I Have A Complaint About The ProVari

Discussion in 'ProVape' started by hairball, Mar 12, 2011.

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  1. hairball

    hairball ECF Guru Verified Member ECF Veteran

    I can't fill my house up with vaper as advertised. I'm so pissed over it.[​IMG] All the money I spent and still can't do it with the ProVari. What am I going to do with you people! You make these snazzy mods, claim that you can vape yourself silly, create a rain cloud with one, and then when the poor soul (after waiting 3 weeks) gets it, all I can achieve is a vaper filled Greyhound Bus!!! [​IMG] I'm just so....happy as a pig in a mudpit! [​IMG]I had ya goin' didn't I? I'm very impressed. Thank you for the wonderful invention.[​IMG]
  2. lawnman3

    lawnman3 Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    yes and your grounded till you fill the house with vapor missy...

    lawnman3...miss kitty that is...
  3. alldayvape

    alldayvape Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

  4. hairball

    hairball ECF Guru Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Actually, I can't use it too often. I have nerve damage in my hands and due to the weight, it messes with me. All is good though. My hubby isn't a smoker but he chews. I set him up and he's gone all day without a chew. So it may not have worked out for me, but he's loving it. I use it a little bit to check ohms on atty's but darn hands don't want to function and I'm too scared of dropping it. Wow, the battery capacity on this thing is awesome. I put a fully charged 18650 in it for him and it lasted 26 hours and he's been hitting it pretty hard (used 5ml in the time the battery lasted). I need to up the mg on some juice for him. He got a little crabby once...LOL.
  5. hairball

    hairball ECF Guru Verified Member ECF Veteran

    GREAT...that means I don't have to go to work anymore. I'll leave the window cracked.:laugh:
  6. wolflrv

    wolflrv Super Member ECF Veteran

    Hairball...I too have really bad hands, arthritis and some carpal tunnel. I've been used to using the GGTS and also the Precise 18650 and now have had my hands on my Provari since yesterday afternoon. All three are heavy mods and require not only a good grip, but a certain angle to press the button. Of all three, I still think the GGTS is the easiest to hold and use, both due to the weight(it's aluminum) and the lower position of the button. The Precise is the hardest for me, as the "slimmer" design is really not as comfortable and the bottom button requires a good deal of pinky strength. Having said that, I'm really getting used to my Provari now finally. I've tried every imaginable angle to try and get it to function as cleanly as the GGTS. The advantage of the Provari is that the button is very easy to press and the slotted grooves along the tube really do help the grip a lot. So here is what I do and it works very simply and feels as comfortable as the GGTS. I grip the Provari fully and place the button just under the first joint in my index finger. I can then just kind of give it a squeeze to fire the button. The thumb rests perfectly behind the button and gives it stability as you vape. This is very, very comfortable to hold and use this way. Hope that maybe this will help you some.
  7. progg

    progg Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    We're not old ...... but. Another grip style -- Same as wolflrv said but cradle it with your pinky against the battery cap. You apply minimal pressure with your pinky, it's just a surface to rest your ProVari on.

    If you're chain vaping switch holds often.
  8. hairball

    hairball ECF Guru Verified Member ECF Veteran

    I am going to order the smaller battery and see if the weight is significantly different. If so, I should be okay but getting away from hubby may be another story. Day 2 and he still hasn't had a chew. I mixed him some stronger juice and he's not grumpy anymore....LOL. Thanks for the tips but my damage extends into my forearms. Sometimes a cup of coffee is a challenge for me. I'm going to go see a surgeon to see if some of this can be corrected.
  9. silentt

    silentt Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    I have a blister on my index finger from pushing my Reo Mini so much :), I also ordered Provari with extended cap + 18650 batteries. Is it really that heavy? I won't have a problem holding it but when it's heavier it will definitely hit the ground harder..
  10. hairball

    hairball ECF Guru Verified Member ECF Veteran

    I have nerve damage in both hands. At times, a cup of coffee to hold is a challenge for me. It's a very nice well built mod but yes it's heavy with the bigger battery. My hubby loves more than he does me...LOL. I tried to use it today and he got crabby again because he was worried I would change something on it. Dropping it wouldn't be wise so hang on to it.
  11. UKtarget

    UKtarget Super Member ECF Veteran

    I have both batteries for the Provari and theres not a lot of difference between the the two.
    With the 18650 it 6 1/8 Oz and with the 18490 it weighs 5 3/8 Oz so less than an ounce between them.
    I also have a Joker AV this is a light weight it's a lot slimmer and at just under 3 Oz with two 16340s installed, but the button is quite stiff and small and needs a good press to fire, i use both but take the Provari if im out and about as changing voltage on the go is a doodle where as on the joker you need a screw driver and the volt meter which if sat in a shopping centre is going to make you look more like a mad bomber than a vaper.
    Both are great VV's but the Provari has a lot more substance to it and feels like it built like a tank that said i don't have the guts to do a drop test.
  12. wolflrv

    wolflrv Super Member ECF Veteran

    I understand the wear and tear part of using the Reo Mini..I have one of those too. I held it slightly diff, but got a crick in my thumb from the angle. I think you'll find that with the ext. cap + 18650 batt, that the Provari will feel only slightly heavier than the Reo Mini, but the grip angle and ease of holding it vs the Reo Mini is night and day. And the button is WAY easier to press and it's rounded and doesn't leave marks on your thumb or make it sore from pressing it like many other mods will do.
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