Taste like Marlboro Lights

Discussion in 'New Members Forum' started by final lap, Jan 7, 2009.

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  1. final lap

    final lap Full Member Verified Member

    Hi all:

    I'm new and was wondering if anybody can suggest what e-cig and juice is comparable to Marlboro Lights in flavor, hit, etc, as these are what I smoke right now.

  2. K-Sound Krew

    K-Sound Krew Ultra Member

    Nothing tastes like a real cig never mind a specific name brand

    Try RY4 or the french pipe, they have a distinct tobacco flavor

    Also heard the flu cured and the heavy shag are tobacco like and have the heaviest hit
    Also heard the ten. cured from Johnsoncreek has a good tobacco flavor

    I smoke CML lights, was very dissapointed with the CML flavor- Not even close!

    I use RY4 Med- all the time, everything else I've tried I did not like
  3. Ladycats

    Ladycats Ultra Member Verified Member

    I read someplace that the RY4 is comparable to the Riskee ?? yes, no, maybe ??
  4. Mr.Darcy

    Mr.Darcy Ultra Member

  5. MartianMan

    MartianMan Full Member

    I like the Johnson Creek southern smoke. That stuff is great!!! :)
  6. final lap

    final lap Full Member Verified Member

    ok thanks for the help
  7. Oklahoma

    Oklahoma Senior Member

    I WAS a Marlboro Light smoker too. I have found the RY4 MED to be the best but not an exact flavor. I may get the RY4 High just to use in the mornings to get that good hard hit to start the day.

    Analog free since 1-1-09
  8. riddle80

    riddle80 Super Member

    My favorite flavor is the Cash eLiquid (puresmoker) Marlboro (med nic). It doesn't taste exactly like a real cig, but it's similar and I like it much better. Not everyone has the same tastes though. Riskee/Ry4 is also very tasty. It's also a good mix w/the Marlboro. Best to sample the ones you think you'll like and then get the big bottles of your favorites.
  9. final lap

    final lap Full Member Verified Member

    I'm not sure I want to start using the juice just yet. I'm new to all this and would rather start with prefilled cartridges. Thanks for the great info though
  10. SuperStack

    SuperStack Super Member

    I'll 2nd what riddle says, try mixing in some riskee with the marlboro or 555 - it'll really round out & improve the taste in a big way.
  11. SuperStack

    SuperStack Super Member

    I would strongly recommend buying some juice - the stuff in the pre-filled carts is inferior to something like Puresmoker's Cash Liquid (my fave, but he's sold out right now).

    Plus the carts will run out in no time and you'll be stuck kicking yourself for not buying some juice.
  12. equazcion

    equazcion Super Member

    Seconded -- You will definitely kick yourself (and hard) (and in a painful place) if you have no juice to refill your carts. They run out quickly, much quicker than some reseller websites would have you believe. Refilling is really no big deal. You just drip the stuff in. It takes all the skill of putting eye drops in someone else's eyes.

    Okay I couldn't think of a good analogy. Just trust me it's really easy :)
  13. final lap

    final lap Full Member Verified Member

    LOL. That analogy is actually quite good. Thanks for the help:)
  14. bluewolf

    bluewolf Senior Member

    The most "cigarette" like taste I've tried so far is medium tobacco kick juice.
  15. Dale

    Dale Senior Member

    I recently mixed a bit of CaSH chocolate in with some flue-cured and ended up with a very Marlboro-like taste, IMHO. But the above posters are right... the one thing you'll never manage to do is find a cart or juice that flat-out tastes like a cigarette.

    But with all these lovely flavours, who'd want to? :D
  16. RainbowznStarz

    RainbowznStarz Senior Member

    Previous Marlboro ultra light smoker here. Like others my favorite blend is Puresmokers Marlboro with Riskee. It's extremely good! :)
  17. intrepid13

    intrepid13 New Member

    Oklahoma-- first, congrats on your healthier switch to e-cigs. Almost two years now--great!:)

    I only smoked for a few months (started at 24, am still 24) but it must have hit me hard because even though I'm smoking e-cigs now instead, I still get Marlboro light cravings (almost went to get a pack tonight!) I don't know what it is (the burned taste, the slightly lightheaded relaxed feeling?) but I still crave the real deal. Was that your experience too? I noticed you've completely made the switch... did you have a hard time doing so like me? If so, do you have any tips for me?

    I'm currently vaping menthol tobacco from backwoods brew. Great company, but it doesn't seem to completely fill the need. Any advice? Thanks!!
  18. JD1

    JD1 Vaping Master

    Liquidxpress has prefilled cartos. Their Taboo is a RY4 that I like real well.
  19. ScottinSoCal

    ScottinSoCal Ultra Member

    I came here with the same idea - I had to find something that smelled, tasted, felt just like my Marlboro Red 100s. As I've read through here, the idea of finding something that tastes the same as my cigarettes has faded (as I've really reflected on how truly nasty cigarettes taste) and the idea of something.... watermelon.... peach.... blackberry.... black cherry.... has started to appeal to me. I stopped worrying about finding something that would taste just like my cigarettes and started focusing more on which pv would give me the quantity and quality of vapor I want, and I can find the flavors I like as I go along.
  20. viziony

    viziony Full Member

    in the past 7 days I have purchased about 14 different juices. 5 juices has came in and I don't like them at all :
    I forgot what the 5th one was.

    I have the Ry4 coming in, along with Moca (this was the juice of the day. 30ml, I think this might not like this at all either), Watermelon, CP smooth from CoV, banana, etc.

    I am anxiously awaiting the Ry4 and CP smooth. I want to try USA Mix I heard that is similar in flavor to the SmokeTip Regular Flavor.
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