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Discussion in 'Health, Safety and Vaping' started by MMA1985, Jul 13, 2012.

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  1. MMA1985

    MMA1985 Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Hi everyone,

    I have been vaping exclusively for about 7-8 weeks now and have developed what seems to be serious breathing difficulties. I noticed it when I was smoking too and that's one of the reasons I was motivated to quit, but it has gotten worse and not better. I smoked for 8 yrs about a pack a day and I am 27 now. I went to a doctor about a year ago, I didn't do tests or anything but she said my breathing seems fine and it was a mental issue. I do have bad anxiety and depression and I always have had chest pain and with that I did get testing done and was always told it was the anxiety, and that it can affect breathing as well but I am just really scared that my lungs are damaged. I can't really afford to go to a doctor at the moment and get tests done so I was hoping that this could just be: 1) Anxiety from quitting smoking or 2) Detox of all the junk and tar in my lungs or 3) Getting too much nicotine. I do vape pretty heavily and mainly AVE juice (18mg and 12mg) which is VG, though I cut down today and am going to stop passively vaping and go to a different room when I want to have a vape, basically like I did when I smoked. Since I quit smoking I also started spending the cigarette money on whole foods and eat a lot of raw organic fruits, veg, and leafy greens while cutting out the junk, and also started doing yoga. All in hope that I can help my body detox and feel better, and hopefully as a result will also help my underlying depression and anxiety which is why I smoked in the first place. I was thinking about switching to snus but I don't think I could, as I love vaping.
    Sorry for the lengthy post but I hope someone could give me some advice on this issue.
  2. MMA1985

    MMA1985 Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Okay so I was also thinking it could be the VG and maybe trying 100% PG would help though it sucks because there's hardly any vapor and I can't vape it too much because it irritates me but it is definitely lighter on the lungs since your inhaling less vapor. Anyone know of any good 100% PG vendors?
  3. otrpu

    otrpu Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    I had trouble breathing when using 100% VG, switched to 75-80% PG in my blend and it's cleared up. Anytime I get over 50/50 I have trouble with it. JMHO

  4. MMA1985

    MMA1985 Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Thanks for replying. Where do you get your liquid from? or is it DIY? The only high pg liquid I have is from smokeless image I believe theirs is 80/20? And one from hangsen (sp?) which I think is 100 %PG but too high in nicotine for me to vape.
  5. otrpu

    otrpu Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    Mine is DIY, has been since I started. JMHO

  6. Kurt

    Kurt Quantum Vapyre ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    We are not medical docs here, and even if we were, we would not be able to rule out lung damage from smoking without tests, Xrays, etc.

    I vape VG DY juices thinned with 10-20% water. I know for certain my breathing is FAR better than when I was smoking. Is it as good as someone who never smoked? Probably not.

    One thing though, and that is the way I vape. I don't do a lot of deep lung inhalations. I prefer more shallow inhalation and slow nasal exhale. the nose gets a lot of nic, and I like the tickle. If I do a lot of deep lung inhalation, I get more mucus.

    Another issue could be the flavors you are vaping. I vape flavors only minimally, and most of the time I am vaping unflavored liquids I make myself. Flavors I have found produce more phlegm than VG, but VG produces some too, although it is considered to be of little threat.

    PG dries me out and does affect my breathing, since it will eventually make my lungs actually hurt, like smoking too much. It does other things too to me, but they are not related to breathing.

    Also, it does take time for your lungs to start to come back to healthy, as in months to years. Most claim an immediate improvement, which is probably true, but I am guessing that if they were suddenly given pristine lungs, they would see that they are still less than ideal with their own. I would keep vaping, or if you are very concerned perhaps try some Swedish snus too, and see how you are in several months. My guess is things will continue to improve.

    I do find, also, that if I am drinking coffee and vaping around 18 mg, I will get anxious, rapid heart, faster resperation. Cutting back on the nic and coffee (today I am drinking tea) does solve this generally. You may need less nic than you think.
  7. lynchite

    lynchite Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Try doing some cardio and see if it gets better. If after a couple of weeks you notice you can do more you will know it's not the e-cigs and this may help any anxiety you have about vaping.
  8. _more_

    _more_ Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    I must be total opposite from everyone because i have trouble breathing if there is any VG in my mix. If i vape juice with PG base then not a problem. I experimented is how i found out by using different types of juices/liquids.
  9. Kevin Cinar

    Kevin Cinar Unregistered Supplier

    Man let me tell you what i have been going though...I started with Johnson creek red oak Tennessee cured 100% VG and everything was going great and was enjoying the taste but all of a sudden after my 4 week of vaping, things stared to go sour for me. My chest stared to feel heavy and tight as if I was about to have an anxiety attack cause it freaked me out so i stopped and went back to analogs. Everything kind of went back to normal so I decided to give another shot to vaping, boom!!! tightness started again. I tried to mix PG and VG to see if that would help, so far it s not as bad as it was but still bugging the hell out of me. now my nose is clogged up all the time and have difficulty in breathing. I don't know if it is the flavor from Johnson or my body simply cant handle vapig but I m at a point where I am considering going back to analogs I even tried Ginger's Juice 80-20 pg/vg it still seems to be not helping. Pretty soon i will experiment with only PG, VG, 50/50 with nicotine only to see if the flavor is the factor. I ll keep you guys posted but of anybody has any suggestions or any idea please comment cause this has become like a ongoing issue for a lot of people and nobody seems to have any solid answer.
  10. W Axl Rose

    W Axl Rose Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    Swedish Snus was the answer for me. Just sayin...
  11. Kgrin

    Kgrin Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    I had the same issue as you, it ended up being a allergy to PG, the alcohol, and the artificial flavorings. Now I am either 100% VG or 70% VG with 30% distilled water, unflavored most the time, but I do get some stuff from virgin vapors that has no alcohol and is pure organic concentrate flavor, no alcohol or pg used for the carriers at all. You might consider trying that, start with VG distilled water mix, and then add other items in from there, you can get that mix from MTBaker Vapor. It took me a year to get it figured out, I'm glad I finally did, I really hated being back on the stinkies! If you check out the organic line by Virgin Vapor, it's the absolute line that is the alcohol free line. I have stuff on order as well going to start mixing my own. Good luck I hope you get it figured out!

  12. Kevin Cinar

    Kevin Cinar Unregistered Supplier

    Thanks for your reply. That might not be a bad idea cause no matter what ratios i have tired, I keep getting the same heavy chest feeling along with the nose clog. I got some flavoring from Wizard lab but didn't realize all their flavorings are also PG base so now i have 12 flavors that I might just end up throwing out. I ve head of the Virgin Vape so I may give them a shot. I really enjoy the vaping but not happy with the feeling of it. I missed being able breath with no problems. I m going to do some experiment with your suggestions and keep you posted.
  13. patkin

    patkin Vaping Master ECF Veteran

    My daughter experienced that and what stopped it was quitting the deep inhales. She used "something" in college and learned to inhale and hold... ya know what I mean?.... whether smoking cigarettes or vaping. I told her not to inhale deeply like that or past her bronchials which is how I inhale and that solved the problem. In vaping you don't need to inhale deeply into the lungs anyway as most of the nic is absorbed by the mouth tissues unlike the cigarette tar coating required in the lungs for absorption. The clogged nose sounds like plain old dehydration to me which I've had. I've also had a dry/bloody nose when I haven't hydrated enough while vaping. I would think the same thing happens in the lungs so I don't let the vape get there. A sure sign as with her, is when exhaling the amount is as if stealth vaping... not voluminous vapor and that's exactly how she smoked too.... ooooo... take that aaaaall the way down there. ;-)
  14. Kevin Cinar

    Kevin Cinar Unregistered Supplier

    Thank you for your response. I think it is the nicotine that is causing me the tightness in my chest or Johnson creek flavor. When I vape on a low nic i seem to be doing much better and I think higher nic has more TH and is heavy on the lungs since it so 100% VG base. I ve been experimenting with other ejuices now and it is not as bad as it was before but not 100% recovered. I also do the same with the inhaling. I dont usually take deep inhales so I am not really sure yet why this is happening to me but eventually i ll hopefully figure it out. I drink plenty of water I think but my recent blood work still shows that Im dehydrated or my kidneys are not functioning normal cause my BUN/ Creatinine ration was higher than normal so it is either or for me. I will be seeing a doctor about that and see what he has to say about that.
  15. Will19

    Will19 Full Member

    How many drops of water should I put to around 1 ml of e-juice? I want to try this as well my ejuice is 100% vg
  16. budynbuick

    budynbuick Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Sounds like dehydration. One must drink pure water for hydration. Pop,tea,pretty much anything that is not water,will not hydrate properly. Many common complaints folks suffer from, including, but not limited too, are headaches,high blood pressure,kidney infections,constipation,acne & many more are from lack of proper hydration. Tap water is crap. Just barely fit to shower with I even filter my shower). I have seen many ailments corrected simply by proper hydration. Pure water is both corrective & preventive.Try it, you may be surprised & you don't need a prescription for it (yet LOL).
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