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Discussion in 'Sub-Ohm' started by Sean Kurz, Oct 21, 2013.

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  1. Sean Kurz

    Sean Kurz Full Member

    I'm fairly new to rebuildables, and I love what I'm getting out of them so far. I haven't ventured into sub ohm setups, I'm quite happy with a 1.2 ohm single or dual coil setup. I don't understand the appeal of an unstable sub ohm set up that could potentially hurt oneself when you can operate at a safer resistance and simply up the voltage/ wattage.... Is there a significant enough difference in performance to risk injury if something were to go wrong? Why use a mechanical and run it at .2 ohms (or whatever) when you can use a 1.5 ohm coil on a provari or a dna20 or a vamo (or whatever) increase the output of the device, AND have the protection of the device? I've seen videos by riptrippers where he's getting vapor production equal to that of a mechanical sub ohm setup but he's at 15-18 watts on a coil that's not sub ohm, and it's much safer. Am I missing something here?

    Also, it seems to me (based ignorantly and entirely on common sense) that in such a scenario of catastrophic failure resulting in a battery actually causing bodily harm, wouldn't it heat up sufficiently enough to warn the user? I feel like you would drop a superheated mod rather than grasp it, continue to vape, and blow your face off... Or is there something else that I should know?
  2. Tonyj10

    Tonyj10 Full Member

    Batteries will get hot before anything dangerous would happen. Sub ohms are not unsafe if your using safe batteries, ( I use 30 amp sonys and this is just my opinion) lol
  3. drew2075

    drew2075 Full Member

    Of course it's dangerous if one doesn't know what to do in terms of sub ohming, but it's very, if not extremely important to understand the risks of sub coiling and the like if one doesn't understand some logistics of amps, voltage watts! I do love tinkering with electronics and ham radio stuff and building my own pc's, so getting into sub ohms was in my scope of things to try!
  4. drew2075

    drew2075 Full Member

    Lots and lots and even more of research if your just getting into this category!
    My 2 cents :vapor:
  5. pianman6954

    pianman6954 Senior Member

    The idea of sub ohm is that assuming you have the proper wicking and a good mech you can get more power, high drain cells are out that can handle nearly 5C discharge on continuous duty cycle and 9C momentarily. I don't make sub-ohm wraps myself it eats batteries and there is clearly some risk, but I have seen some of the micro sub ohm coils and they perform far better than a LR coil on a VV, this is also due to the limits on the VV devices for current.
  6. Raycecar

    Raycecar Senior Member

    I personally do sub-ohm vaping because I've found it brings the best out of my liquids, and I love a warm vape.
  7. happydave

    happydave Ultra Member

    whats not safe is when you have people that don't know what they are doing. 4 volts with a .3 ohm coil means your pulling 13 amps from the battery and hitting 53 watts of power. if your wick can feed fluid to the coil fast enough you will create one great vapor thunder cloud.
    when people that try such things with equipment that is not rated for such things, or dont check anything with a DVOM before they start they are risking life and limb.

    to put things in prospective a standard wall socket in the U.S. is 110 Volts (alternating current) and around 20 amps.
  8. WarHawk-AVG

    WarHawk-AVG Vaping Master

    The clouds man!!! Sub ohmers are those guys that blow vaping clouds like a busted stove!

    If you are vaping normal ohm coils and it satisfied with it don't sweat it...but if you want to run the quarter mile in less than 9 seconds...you need MORE power, and the only way to do that is get higher voltage (stacking batteries) or go VERY LOW ohms!

    Normal resistance (running a DIY mod too :D)

    Sub Ohmers

  9. Katya

    Katya ECF Guru Verified Member

    Supporting member
    Hello Sean and welcome to the forum.

    Please read this blog entry posted in another thread dealing with the same subject. Come to think of it, read the whole thread.

    I've been vaping happily for almost 4 years and never had any need to go sub-ohm, but we're all adults here and people can do whatever they want. I just hope they have enough knowledge and understanding of the potential dangers to avoid hurting themselves and/or others in the process.
  10. drew2075

    drew2075 Full Member

    @ Warhawk: That's funny:evil:
  11. Katya

    Katya ECF Guru Verified Member

    Supporting member
    Right on! The bigger the better! :) And look at those clouds of vapor!

  12. Sean Kurz

    Sean Kurz Full Member

    I've seen people at the shops get their panties in a wad real quick over this subject, so I appreciate everyone not jumpin all over me. I'm happy with what I'm getting now but it's my nature to explore so I will eventually get into this aspect of vaping because I too like to tinker. This is up my alley- another new project Thank you all, you've given me something else to chase now hahaha looks like I've got a lot of homework!!!
  13. drew2075

    drew2075 Full Member

    Enjoy the adventure getting to that point and when you do, You'll be hovering through clouds! Just be safe about it!
  14. madqatter

    madqatter Ultra Member


    Thanks for reposting, Katya. I was just about to do it myself. :)
  15. Sean Kurz

    Sean Kurz Full Member

    "Don't go chasing vapor clouds. Please stick to the PVs and tanks that you're used to."
    I freakin died!
  16. Baditude

    Baditude ECF Guru

    This is not funny.

    IMR_battery_post-venting.jpg battery_failure.jpg Trustfire2.jpg
  17. WarHawk-AVG

    WarHawk-AVG Vaping Master


    I left off the disclaimer!

    Sorry Katya and Baditude, I know they are all

    Sub Ohming is for the EXPERIENCED vapor that knows their equipment and knows how to use it...not knowing what you are doing is very dangerous!

    Chasing clouds is fun! But bad things happen when you push your stuff to the extreme and DON'T know what you are doing


    Not jumping on the OP...just forgot to mention that it's not safe if you don't know what you are doing...however you came to the right place...folks here are VERY knowledgeable and are willing to teach you...IF you are willing to listen ;)
  18. Katya

    Katya ECF Guru Verified Member

    Supporting member
    Oh, WarHawk... :lol: :facepalm: :p

  19. vicflo

    vicflo Super Member Verified Member

    its technically a crossing phase of vaping. at the dawn of sub-ohming, APVs and atomizers were limited to ~10w. With the advent of microcoils, newer wicking techniques, and APVs that are now capable of 20+w, achieving those insane HIGH WATT setups is no longer isolated to mechs with RBAs/RDAs.

    on the other hand, sub-ohming has already built a big enough niche in products and following. it is fun to tinker and hone in on a great build as well as try out new ones. for me... im lazy so i only use carto tanks now and my several hundred feet of kanthal might get touched in a week when i want to build a fogger for halloween.
  20. budda1114

    budda1114 Senior Member

    Thanks for the question and answers, I was wondering about sub ohms too.
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