my new "vape case"

Discussion in 'E-Cigarette Accessories Discussion' started by stealthy hunter, Feb 23, 2014.

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  1. stealthy hunter

    stealthy hunter Full Member

    I have been looking for something to carry all my gear for some time. and i have found it ....!

    Its made by a company called "vaultz" and measures roughly 8.5" x 12" x 3.5"

    I took the inserts from my two innokin boxes and i am still able to fit everything i need for a week out of town for work.

    I saw a smaller version at walmart but this one is perfect

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  2. garpt01

    garpt01 Super Member Verified Member

    I keep a tupperware type case just for my coil building gear. My mods I carry on me- I use my older Blackberry Torch belt clip for my Itaste VTR and carry my e-cig on a lanyard around my neck and tuck it in my shirt at work.. My other high end mods like my two Nemesis, Electric Angel, and JoyTech e-Vic stay at home on a wooden desk stand with attys, juices, etc.

  3. Cap'nTripps

    Cap'nTripps Senior Member

    Thats a real nice looking case there. Now my hardware collection is expanding by the week, i could also use a decent case like yours (all my vaping kits in an old biscuit tin now). What type of portable storage do you use when carrying your kit around?

    Btw very nice collection of hardware; kinda jealous tbh. (Ive just got 2 kanger esmarts, 3 evods, and a coolfire 2, plus assorted tanks.
  4. stealthy hunter

    stealthy hunter Full Member

    Well , uh , that is my travel case
  5. twgbonehead

    twgbonehead Vaping Master

    That's a great idea using the innokin inserts!
  6. stealthy hunter

    stealthy hunter Full Member

    I think today I will add a small piece of foam with holes cut in it to hold my juice bottles a bit more securely.

    I have found that the bottles will not stay in their place if the case is inadvertently placed upside down.....
  7. Cap'nTripps

    Cap'nTripps Senior Member

    Have you ever had problems when travelling abroad with your case btw?
  8. pufZeppelin

    pufZeppelin Vaping Master

  9. lusayalmino

    lusayalmino Full Member

    That's a fantastic case! What did you pay for it; post a link?
  10. lusayalmino

    lusayalmino Full Member

    I wanted a case that I could mount to my mountain bike, toss in my luggage, or just bring in the car. Couldn't find anything so I made this case with scrap wood laying around my house. I'm going to drill two more holes in front of MVPs to hold 2 iClear 30S cartridges.

    It's just a cheap bicycle repair kit bag (can't remember where I purchased it). I can tip the whole thing upside down and nothing falls out of it's place. I may "paint" the wood with that rubberized paint that hardens.

    20140312 Ecig Carry Case 1.jpg 20140312 Ecig Carry Case 2.jpg 20140312 Ecig Carry Case 4.jpg 20140312 Ecig Carry Case 5.jpg 20140312 Ecig Carry Case 6.jpg
  11. kristopherdb

    kristopherdb Full Member Verified Member

    good idea!
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