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Discussion in 'New Members Forum' started by danxx6, Oct 24, 2013.

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  1. danxx6

    danxx6 Full Member

    Hey guys

    I started vaping a couple of weeks ago and being somewhat of a gadget man/geek, its my new obsession for a while!

    I've eventually traded up to evod & protank from ce5's and love the flavours so my question is, what's the best juice supplier you've used?

    I've ordered a couple from online from go-liquid and myepack, both very good service and nice juices. What's other peoples experiences? I'd prefer a uk based company also... don't fancy waiting long for shipping etc


  2. danxx6

    danxx6 Full Member

    Ah, forgot to add, i don't think i'm at the stage yet to start home-made juices. Not done enough research however it'd like to get to this point some day :)
  3. happydave

    happydave Ultra Member

  4. Rob-Manc-UK

    Rob-Manc-UK Full Member

    Totally Wicked juice is good, the Patriot range is my fav, the orange candy tastes like tic tacs, they are based in Blackburn, so not far from us both. Liberty Flights are good, better online as they stock more. You could try Celtic Vapours too, good quality, and not a bad price. If you want the best from the UK, in my opinion, try Snake Oil or Scorpions Blood, my two all day vapes
  5. danxx6

    danxx6 Full Member

    Hey Rob,

    Yeah we are relatively close to each other, small world!

    I think I may give celtic vapers ago next... Looked at totally wicked before but all their stuff just seems expensive compared to other suppliers so kinda put me off :)
  6. happydave

    happydave Ultra Member

    you will pay a bit more for TW (totally wicked) juice but its worth it IMHO
  7. Rob-Manc-UK

    Rob-Manc-UK Full Member

    Small world indeed :) i would subscribe to totally wickeds twitter, they give a daily discount code and often have good sales, i wait for 20% and buy in bulk, i dont know what part of manchester u live in, but Vapours Stalybridge has Celtic Vapers in stock and you can try before you buy, no website, but are on fb
  8. danxx6

    danxx6 Full Member

    Ahh, good idea i was looking on their site today and saw some discounts. I'll go follow them now :)

    I'm just outside manchester really they seem to be based on the wrong side! I may go drive over sometime, i like the idea of try before you buy!!

    I didn't know liberty flights had a store outside Manchester either! I was looking at their base liquids earlier for when i want to start making my own... think i'll wait for that yet before i poisen myself, doing some research at the minute on recipes etc :)
  9. Rob-Manc-UK

    Rob-Manc-UK Full Member

    Mixing your own is tricky, not so much the nicotine, there are online calculators to help you work out how much to dilute it, its more the flavours, too much and you will gag, not enough and you will taste nothing, if u do want to make your own, i would get a dripper and make small amounts to try, thats what i do, oh and write down what you mix, i have made stuff i love and cant remember what i put in them :facepalm:
  10. xtrapnel

    xtrapnel Full Member

    joose juice do BOGOF on all 30ml products - so order 30ml, you'll get 60ml. They also mix the PG/VG and nicotine ratios to suit. You can even find a 12% discount code if you search on Google. I bought 180ml for £23 delivered this week - awesome service - and the toffee and Irish Cream flavours are great. You do need to steep for at least a week though.

    I'm not affiliated to them in any way.
  11. danxx6

    danxx6 Full Member

    Ahh that sounds awesome. Going to check them out.

    Can't say I've ever steeped liquid? Just read about it quickly.. Leave them in a dark cool place? That it? May have to start doing this

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  12. danxx6

    danxx6 Full Member

    Haha rob just saw you post. I do that with cooking currently! Make a fantastic meal then forget how I did it

    Mmm I need to look into a dripper? Complete noob coming our here

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  13. djsvapour

    djsvapour Vaping Master

    You know, I love myepack and the prices are great, but both companies you mention are selling bog standard eliquid by one of the big companies.

    I would not go that mad on these, and whilst not wishing to upset TW fans..... i.i.r.c. the Patriot is £7.99 in the UK. That is a mad price. Even the £4.99s are too expensive.

    Obviously, Joose Juice is getting a big reputation. Shops like Vape Escape, Liberty flights, ecigwizard offer lots of choice. Grizwald liquids at Vape Escape are excellent.

    - - -

    PS, I've been making my own for months, maybe a year. On paper, it seems a good idea, in practice, it's hard to do it well.
  14. danxx6

    danxx6 Full Member

    Yeah I haven't really tried many mad favours out yet. Mainly just got single flavoured ones at the minute except nuclear plusion? That's a kinda wierd taste so a bit put off.

    Can't say I've seen the patriot? May need to give that a go :)

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  15. djsvapour

    djsvapour Vaping Master

    Seriously - at £7.99?

    I was trying to give the impression it was a mad price, as in - too expensive.

    I never pay more than £5.00 for 10ml, unless it's a Grizwald sample.
  16. danxx6

    danxx6 Full Member

    haha, i know but it may be worth a try if its good :)

    Trying to find someone who stocks my favs in one place so far... not having much luck! I need a restock on blackcurrent & cola :(
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