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Capella's DIY Recipes Thread

Discussion in 'E-Liquid Recipes' started by Chopper71, Jan 15, 2012.

  1. Chopper71

    Chopper71 Ultra Member Verified Member

    Okay for the loyal follower's of Capella's flavors.Please post any recipes that you have made using Capella's only.
  2. Chopper71

    Chopper71 Ultra Member Verified Member

    Cinnamon Apple Fritter is one Ive made up and its pretty good.
    I start with a 50/50 mix pg/vg at 24mg at10ml.

    I go by drops most of the time instead of %.

    I use Capella's Apple Pie at 15 drops and Capella's Cinnamon Danish Swirl at 10 drops.Then I adjust from there as I like my juice stronger.
    Hope this makes sense and someone will give it a try,its very good.
  3. Iffy

    Iffy Vaping Master Verified Member

    Supporting member
    This should keep Str8V8ping busy for a while! [​IMG]

    BTW, tagged.
  4. GoodDog

    GoodDog Vaping Master Verified Member

    I make that too Chopper but I also add TFA's Caramel Candy...and use less Cinnamon Danish Swirl.

    Added: This is one that really benefits from the Tart & Sour or vinegar.
  5. Bostonsnboxers

    Bostonsnboxers Ultra Member Verified Member

    Great idea! Here's my first contribution.

    Killer if you like super rich and buttery ;)
    I call it Patti's (just kidding) Park Avenue Vanilla Cheesecake

    Note: I don't like strong flavors, adjust according to your person preference

    10% Capella's cheesecake
    5% French Vanilla

    Add to whatever base your using, shake well and let it steep at least 3 days (critical!), longer is better.
    If it's not rich enough for you, you can add a few drops of butter as well.
  6. Str8V8ping

    Str8V8ping Vaping Master Verified Member

    I dont have many recipes using capellas alone actually . All my great recipes are posted in the recipe section .
  7. Str8V8ping

    Str8V8ping Vaping Master Verified Member

    Yea i come to see that t&s is like gold in CDS recipes
  8. classwife

    classwife Ask The Vets Manager
    Asst Classifieds Mgr
    Staff Member Admin Verified Member

    Supporting member
    Moved from DIY E-Liquid to E-Liquid Recipes
  9. minigoat

    minigoat Super Member Verified Member

    Supporting member
    My recipe: Capellas Double Chocolate at 10% to 15%

    Serious, if you ever need to make a room smell good this is all you need. The taste is just like good chocolate. How the heck do they do it?

    Mix a little Capellas Raspberry (like the real thing) or Strawberry (regular or sweet) and you are done…

    Easiest flavors to work with …

    Adding: My daughter wanted to know if I could make a hair care product for her from the raspberry. She loves the smell.
  10. GoodDog

    GoodDog Vaping Master Verified Member

    Minigoat, you could make a perfume or maybe even add it to her shampoo. Perfumes use the same ingredients just lesser quality. Women have been known to put vanilla extract behind their ears and on their neck for years. LOL It's suppose to be one of the most pleasurable scents for men. :laugh:
  11. Iffy

    Iffy Vaping Master Verified Member

    Supporting member
    Works on me! Oops, must rephrase... Yes, being a male, I consider the vanilla scent on a lady pleasurable. [​IMG]
  12. Serraangel

    Serraangel Full Member

    Very good recipe! I love apple fritters now I can love them without the guilt!:p
  13. mwa102464

    mwa102464 ECF Guru

    I have to agree with another, I dont use Capellas ONLY for my DIY and find it best to have a bunch of flavorings from the numerous great flavor extract companies out there in order to make some great DIY recipes. So can we add those recipes as well not using all Capellas as long as there is a Capellas in the recipe ?
  14. Chopper71

    Chopper71 Ultra Member Verified Member

    Yeah add whatever you would like.
  15. claud

    claud Full Member Verified Member

    I would love to see some recipes that includes capellas, or is based on capellas
    I am getting an order in from them and I am new at the DIY stuff, so it would sure help me :)
  16. lefthooked

    lefthooked Moved On Verified Member

    Bookmark the link in my signature....
  17. house mouse

    house mouse Ultra Member Verified Member

    Supporting member
    I made this one up last night using all Capellas and I'm liking it quite well

    0.4ml espresso
    0.2 ml milk chocolate toffee
    4 drops hazelnut
    2 drops butter

    add enough pg/vg to come up to 6ml total
  18. boog

    boog Senior Member Verified Member

    7.5% Capella Banana
    5% Capella Strawberries & Cream
    nic/vg/pg to taste
  19. Chopper71

    Chopper71 Ultra Member Verified Member

    I will have to try this one,thank you.
  20. GoodDog

    GoodDog Vaping Master Verified Member

    Oreo Cookie

    CA Double Chocolate 80%
    CA Vanilla Custard 20%
    1 drop Peppermint per 5mL

    I make this at 20% flavoring but I like mine strong. Peppermint is what gives it the Oreo taste so adjust until you get that. This might also be good with a cookie flavoring but I haven't tried that yet. I use to make this a lot and then forgot about it until someone made it and liked it and that reminded me how good it was. :)
: recipes, diy, capellas

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