Innokin iTaste V3 vs. Ego C-Twist

Discussion in 'New Members Forum' started by jaketheduck, Oct 31, 2013.

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  1. jaketheduck

    jaketheduck Full Member

    Ok- I just want to know which one will put out the most vapor. I really do not know what makes vapor better or worse, because I am a newbie at this. So which of these batterties will give me the best vapor? (If there is even any difference). I am vaping as a substitute for hookah, not cigs, so I am looking for the most clouds possible to do some tricks with it. As I said i am pretty much brand new to vaping so I dont know much yet, I was recommended both of these batteries and told to put on whatever tank I want. Does anybody have any set up suggestions for maximum vapor? Thanks in advance!
  2. Kaisen

    Kaisen Senior Member ECF Veteran

    The iTaste v3 will put out slightly more vapor, due to variable wattage.

    But your liquid and atomizing system will also play a role.

    VG will produce thicker, denser vapor than PG

    The resistance of your coils can play a part, typically the lower the ohms, the hotter the coil, and it will produce more vapor

    The whatever-o-mizer you use can make more or less vapor as well, with dual coil RDAs making bigger clouds

    Really, anything that can put more energy to the coils to make more heat to heat more VG will make more vapor
  3. jaketheduck

    jaketheduck Full Member

    Thanks! This info really helps!
  4. HawaiiVPR

    HawaiiVPR Moved On Verified Member

    With an ego twist, an iclear16 will produce a ton of vapor and flavor if you use a quality 100% VG blend. I use that setup when I'm out of the house which comes very close to the flavor/vapor production I get off my MVP2 w/ an 1clear30-s.

    A setup like that should only set you back no more than 30-40USD.
  5. Sambuca

    Sambuca Ultra Member ECF Veteran

  6. WarHawk-AVG

    WarHawk-AVG Vaping Master ECF Veteran

    Twist is an eGo style battery with VV variable voltage, the iTaste V3 is VV/VW that is a full APV in an eGo style size

    Really can't compare the two...the Twist has a bigger battery because they didn't have to shoehorn in the electronics and stuff like they did on the iTaste brother in law got one and has almost completely quit smoking the stinkies!

    Size comparison

    ah heck..let PBusardo explain it
  7. Rudejuice

    Rudejuice Full Member

    The ITaste V3 without a doubt!
  8. pufZeppelin

    pufZeppelin Vaping Master ECF Veteran

    so both batteries are V.V. -- so to compare
    set both at 3.8-4.0 volts (pick one)

    get an EVOD clearo, install a new 2.2Ω coil
    & fill with good 100%VG juice

    should be the same and good vapor production,
    the battery with the biggest mAh will last longer...

    getting power, is power (between those batts)
    it's how you set up the tank where vapor comes from...
  9. Ladiekali

    Ladiekali Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Dont forgot itaste vv3 is a pass through, you can use ur cell phone car charger, and it checks ohms
  10. Taylor7617

    Taylor7617 Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Where's the best place to pick up an iTaste V3?

    Wondering as I have a friend looking to start vaping and I was going to get him going on an eGo Twist with a T2 tank to start out. However, if price is comparible, maybe starting with this would be a better option.

    If one wanted to use, say a ProTank, looks like it would sit on top of the device as oppossed to flush because the threading is not recessed. Is there a cover or beauty ring of sorts that completes the look? What are some of the better tank setups that work with this device?
  11. Sambuca

    Sambuca Ultra Member ECF Veteran

  12. Vapoor eyes er

    Vapoor eyes er ECF Guru ECF Veteran

    The Twist has a limit of 3 amps. Voltage- 3.3- 4.8 volts.
    The Innokin iTaste V3 has a limit of 3.5 amps. Voltage- 3.3- 5.0 volts.
    The Innokin iTaste also has a few extra goodies that the Twist doesn't- VW, Ohms meter, Puff Counter, Battery Indicator.
    If you're looking for lottsa vapor you may want to look at the Innokin MVP 2 for $8.00? more and has far more power.
  13. dice57

    dice57 PV Exporer/Juice Saucier Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    V3 will beat an ego without any debate, consideration, or need to read al the other posts. It's a no brainer. Ah no, that's pair of 10's or better, never mind.
  14. stillnotsmoking

    stillnotsmoking Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Ive been using an iTaste vv v3 with a Boge LR carto in a Boge F15 cartotank with a beauty ring and it produces huge clouds in a pocketable form factor. The iTastes build is more sturdy IMO. With the above combination I get around 200 puffs on average before needing to plug it in. The "passthrough" option is nice in that respect.
  15. lgboogie19

    lgboogie19 Senior Member ECF Veteran

    [​IMG] thats a protank 2 on a pearl chrome itaste v3. Beauty ring is one that came with pro tank 2. Hope that helps.

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  16. carrielsal

    carrielsal Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    Pretty good price. Make sure you verify the warranty period, so there are no surprises. I don't see a warranty listed on this page. I have seen some retailers warranty them as little as 2 weeks. I bought mine at allaboutvapor in their B&M store. They offer a 60 day warranty.
  17. Texasman2011

    Texasman2011 Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    The protank 2 comes with a beauty ring in the box. so that will give you the better look than not having one
  18. Sambuca

    Sambuca Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    my 4 v3s are way beyond 60 days. the product and price are my determining cause. i had 1 for a month, then ordered more.

    i do little to no shopping at my local B&M stores, can't afford to 60 to 100% increase in prices.
  19. WarHawk-AVG

    WarHawk-AVG Vaping Master ECF Veteran

    That is one nice looking rig...seriously!
  20. lgboogie19

    lgboogie19 Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Yeah i like it but its kinda a backup since i got the mvp 2. The itaste v3 is just thick enough compared to standard pen style batteries that full size tanks seem to look pretty good on it.

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