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Airheadz from Epic Juice

Discussion in 'General E-Liquid Reviews' started by MSTR VPNG, Oct 22, 2013.

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    MSTR VPNG Host, Ohm Reader Podcast Verified Member

    Jul 24, 2013
    Sacramento, California
    Our reviews are cross-posted from MasterVaping

    Today we will be reviewing Airheadz by Epic Juice LLC from Anaheim, CA to see if this liquid holds up to its name. EJ describes this vape as “Complex candy flavors bring together a great blend reminiscent of our favorite taffy candy.” Epic Juice aims to provide “the vaping community with quality nicotine juices and began their journey to help set the bar for regulating and producing premium ejuice liquid. Their quality control is manic and the attention to detail in both the creative and production side of our work gives the community the assurance that they are getting the best”. Forfeiting the appeal of the mom-and-pop vape shop, if you are a germaphobe who is looking for the most sterile E-liquid out there I think you may have found a company up your alley.

    Airheadz is only listed as 60% VG/40% PG and is available in a variety of nicotine strengths from 0 to 24mg. Today’s vape will be conducted in a Protank 2 with a 2.2 Ω coil and the voltage set to 3.7, let’s see if this can satisfy our sweet tooth.


    There are quite a few liquids out there attempting to emulate the flavor of your favorite candies or beverages, most are overpoweringly sweet and usually fall short of their mark. The people at Epic Juice claim it to be reminiscent of the popular candy which seems to fall short on the brewer’s promise. The head notes are very smooth with fruity undertones, but the heart notes are what attempt to deliver the flavor of the orange taffy we know and love. On exhaling you get more flavor out of this vape, you can finally taste the fresh tangy citrus flavor and will find yourself puffing away and letting the vapor out slowly to fully enjoy the nostalgic taste of this E-liquid. We’re going to give Airheadz a 7, for being a pleasant and and not-over-the-top-sweet candy flavor that doesn’t deliver well in tanks, but seems to shine well when dripping.


    When you first crack open the bottle you get a very fragrant and tart candy scent that definitely makes you want to try this liquid. The vapor production on this liquid is decent for being a PG/VG blend, it was not quite as impressive as expected for being 60%VG. The throat is a little more than mild, when you first start vaping this flavor it is very smooth and enjoyable but to use this liquid all day will leave your throat a little scratchy and feeling a bit dehydrated. The vapor’s aroma is rich and sweet and will probably draw others in to find out what flavor you are vaping. We had a very positive experience when dripping on a sub-ohm mechanical build. The flavor seems to expand itself in complexity. Overall the experience earns Airheadz a 7.5.

    Packaging and Price

    The packaging offers the clean futuristic appeal that Epic Juice is aiming to offer. All Epic Juice liquids come with a child proof cap which is always a bonus in our book, as well as the nicotine strength in lettering the size of their logo. The expiration date is also clearly visible but they do not put the bottle size or the PG/VG mixture on the label. The information about proper use is on the label but can be difficult to read if you aren’t holding the bottle right up to your face. Also this liquid cannot be purchased directly from their website, on the site if you click buy Epic Juice online you can choose to go to NextGenVapor where you can buy a 15ml bottle for $12.00 or a 30ml bottle for $20.50 plus tax and a $1.99 charge for shipping and handling. Or you can choose to go through ShopMVG and pay $11.99 for a 15ml bottle or 30ml for $20.00 plus tax and no charge for shipping and handling. Having straight forward and well designed packaging, and rocking an affordable price tag gets this liquid an 8.5


    The vapor is a little dense but not so much to where you can't see in front of you and the price of 70-80 cents a milliliter you will definitely feel like you're getting more than what you paid for. This liquid is ideal for drippers who enjoy tangy and sour flavor, but we don't recommend this in a clearomizer tank.

    Final score: 7.7
  2. macmiddlebrooks

    macmiddlebrooks Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Solid review. I've tried a couple other flavors from Epic and felt they did not skimp on the "flavor" in the slightest...very strong and not perfumed or off-tasting. Definitely worth it from MVG who is an awesome vendor as well.
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