865

    jjwhite865 Full Member Verified Member

    The current AGA-T is being discontinued and there is a new version that is supposed to hit around mid January. Based on what I'm seeing on the couple of sites I frequent, it fixes the nuances of the current version. Then again, these fixes may just open a whole new can of worms...
  18. bevoh

    bevoh Full Member

    I think any cheap chinese clone will do the trick. They all work the same more or less and with a cheap clone, if you dont like it you havent wasted money.
  19. Jimmyhat

    Jimmyhat Super Member Verified Member

    I learned to rebuild on a Vivi Nova, they are super easy to rebuild and I am a huge fan of them so that's my suggestion
  20. Cloud Wizard

    Cloud Wizard Ultra Member Verified Member

    Supporting member
    +++1=10 on the DID. I'm still using the same one I bought from MMVapors 7 months ago as good as the day I got it (high quality, amazing customer service...). Best part about buying a real one is that if you try them and don't like them you can get full price on the Classies for them
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