I found a way to buy Boba's Bounty & Gorilla Juice

Discussion in 'Australia - New Zealand Forum' started by milazinha, Nov 12, 2013.

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  1. milazinha

    milazinha Moved On Verified Member

    ... or I hope I did! :) Once I tried doing it through Price USA (a package forwarding service). Probblem is, they are based in Australia, so are not allowed to ship anything with nic. And certain vendors - like Alien Visions - don't offer zero-nic options. (I still bought zero-nic bottles from Ahlusion & Halo through them.)

    Then yesterday it occurred to me: there must be another service based in the US who ships to AU. And since they are based there, its completely legal to ship items with nic. :)

    I wanted to try myus.com, but found their shipping costs too expensive; the lightest package ships for around $40 for the standard membership. (Next membership level you pay $7/month, and the lightest package ships for around $30.)

    I finally went with ReShip.com. I did a shipping estimate, and it came down to $13 for the cheapest. They also have a $5 to get an account, and a few other options - I hope they don't add up to too much. They gave me a US mail address; in theory I buy e-juice myself on the AiV site, ship it to the US address and bill it to my credit card normally. ReShip receives the package(s) They offer package consolidation for a fee) and will ship it to me in AU. :)

    Now, crossing fingers that all will go according to plan!!! I'll definitely let you guys know.


    PS: I can't recommend ReShip yet, as this is my 1st time trying them. Also don't know if there are better services out there; I didn't do tons of research. If anyone has tried another service, it would be great to hear!
  2. milazinha

    milazinha Moved On Verified Member

    Just added a profile pic too... (testing to see if it shows)
  3. chesty

    chesty Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    why did you get halo juice reshipped? they ship juice only orders for $15, takes a month to get here, though.
    but interesting about AVE, thanks for sharing. I see you're in sydney, if you order again, let us know, maybe we could split the shipping cost.
  4. thecheffie

    thecheffie Full Member

  5. cihansolakoglu

    cihansolakoglu Full Member

    thanks for sharing
  6. milazinha

    milazinha Moved On Verified Member

    Well, it didn't work, guys. :-( thecheffie is right, they consider the items forbidden. Not just the juices, but also clearos and other cig-related parts. Now I have to figure out how not to lose the stuff I bought. :-(
  7. ShariR

    ShariR Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

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    I see you have a Seattle area on your avatar. Find yourself a stateside family or friend and ship to them and have them ship to you. Sorry, if you had that you would have done that. Gotta be a way. Have you checked some of the foreign Forums here and asked around how other people are doing it? Only thing I can think of.
  8. frangipani

    frangipani Full Member Verified Member

    Are you sure you can't use Aussie Post? I use NZ Post and am bringing in Bobba's and GJ via their forwarding service. Of interest they mark their box as 'Home and Kitchen' not nic products.
  9. milazinha

    milazinha Moved On Verified Member

    Hi frangipani,

    Do you just check out normally, or go around the system somehow? And what's this about their forwarding service?

    As far as I know they don't ship to AU, but please give me more details and I'll have a look.

  10. frangipani

    frangipani Full Member Verified Member

    Hi milazinha, just checked Aussie Post and they don't have a forwarding service. I don't see why you can't use Price USA. Your item is being brought into Australia from the US.
    Or if you have an NZ relative or friend you could always post to them and get them to send to you.
  11. MoralFibre

    MoralFibre Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Hi, I hear that suppliers can't be mentioned on ECF? - can you please PM me the US supplier(s) you're using for Bobba's and GJ. I'm also on NZ Post, You Post service. All setup and ready to go.

    Actually, I've got some stuff heading my way now via You Post, unfortunately, it's been a week since it's been shipped to "me" (my USA NZ Post address), but have not heard from NZ Post yet.
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