Another +1 for Customer Service

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Feb 16, 2009
Miami Lakes, FL
    First of all I'd like to say that I originally gave up
    hope on e-cigs before I came across Tony's Sidesho -
    but like all things, sometimes things can go wrong (battery issues)

    Tony ALWAYS writes back and corrected this for me the right way.
    Perfect example of how a business should operate!

    I'm now using the Sidesho + another supplier's e-cig,
    but ALWAYS the SS when I go out, best portability + performance
    I have found in an e-cig until this day.

    Thanks again Tony! Can't wait to try the new cartos/drip tips!

    Edit - I wrote this because it seems like 9/10 E-Cig suppliers jack
    you around when it comes to customer service, and hardly ever resolve
    any issues. They give you some crap warranty and tell you "too bad"
    most of the time, so kudos to MV.
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