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Discussion in 'Vapor4Life' started by Beachlover, Dec 7, 2013.

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  1. Beachlover

    Beachlover Super Member

    I haven't posted here in a long time but I wanted to say I love my Zeus and it has done what no other e-cig has done. I have not had a real cigarette in about 2 weeks. I only think of them when talking about them like now. I am so happy that V4L has this great product. I never thought I'd be able to give up cigarettes. My doctor was thrilled when I told him I switched to e-cigs and gave up the monologs. Thank you V4Life...I could have never done it without you.

    BTW...will the Smileomizers be restocked soon? Last time I had to get only green because there were no hot pinks and this time I could only order cigar.
  2. Roccov

    Roccov Ultra Member Verified Member

    So glad you are finding success with the Zeus Beachlover. I have asked over on the V4L site and they he been receiving stuff almost daily so I'm hoping they will show up soon. Enjoy the day!
  3. Morandir835

    Morandir835 Idiot Guru

    Supporting member
    Glad you're loving Ms. Beachlover. :)
  4. Beachlover

    Beachlover Super Member

    Thank you Roccov and Morandir. I feel very good about this as it was a big accomplishment for me.
  5. K9Luvr

    K9Luvr Ultra Member

    Thats awesome, so glad the Zeus is working for you. Keep up the good work.
  6. BHam

    BHam Supplier Associate

    Smileomizers have been orders and we're just awaiting the shipment :).
  7. Amraann

    Amraann Ultra Member

    Hi Beachlover!!!

    If your worried you will be stuck without a smileo you can order a tank. The 3.5 fits perfectly on the small and medium zues. I prefer the tank because I can see how low the liquid is :) And although the tank is more expensive than the smileo after your initial purchase you only have to buy cartos for it and they are less than 3$
    Some plastic tanks crack or melt with certain liquids but V4L's are made of a different type of plastic that does not have that problem.
  8. Beachlover

    Beachlover Super Member

    Thanks Amraann...I must try a tank. I like the idea of being able to see how much liquid you have and also good to know there is a substitute you can use.
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