HELP! My ego-T Battery Stopped Working!!!

Discussion in 'Battery Issues' started by iwontgiveup, Mar 10, 2011.

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  1. iwontgiveup

    iwontgiveup Full Member

    Hello Everyone,

    I bought my ego-T about 2 weeks ago and I absolutely love it. That was until today. I was just sitting there vaping, and when I went to take another drag, no vapor came out. I looked at the led on the battery and it was flashing (about 10-15 times). After it stopped flashing, it wouldn't turn on any more. So I thought the battery might have been dead, so I went to recharge it, but the charger lights up "green" and is reading it as fully charged.

    So I tried to vape it again, and nothing. It doesn't light up, charge, or vape any more. I'm a casual smoker, so I don't vape all day. Probably 1-4 times a day and I take really good care of it, so what could possibly be the problem??

    Thanks for your help everyone. :(
  2. Rosco

    Rosco Vaping Master ECF Veteran

    My guess would be the battery up and croaked.
    I always -always have more spares than I need, just for occasions like this for one. I'd put a meter on it and test it. Which is another item I would never be without. A simple $6 ebay multimeter answers a multitude of questions when that need arises.

    Good luck.:thumb:
  3. greeneon

    greeneon Full Member

    Don't giveup! Check it with a meter to be sure. If you don't have one, stop by your auto parts store or full service filling station or even a Radio Shack and have them test it.
  4. DaveP

    DaveP PV Master & Musician ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    Try pressing the button 5 times, then put it on the charger.
  5. ymgie

    ymgie Senior Member ECF Veteran

    If its what i think , you might want to try this first before you scrap it....
    This is the advice i got when i was having that problem with a riva 901

    What tends to happen is the center pin on the battery gets depressed too far, especially if using cartos or if an atty is screwed on too tight. The battery is probably fine, just that center pin needs pulling up, it looks a little like a screw head, you should be able to get a pin UNDER the head and pull it up, corner by corner. This should bring it closer to the charger center pin. This solves virtually all battery problems.

    hope it works for ya :)
  6. iwontgiveup

    iwontgiveup Full Member

    Thanks all for the help. Turns out the battery went into a recovery like mode, so I had to leave it charging for 8 straight hours in order for it to trigger back to operate fully. Who woulda thunk.
  7. ymgie

    ymgie Senior Member ECF Veteran

    STRANGE ????????????????
    I went into recovery mode last night and slept for 9 hours before i could recharge myself :laugh:
  8. beandean

    beandean Senior Member

    i just hadda 12 hour recover mode. yaaaawwwwwwwwnnnn
  9. iwontgiveup

    iwontgiveup Full Member

    Well yeah, I found it strange because the batteries were already fully charged and this happened out of nowhere. I barely vape, so it was definitely not because the battery was dead. Damn recovery modes!
  10. Sgt.Taz

    Sgt.Taz Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Sounds like you got stuck in "OFF" mode. It happens when you click it repeatedly. putting it on the charger resets the safety switch. The click feature is new, but you might have a bad board in this one-if it does this again the circuit board might be the problem
  11. vinyl

    vinyl Full Member

    I think I might be encountering the same problem, battery wasnt working fresh off the box, plug it into charger, led blinks then charger lights turn red. After fully charged (charger lights turns green), still not working, however when i plug it into the charger, led light blinks, charger lights go red for a few minutes before going back to green to show fully charged, any advice ppl? its a completely new battery.
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