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Discussion in 'General E-Liquid Discussion' started by AaronY, Oct 2, 2011.

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  1. AaronY

    AaronY Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    There has been alot of insanity in regards to WTA. Mostly fear mongering by clueless people on forums and podcast. All I have to say is I have been vaping extra high WTA juice from Vapelicious all day and I am still alive. While I don't feel the same relaxation or completeness as smoking an anolog. I do feel something. I still vape like a research monkey but a little less. This is the first generation of WTA. I expected more but I am happy with what I feel. I have a ton of juice. Not going to give it all away to get WTA juice yet. But maybe the next generation of WTA might bring that reaction.
    I am just saying I have been vaping WTA all day and I am still alive :p Try it if you still have urges to smoke. I am going to be posting a first look at two flavors I was given samples of at my small juice review site later tonight. It is just a sad state of affairs with the luddite type of reaction to this advance. It is the future IMHO.
    Link to question and answer about WTA
    From the other guy so I don't seem like a shill :p
  2. Bassmanspiff

    Bassmanspiff Full Member Verified Member

    *Preface* (I have not tried a WTA juice)

    Yes I agree that WTA's could be the "future of vaping." All I can really say, are they a needed additive? Will they make me eggs in the morning, read me the paper, whisper wonderful things into my ear? I'm guessing no. I applaud innovation in all forms, but will this make the vaping experience any better? What all of this really hinges on is another subset of vapers. There are some that use No-Nic juice, others that use Nic juice, and those that use both. Now we will add people who use WTA in their juice. To me atleast, it just seems like another additive that may or may not be needed at all. Will I keep vaping my favorite juice if the vendor adds WTA's to it? Yes. Will I go out of my way to add WTA's to my juice, No.

    Also, adding another addictive substance to eliquid could be viewed as a black mark to the vaping community. A majority of people dont understand what vaping is to begin with and now you have to explain that they are slightly more like analogs. I vape to distance myself from what smoking is perceived to be. It seems to me that some view vaping as a "Drug delivery device" and adding something like this kindof enforces it. Granted this may have been the same thing when PV or VG was added... perhaps im screaming in the dark here. *shrug* As long as there is a product, people will try to change said product to fit their needs. If WTA's will make one person happier then good on em.
  3. James1215

    James1215 Guest

    It seems like we are trying to make this more and more like an analog, this to me is a bad idea, the more we make it into a tobacco product the easier it will be for the FDA to tax it as such, it seems very counterproductive compared to what the vaping community has tried to do. I know countless people who has weened themselves down to 0 nic to get away from cigarettes, yet we have things like this trying to make it more and more like a regular cigarette.... only like 4994 more chemicals to put in guys... you will get there yet. I am not a fan of this idea, nor will I even try anything of this type. It will only be a matter of time untill some money greedy company will make eliquid from real cigarettes to try and make a profit without the slightest though of how it will affect the vast majority of us. Bad idea... count me out.
  4. John Phoenix

    John Phoenix Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    For most e-cig users WTA is not needed. I know after vaping for 6 months and loving it I don't "need" any WTA to make my vape more complete. I did a lot of research into this because I have friends who used e-cigs and stopped using them because they felt something was missing. It's possible the effects of the WTA was what they were craving. It's also possible that 90 % of their cravings were psychological because they they missed the cigarette rush that comes with inhaling carbon monoxide.

    I want to ask the Op.. what exactly do you feel with the WTA that's any different than a regular nicotine vape and prior to this, how long have you been vaping and what nicotine strength?
  5. Levitas

    Levitas Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    I'm with John on this. Vaping has been just fine the way it is, for me personally. Though, and someone mentioned this earlier, if my favorite vendors started adding it, I would probably still vape it.

    "Basically, our WTA e-juice is like any other liquid but with the added alkaloids for greater satisfaction similar to other tobacco products. The downside is the potential to be more addictive and dangerous, but for those who are choosing to continue to use conventional tobacco plus vaping, this is an alternative."
    Quoted from https://vapelicious.com/wta-faq/

    No thanks.
  6. MaxUT

    MaxUT Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    I have not tried WTA either.

    I started vaping a little more than two years ago. I still continued to smoke cigarettes because ecigs weren't all that effective for me as a substitute, because I still had cravings for a real smoke.

    As time went on, I bought mods with more power than my little Titan 510, went from stock carts to dripping to modded carts to cartomizers and tried a whole lot of juices to find ones I could vape on a regular basis. I smoked fewer and fewer analogs as I enjoyed vaping more and found it difficult to do both simultaneously... (that's a joke, y'all)

    Finally my wife suggested that we stop smoking cigarettes completely. I agreed, and so on July 1st of this year we quit. I still miss having a smoke sometimes, in fact last night I dreamed I was smoking a Marlboro (odd, because I was a Camel man; guess I bummed that one).

    But-- if WTA had been available in June of 2009, I think I might have kicked the butts much sooner, perhaps immediately if it soothed the cravings enough. Would the two years' delay make a difference in getting cancer or not? No one can say, but the less of smoking the better.

    About half or more of the people I've introduced to vaping did not stick with it; they went back to cigarettes. Nicotine alone wasn't enough for them. One person dropped analogs immediately and hasn't had one since. Others took a long time to transition to mostly vaping instead of smoking, but still held on to those last few cigs.

    I think an effective WTA-containing juice is likely to be a much more effective analog replacement, helping new vapers to obtain satisfaction with the new practice and thus continuing with it through the learning curve. A good thing, in other words.
  7. Levitas

    Levitas Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    I agree with this, to an extent. When I first started vaping 7 months ago, I completely ceased smoking, but it was rough. My abstinence from smoking in that first week or two was a strong mental motivation supported by a strong menthol e-liquid. Would WTA's of helped that transition to be smoother? Perhaps. But, I have no need to find out at this point, obviously.

    However, there are some that cannot quit smoking even with the standard nic-extract, and for them, this might just be what they need to cease smoking and more power to it. But, if you're already vaping and it's working just fine, why add additional risk? Even the vendor is unsure of its safety, or even exactly what can be found in the full extraction of nicotine... (this might seem like a cheap shot at the vendor, rest assured, it's not. I realize that we don't even know 100% for sure if "standard" vaping is safe or not. But, for the sake of this particular conversation, I am merely talking about the safety of adding additional alkaloids with little actual testing of doing such. Aside of testing it himself along with sending samples to various people. Am I incorrect?)

    "We can still assume that vaping WTA will be more dangerous than vaping nic-only e-liquid because of the presence of things like TSNAs."

    "Since we’ve actually done our research on this stuff, we feel confident in releasing WTA without super fine, expensive testing as has been done by everyone who has worked on WTA and sent out samples so far."

    This might be the next great thing for those who cannot successfully reduce harm with the standard nic-base. But, it may not be necessary for some and I personally do not wish to add any potential added risks. Not Fear Mongering, just my opinion. All quoted statements are from the Vendor selling WTAs.
  8. MaxUT

    MaxUT Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    But, if you're already vaping and it's working just fine, why add additional risk?

    True. More ingredients equals more uncertainty about the effects the total chemical load is having on your body.

    There's a couple of other things to consider: frequency of vaping and the total amount taken in. If the liquid is more satisfying then having a few drags should let you put it down for awhile. This would give your lungs and sinuses a bit of a break before the next onslaught of vapor. Until recently I have had my PV in my hand more often than not, sometimes chain vaping until I felt a heaviness in my lungs or had nausea from an excess of nicotine. I'm a little concerned about possible long-term effects from the PG, VG and flavorings.

    If your liquid contained WTA but you vaped only half as much, might that be healthier?
  9. AaronY

    AaronY Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    It made me feel more satisfied and I felt a little less stress like from a drag of an analog when I used to smoke. Not as strong but a touch of it.
    I have been vaping for 9 months now. I vape like a research monkey. Although I have gone down from 48 mg to around 12 mg I pretty much chain vape. The darwin battery that is supposed to last 3 days barely makes it through a day of vaping now :( I vape that much. The WTA juice made me vape a bit less and satisfied a bit of me that was craving for in cigs.
    The WTA ejuice, I got from a friend and reviewed here it was 24 mg strength. That might be part of it. I need to try WTA in 18 or 12 mg. It is a first generation product. Happy with it but I can't wait for the next generation of them :p
    For 11 bucks for a 12ml of extra high WTA it might be worth it to try it. If you are not like me a chain vaper that feel like they are missing something from regular ejuice, it might not be for you :) But it may help others that are starting or struggling to keep their habit away from analog.
    I see it as a morning and occasional vape not all that I am vaping. I think it is clear that it is better then going back to analogs and the only thing preventing that before the WTA is my credit card bill :p I think it is debatable if the health effects of it in order not to chain vape are there. But I think if you are not totally satisfied with regular nic juice give it a try. Am I wrong?
  10. John Phoenix

    John Phoenix Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    Thanks for the answer. No, you're not wrong. It's worth a try for folks like my friends who felt they were missing something with e-cigs. This of course with the understanding it has to be on a magnitude better than continuing to smoke tobacco cigarettes anyway.
  11. mgordon1100

    mgordon1100 Super Member ECF Veteran

    I didn't do 100% research on this WTA, but it would probably get the support from the tobacco farmers. When I started vaping, I didn't think about the ramifications to the hard working people (cigarette manufactures be damned).
  12. tricci

    tricci Super Member ECF Veteran

    Ok, this is a little off topic, but goes a long with some things people have said in this thread about the FDA, tobacco and taxation. 1.) Is making nicotine from other Nightshades (such as Tomatoes, potatoes, etc.) a viable option? This would totally separate vaping from tobacco. 2.) Does anyone know if similar alkaloids that are present in tobacco are also present in other Nightshades?
  13. Sdh

    Sdh ECF Guru ECF Veteran

    I ordered 36ml nicotine with extra high WTA. At this strength it does present with the calming effects-5minutes of vaping versus not feeling anything from regular nicotine fluid. I tried the Oakwood from Vapilicious and it does work as described for me. YMMV.
    I don't have a major concern over the safety because I believe it is better for me than sneaking those cigs at work. :)
  14. MaxUT

    MaxUT Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    I agree. Don't ever, ever do it again. :smokie:

    Not an option because of:
    1.) Economics-- much less nicotine in other plants compared to tobacco, so much lower yields in extraction, higher costs.
    2.) FDA classification-- you're now totally separated from tobacco, so your PV is now a drug delivery device and your drug is toxic.
  15. tricci

    tricci Super Member ECF Veteran

    Yeah, that's about what I figured. Oh well, I suppose we won't be vaping any nic juice that came from Tomatoes and has added alkaloids.
  16. AaronY

    AaronY Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    What would be the benefit of that?
  17. cigarbabe

    cigarbabe Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    I wonder if any of you naysayers have researched WTA's at all?
    For me this is simply a better quality of juice no more no less.
    I usually have a pv in each hand because I like vaping! I liked smoking also and wasn't looking to quit when I came upon vaping but I accidentally did indeed quit!
    I never cared much about the juice it was all pretty much the same to me whether I used 24 or 0 there wasn't that much of a difference in feeling for me. I also didn't have any withdrawal symptoms either when I would just use 0 nic juice.
    I used it because I liked the taste of it nothing more.
    I most certainly don't see WTA as any more addictive than "regular juice" and since I've brought that up I don't see nicotine as addicting as most believe it to be either.
    I certainly don't think of myself as addicted to nicotine regardless what the ANTZ and some of you may believe.
    I ordered some of the WTA's from Vapelicious and was really shocked that after taking a few {3-5} hits on my device
    I actually stopped vaping for at least an hour. This shocked my friend who always sees me with several devices in front of me at any one time! We were chatting on skype and he said "Whoa you stopped vaping!" {something to that effect!}
    So although I don't necessarily believe that WTA have any "extra" additives in them I do think it's refined to it's essence.
    For me it works brilliantly and I will be using it more for the calming effects plus I noticed
    better concentration and better sleep for myself. So I use it when I wake up whenever I start vaping and as the last vape before bed.
    Your results may vary. [​IMG]
  18. John Phoenix

    John Phoenix Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    You know, It's interesting. Since I have been vaping liquid nicotine i have discovered something cigarettes did not do. To me this is so much better than a calming effect and that is the raw stimulant effect of nicotine. I LOVE it. I don't want it to calm me down. I use it to speed me up. I can get this effect at 18, 21 or 24 nic. Only e-cigs do it. I noticed it when I like our Op vaped like a research monkey and found myself having trouble sleeping at night. It's defiantly like a caffeine buzz. I'm a coffee lover as it is even in the summer and this effect is stronger than caffeine. I had read that nicotine was a central nervous system stimulant but really never felt it's true effects til I started vaping. That kick is for me.

    CigarBabe, just read your post.

    To solve my sleeping at night problem I had to cut back on nic levels at night. Perhaps some WTA would help with that. So in an e-cig, I can get my uppers and my downers LOL I think I'll give it a try.
  19. cigarbabe

    cigarbabe Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    John I used it at 18mg but I am going to try it at a higher level.
    I have serious sleepwalking problems and when I was smoking I would burn the house in all sorts of places.
    It was really bad! My husband was very afraid but could not wake up when I would get up to cook, wander the street,make long distance phone calls or post in forums lol!
    I think everyone who loves vaping should give the WTA a try for whatever reason it doesn't have to be the same as I do but I have found it to help my cognitive functioning and my depression is not as bad since I started using the WTA while vaping.
    Now I don't use a shrink or drugs for my depression so is it just going away on it's own?
    I don't know but I do know I have felt a lot clearer since I started using it regularly.
    It does works superbly at helping me to sleep!
    Let me know how you make out using it at night John. :)
  20. Nunnster

    Nunnster Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    I see WTA as a double edged sword. I maybe great for vaper's who feel like something is missing, personally I don't after my first week, but others may think differently. Also I can see it as very beneficial from an economic standpoint. I could be wrong but I remember reading somewhere that BT owns a lot of tobacco farms. If this is the case, maybe some where along the line BT could start extracting WTA for wholesale and go where some of the market is going and recoup some of its looses from people switching to vaping. As long as there is an agreement that no additives were added in the process I see this as win win. Not to mention the smaller people such as farmer's and other people along the line that vaping could hurt monetarily wise. This could be very good for us vapers because this would leave out the FDA for sure. I am sure that if this did happen, we would revive taxes on ecigs, much like other tobacco products, but hopefully since it is a safer alternate to smoking the taxes would reflect that. I personally wouldn't mind paying an extra dollar per 10ml of nic juice or something in taxes. Even though we do not nessacally like big tobacco, an enemy of my enemy is my friend. That being said, If we do not get BT on our side, adding WTA might just give BG the push to treat ecigs exactly as smoking. It would also give the anti tobacco/nicotine people more fuel for their fire. The FDA could try to regulate us to the ground. I hope that this doesn't happen, but its a possibility. I think that I could be a very good idea, but I am also concerned about the repercussions. That is just my 2 cents though, take it with a grain of salt.
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