Any linux users got "Ejuice me up" and running?

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Dec 24, 2014
After a month of fails installing "ejuice me up" using winetricks on debian jessie I finally got it installed using play on linux. Not much of a wine user but every tutorial I followed sent me to a dead end. If anyone has struggled with installing this software in linux I may now be able to help.
Congrats. Good to know. You are probably mixing by weight.


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    Hey! Long time Win & Linux Centos/RedHat user here. I run Centos on bare metal on a Dell T-410, and I'm probably going back to using VMware vSphere so that I can run several instances of Linux/MS. If you can find an old server it's the way to go if you want to run Linux, b/c you can run/start/stop so many different installations...makes tuning a snap.

    I never used Debian or Wine so I cannot help you there.
    Yes I'm mixing by weight. Was using using a spreadsheet in librecalc which also worked fine. Guess I just wanted to get juice me up working in linux so i didn't have to reenter the data from recipes I saved while using windows. I like how fast and customizable Debian runs on my aging laptops and how helpful the whole linux community is in helping to get things working.
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