Does the E-menthol taste like a real cig?

Discussion in 'General Vaping Discussion' started by lengendec, Mar 19, 2008.

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  1. lengendec

    lengendec Full Member

    Hi, I am smoking menthol.
    Want to try e-smoking.

    Is the e-menthol good? Or should I just stick to natural flavours?
  2. windblown

    windblown Senior Member ECF Veteran

    I was a Benson & Hedges menthol smoker for years and years, so I ordered the menthol cartridges with my e-cigarette. They actually do not taste like menthol to me, but then I haven't tried any regular cartridges yet, so I wouldn't know how to compare them to anything except real menthol cigarettes. I will say that the menthol cartridges are not at all unpleasant, even though I can't actually detect the menthol. A couple of friends who are Marlboro smokers tried out my new e-cigarette and neither of them thought it tasted like menthol either, but both were sufficiently impressed to want to order their own e-cigs. All of us agreed that the taste was a little sweet with a mild tobacco flavor.

  3. dnakr

    dnakr Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    I agree, it does not taste like menthol to me either.
  4. SmokeyJoe

    SmokeyJoe ECF Founder Admin Verified Member ECF Veteran

    The only menthol I have tried is the Sedansa version and I quite liked it. The only problem is that I always hated menthol cigarettes, so that is probably a good indication that it's not what you are after!

    It shouldn't be such a hard flavor to get right though, should it?
  5. windblown

    windblown Senior Member ECF Veteran

    I agree with SJ that it doesn't seem like it should be too difficult to get the Menthol flavor right. In fact, it would seem to me that Menthol would be the easiest of all to reproduce since it has been used in real cigarettes for so long. I have ordered some of the liquid from e-cig, so I was hoping that it would have more of a Menthol kick than the cartridges that I've been using. I have always been convinced that I am more addicted to Menthol than to the Nicotine.

  6. wahab

    wahab Full Member

    I ordered the strong 18mg e-liqued menthol flavor from freesmoke and I have to say I think it tasted like menthol.. not mutch tobacco flavoring but the menthol you can definetly taste if you are using a fresh cartridge :)

    If you like menthol try it! :D

    Take Care,

  7. AngeLsLuv

    AngeLsLuv Super Member ECF Veteran

    Kinda tastes more like spearmint than menthol but I think it's a good alternative, but then all our tastebuds are probably differant... They put those menthol crystals into it that you can buy when you want to do your own e-juice recipes...
  8. 500KV

    500KV Senior Member ECF Veteran

  9. AngeLsLuv

    AngeLsLuv Super Member ECF Veteran

  10. Jules22871

    Jules22871 Vaping Master ECF Veteran

    My son is a menthol person. I use the menthol crystals from Juicy Liquids and Ruyan #4 from Ruyan Direct and he loves it. Says it actually is better than the menthol cigs he used to smoke.

    Oh yeah, when using the crystals, a little goes a long way. I use just a tiny piece in a 3ml bottle and it's plenty.
  11. Niluvani

    Niluvani Senior Member ECF Veteran

    I think about that, everytime I vape. lol
  12. Lainey

    Lainey Full Member

    I occasionally use the menthol prefilled carts. I have never been a menthol smoker (always seemed like smoking a cough drop to me) but I found that I actually liked the taste of the menthol carts. :)
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