Health Canada starts shutting down E-Cigarette vendors.

Discussion in 'Canada Forum' started by dahlialady, Dec 3, 2013.

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  1. dahlialady

    dahlialady Senior Member

    Supporting member
    Well here it goes. Here is where the war with Health Canada and Big Tobacco starts to get ugly. They are starting to shut down E-cigarette vendors. This is a bad sign for Canadians trying to beat cancer, quit smoking and getting healthier. We have to stand up and fight for our rights. I.e. Sign into the CBC page and post a positive comment on vaping. I hope the vapers of New Glasgow win, and I hope this is not a precedent that Health Canada is setting.

    E-cigarette seller told to stop by Health Canada - Nova Scotia - CBC News
  2. Katmandu

    Katmandu Super Member Verified Member

    Wow! They have absolutely no idea who they are messing with by giving Shai that letter. She is well known in the community and you can bet your bottom dollar she will kick some serious *** because she is very well versed in the politics of e-cigs.

    Go get 'em Shai!!

    And dahlialady I wouldn't worry too much about this letter as Health Canada has been sending them out to vendors since 2009. It hasn't done anything to stop the industry. :)
  3. aggo

    aggo Super Member Verified Member

    Well, Health Canada has been sending 'cease-and-desist' letters to Canadian vendors for years, and a lot of them are still around.
    I'm not sure how this is particular story is "news", but we just have to see how things develop. I hope the owner will stay open.
  4. Steamix

    Steamix Super Member

    Well, well, well, reading the original paperwork posted in this article, it does sound like a lot of saber rattling.

    It's neither drugs nor food and no claims are made to cure anything. If 'delivering nicotine' is in their court I'd wonder if the fellas from BT got their 'cease and desist' letters as well. Seems they are unable to get that into their thick heads...
  5. SoUnique

    SoUnique Ultra Member Verified Member

    HC can go FTS. They know they lost, all they're doing now is playing playground bully.
  6. retired1

    retired1 Curmudgeon Staff Member Admin Verified Member

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    Yup. Lot of suppliers have received these letters. The ones that fight back are still in business because HC backs down.
  7. dahlialady

    dahlialady Senior Member

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    Wow. Sorry if I jumped the gun. Since I just started vaping last month and have not had the urge for a cigarette (Could never say that for 33 years) I freaked when I saw this article. It's one of the best things that's ever happened to me and my health. So basically HC has been trying these tactics all along? Well I guess we are better off than some countries where it is illegal.
    Vape on!
  8. WillyZee

    WillyZee Vaping Master Verified Member

    The real letters will come when HC gets in bed with BT and taxes vaping like cigarettes :glare:
  9. Zurd

    Zurd Ultra Member Verified Member

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    it's more like a recommendation to stop selling ecigs as there is no law against it, it will never pass in a court of law right now
  10. Glenn_K

    Glenn_K Super Member Verified Member

    I hope the HC letter is just a matter of bureaucrats covering their *** (i.e. the main thing that bureaucrats are good at).

    But it's no exaggeration to call the HC letter a 'cease and desist' order (as the CBC headline puts it). We'll see how serious this is after December 10 -- if The End Vapor Shop refuses to reply to the letter, and does not stop selling vape stuff, we'll see if HC ratchets things up and actually applies "more stringent enforcement measures."

    It might be useful to think in terms of a legal defense fund, to help the vendor hire legal help that can hand HC a smack down in court.

  11. cxm322

    cxm322 Senior Member Verified Member

    This is what we in the USA have to look forward to when we finally make the full-fledged transition to socialized healthcare. I feel bad for you Canadians and I feel bad for us since we will be in your shoes in a few short years. My condolences.
  12. Concat

    Concat Ultra Member Verified Member

    Well, I don't want to get into a debate, but your statement is practically a non sequitur considering this has nothing to do with public health care. HC is just the Canadian FDA.

    You can, however, look forward to paying about half of what you currently do.

  13. WillyZee

    WillyZee Vaping Master Verified Member

    not all US citizens will have lower health care costs ... one thing they can bank on though ... endless waiting lists.
  14. retired1

    retired1 Curmudgeon Staff Member Admin Verified Member

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    Let's keep it on topic please. Thank you.
  15. mechlove

    mechlove Full Member Verified Member

    It's unbelievable that HC tries to enforce laws that don't even exist. They assume that people don't know the politics of ecigs and that people are going to just listen to whatever they say. Wrong! We new what's going on and we're not going to back down without a fight. This HC threatening vendors is all a game, there is really nothing they can do legally, so we just need to stand out ground and we wont be going anywhere anytime soon!
  16. Talyon

    Talyon Vape 4 Life Verified Member

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    Don't be sorry, all news is appreciated, as many of us are fairly new to Vapeing. The more we know the better prepared we can be.
  17. glycerol

    glycerol Senior Member

    They have no case since it's not legally regulated. If I was her, I'd just stop selling nic juices for a while until HC forget about me.
  18. RaymondK

    RaymondK Registered Supplier

    The vendor still need to consult and pay for legal advice in which case $$$$$. That's the tactics that HC is using and for a small vendor, it will be difficult to fight. At the same time HC is just forcing e-cig to go underground. The pressure must be from the big Tobacco Companies. In Canada those big companies should fight against those cheap native indians cigarettes instead of point the fingers at the e-cigarettes vendors in general. I believe that all vendors should join forces and fight for this across all provinces.
  19. Glenn_K

    Glenn_K Super Member Verified Member

    I don't see the relationship between this issue and the Canadian healthcare system.

    I'm sorely tempted to reply at greater length -- probably like many Canadians, I have a love/hate relationship with our healthcare system. But unlike most Canadians, I grew up in the US and have some first hand knowledge of both systems -- but this really isn't the appropriate place to debate this issue.

  20. Wolffy

    Wolffy Senior Member

    No laws are being broken by the vendor so it is just a bluff by Heath Canada. The vendor is a fighter and HC will back down yet again.

    Canadian Vendors, keep up the good work! I'm rooting for and buying from you!
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