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    Joyetech eRoll
    An amazing e-Cigarette, probably the best "Cig-a-Like" to start our vaping journey with…

    1. This thread is in continuation to Part-I, here. Just splitting-it-up b'coz it got too long to 'search' the goodies.
    2. This thread is intended to introduce the Joyetech eRoll (aka Ovale eMini) from an owner's perspective.

    If you are not a smoker, Don't pick-up an e-Cigarette. Pls don't indulge in an unnecessary habit, which might stay with you for a long time, and then there might be no going back. It'd be hard to stop, it'd be difficult, very difficult to replace. Vaping is an 'alternative'… not something which you should consciously 'start'. Pls be WARNED.


    Categories of e-Cigarettes
    Based on the invention/innovation of the e-Cig technology, it can be broadly divided into three categories. (1)The Cig-a-Likes, (2)the Pen-Style devices and (3)the Mods, or APVs. ECF explains it well in their "InfoZone" post


    What a New Vaper Needs?

    There are many pros to possessing an APV as a starter kit. Member Baditude explains it well in his Blog, "
    A Good Starter Kit". Similarly, member darkhood explains many things in his thread, "Suggestions for Newbies". And Mariss716 advices on her Blog, "Budgeting for your first eCig purchase". Besides, there are quite a few others who have offered quality infoshare on the subject as well. However, the fact remains that a good chunk of us (many veterans here too) had commenced their e-Cig foray thru a Cig-a-Like! And many more are doing so by the day. Why? It's not that they didn't know about Mods, or they didn't research… it's just b'coz Cig-a-Likes are so easy to use. Less things to bother/tinker with… just pick-up & vape (usually) and kick that darn 'ol habit of smoking in one go altogether.

    Which is why, the Joyetech eRoll

    A Cig-a-Like with a difference! The eRoll targets that market segment which is 'visible' to everyone as an e-Cigarette. And takes it a step further… makes it likeable, enjoyable and stylish. They did it pretty well indeed! It's their next generation iteration of their popular eGo-T and eCab kits. Just that it's a miniature version with certain tweaks and performs rather better. It's slimmer, trimmer & shorter than most other Cig-a-Likes in the market as of March-2013… but performs much better than anyone out there, in every aspect.


    Design & Performance
    It's a "tank System" (Yay!) AND in the usual cigarette size. It's thus, a three-piece device which allows us to discard any part of it (be it the Battery, the Atomizer, or the Tank-Cartridge) if one fails. And all of them come pretty inexpensively (see costs below). Though the concept of an Atomizer+Tank Vs. Cartomizer system is debatable, I would anyday go with the former for its performance value. And when it's in this size, u have a mini-rocker in ur hands! The eRoll vapes very well indeed. Nothing, in a similar format, in the market today, comes close by it's efficiency. U won't believe me till you take a drag. It performs just like an APV… doles-out vapour like a Mod; gives a TH similar to a Mod; AND stays 'alive' with u till end-of-the-day just like a Mod. And all these in a form factor which could put many of the Mods to shame. Show me another Cig-a-Like which does! They don't.


    Dimensions & Operation
    At 93mm length, with an 8mm diameter, it's cigarette sized. Tad longer than a king size cigarette - but while at hand, held between the fingers, or the lips, it feels just the same. It's a 90mAh battery - but surprisingly produces a constant 3.7V of raw power. What that means? A steady flow of vapour, unhindered and smooth vaping experience for around 20-minutes. And that's longer than a typical cigarette break. Now, when we smoked - we didn't smoke a cigarette longer than that, did we? Exactly… this is what the eRoll tries to achieve. U vape a short while and then toss it into it's PCC. Keep the PCC handy, and when u need to vape again, just pick-up the e-Cig (eRoll) from the PCC and voila! Just like we used to earlier with the stinkies. See, nothing changed… except it's healthier. And this happens b'coz of a great PCC (read below).


    The eRoll PCC & Charging
    Unlike any other PCC (AFAIK), this one takes-in a completely assembled e-Cig (eRoll). That's great! B'coz we then, don't have to remove the cartridge to place it inside for charging. U see what that opens up? Pop & Vape! I repeat, pop & vape. No more messing… no more additional work, right? How much more happier can it get? At 108 x 48 x 13mm the eRoll PCC is smaller than an iPhone-4. Just like an old Nokia phone, but sleeker. However, it does pack a punch. It's loaded with a 1000mAh battery; and lasts a whopping 10-hrs. So, technically we have got a 1180mAh powered e-Cig kit at our hands (1000+90+90). Cool, eh! Which is why this e-Cig gets thru a whole day easily. The eRoll with it's PCC is to be carried as one whole unit. And together they look very classy. The PCC can be used concurrently, i.e. while being charged (takes around 3-hrs.) it could also charge an eRoll kept inside (takes around 20-mins).

    eRoll Pricing & Availability
    The Joyetech eRoll, or the Ovale eMini, are available thru nearly every retailer around the globe. I got mine from CanVape. It's almost similarly priced at $60 everywhere for it's starter kit. Which is pretty fair given that it comes with two batteries and it's awesome PCC, plus the nitty-gritties. The individual pieces are inexpensive too, viz.:

    -Battery, any color........... : $9.00
    -Atomizer Heads, 5-pack... :
    -Atomizer Cone, any color
    .: $2.00
    -Tank-Cartridges, 5-pack... :
    -The PCC........................ :
    -Charging Cable............... :


    Cons, is there any?

    Well, nothing is perfect. But the eRoll is quite close to it. There are three minor issues that has bugged the reviewers, not to me though. One, is it's "warming" atomizer cover/cone. I haven't felt any seriousness in it partially b'coz I don't chain vape. And also b'coz I've learnt to hold an e-Cig a different way than usually I did. I hold e-Cigs in the "pencil-in-ur-mouth-while-thinking" style (see below).


    Which also helps in avoiding the second worry - Two, the position of the "air-vent". And three, the "capacity" of it's juice tank. Well, it holds just about 0.4ml of e-juice. Which is not much, but given the miniature configuration of the eRoll I can't blame Joyetech for it. I carry enough spare tank-cartridges (qty-5) to overcome that. While few carry a small bottle of e-juice in their pockets, like the Innokin Ucan. These three imperfections, I believe, is ignorable given that the overall quality of the device far outweighs it's cons.

    So, what makes this e-Cig (eRoll / eMini) special or different from all other Cig-a-Likes? Well, this one's a design marvel. It not only uses a tank system, which makes our e-juice taste insanely well, it also uses the same atomizer that they put-in their bigger devices, the eGo-C. Which makes a big performance advantage… we get volumes of vapour and is easy to draw, just like an APV. The eRoll kit is the most portable, most hep e-cig ever produced, which makes it a pleasure to go outdoors with, be "seen" with it. It's size, coupled with raw power and quality vapour production makes it an excellent choice for our vaping journey.

    APV stalwarts like PBusardo, FieldOfVapour, VaporChase etc. have vouched for it. I'd place some of their youtube reviews in the following posts. And also post some Tricks & Tips subsequently. All in all, I'm with this device for a month now, am enjoying my vape experience primarily b'coz of the ingenuity of Joyetech. And I definitely encourage other vapers, at least the one's who are at the fence, to pick this one up. Rest assured u'd not regret!

    Let's eRoll, folks !
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    Phil Busardo reviewing the Ovale eMini (Aka Joyetech eRoll)

  3. qorax

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    VaporChase reviewing the Joyetech eRoll

  4. qorax

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    FieldOfVapor reviewing the Ovale eMini (Aka Joyetech eRoll)

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    Fantastic posts. Very informative and well laid out.

    I got my first eRoll today and I love it.

    The small tank size is not a problem in itself, I think. The problem lies in carrying the spare tanks. A couple of slots in the PCC for tanks or a spare eRoll would be perfect.

    I know some people have gotten around this problem with the innokin ucan, or by carrying spare tanks in small mint tins or battery cases, but it would make sense for Joyetech to release something in-keeping with the eRoll aesthetic that gives extra storage.
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    This is a great tutorial for working with the atomizer, and can help people learn to rewick their heads etc. I see this pop up a lot in the other thread and would do well on the first page in this thread i imagine.

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    One minor complaint I have is that the PCC gets damaged all too easily. Mine is less than 3 weeks old and it already looks pretty ugly from all the scratches (even though I'm very careful with it). IMG_0182.jpg
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    My eRoll Tips:
    How some little things made my [vape]life pleasurable, all over again...

    The eRoll & the PCC combined, is a cool gadget. It serves us well for an entire day. All we need to do is take care of it. This is what I do:

    1. Carry two batteries (2 x complete e-Cigs), one PCC and five additional Tank-Cartridges.
    2. Purchased an extra Atomizer Cone to get that (the kit has only one, though it's just $2?).
    3. Purchased another set of Tank-Cartridges, a 5-Pack ($3.49).
    4. Thus a total of seven cartridges (7 x 'pre-filled' tanks) are always on me.
    5. I carry the five spare tanks in an empty TicTac box. Two are on the eRolls, remember?
    6. The TicTac box is pretty handy, slim and slides into just about anywhere with ease.
    7. The cartridges can also be taken out thru the 'flip-top' of the TicTac box. U don't need to remove the top-lid of the box.
    8. I refill my tanks 'once' a day, when home. It typically takes 6-7 minutes to fill-up the whole set.
    9. I do not carry a juice-bottle outdoors (avoiding the 'looks' I guess). And this is why the eRoll is such a charm, does the job inconspicuously.
    10. I keep the refilled tanks upside down in the Tic Tac box (sitting on their silicone caps). Why?
    11. This keeps them from overflowing into the 'air-chamber', which is at the 'mouth-end' of the tanks. Happened once before.
    12. I fill-up the tanks using a 'blunt' needle syringe. I do not remove the 'filler-caps' of the tanks, lest they become loose over time.
    13. I'm less finicky about using the same syringe for filling different juice-tanks. What's with a bit of Menthol in my RY4? It then actually tastes better!
    14. While refilling, ensure that there are no air-bubbles dropping into the tanks. They are the catalyst for 'leaking tanks'.
    15. Similarly, keep 2mm space above the liquid surface while refilling. Remember the atomizer has a spike? That can overflow the tank, aka 'leakage'.
    16. The PCC is charged 'once' a day too, at night, when off to bed, alongwith my cellphone. Thus, never missing the task.
    17. And the PCC DOES hold good the entire day. This is a design wonder. Tell me about VV, VW, mAh et all!
    18. One eRoll is always kept in the PCC (being charged), while the other is in hand or pocket.
    19. The above config. ensures that I'm never w/out a eCig, at any moment of time. So, there's no lull-in-battle!
    20. Once charged, keep the eRoll inverted inside the PCC. It helps in prolonging the charged-life of the PCC battery.
    21. Try & keep the PCC's protective film intact, for obvious reasons! It actually is well drawn by default & remains intact for long by itself.
    22. Though having the 'black' eRoll kit, I yet ordered 'white' spare tanks. Why?
    23. This is to distinguish between which is where, the 'charging' one & the 'charged' one.
    24. Besides, personally, I'm liking the 'white filter-tip' look on the black eCig. It's stylish!
    25. This also helps me locate the Menthol ones (White=KOOL, my favorite; Black=RY4 or others).
    26. The PCC and my cellphone are always collocated. When in hand, or in the left back pocket. Why?
    27. It thus, becomes inseparable, indispensable... and I'm never left high-n-dry!
    28. I 'dry-clean' my Atomizer, Battery Terminals and the Cartridge-Tanks once a week. How?
    29. I use a Chamois cloth and a Q-tip. And 'blow' the Atomizer dry from the flat end.
    30. I intend 'wet-cleaning' all the tanks and syringes once-a-month. Not been there as yet.

    I look after my eRoll exactly the way I do my cellphone. Both are blemishless yet. The cellphone has been with me for around 2-yrs now. Which is why I believe I can keep my eRoll likewise as well.

    Hope the foregoing made some sense.

    Happy vaping, fellas!
  9. qorax

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    Hi, Congrats and Welcome to the eRoll World!

    Yes, that aspect of the PCC is a sore point indeed. Beyond doubt Joyetech has designed the PCC well, kept it miniaturized while keeping the punch... and a good looking one (hint of a certain fruit flavor!) at that. Probably, the battery taking-up all the space left them w/out much options.

    I'd expect though that they come-up with a 2nd option/variant of their PCC. One which has spaces for a few Atomizers and Tanks. A 3/4th of an inch wide would suffice I guess, which wouldn't make it any bulkier but let the goodies in.

    I hope they are listening.
  10. qorax

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    Keeping that protective film intact was the key. Mine's still 'on'. Did u remove it? If yes, something like this could work.
  11. qorax

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    eRoll Instructions Manual

    It seems few buyers didn't receive the complete Instructions Manual in their kit. U may like to download it HERE.
  12. Rocketpunk

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    I've seen and vaped an eRoll but prefer my Volts. But that's just user bias. So I'll shut up now.
  13. qorax

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    Member volume control gives his 'early take' on the eRoll here:

  14. qorax

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    Size Comparison by member dragonbone

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    Scott Bonner's review of the Joyetech eRoll for

  16. qorax

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  17. anonym9199

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    Just to clarify, I never removed the protective film (in fact, I didn't even realize that there was a protective film until you just pointed it out to me).
  18. anonym9199

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    At first glance, this really does look like the perfect companion to the eRoll. However, most of the reviews I've seen of this product say that it begins to leak after some time. Therefore, most people don't recommend buying one (unless you're ready for a nasty and unexpected spill in your pocket).
  19. wilhelmsure

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    Yep, I've read way too many reviews that say it leaks for me to get one. And it's not exactly cheap. Great idea, but it sounds poorly executed.
  20. qorax

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    AAA Battery Storage Cases
    Perfect to carry our Spare Tanks


    Ref: eBay

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