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Anybody know where I can get some DNA20 Boards

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Nov 23, 2011
Outer Space
    I was curious about this.. When you get a board from a manufacturer, not necessarily made for a certain mod, wouldn't you have to program it?

    I had almost made up my mind on getting the sigelei legend, then I found out about the sigelei 20W, an upgraded legend that goes up to 20W and has some other improvements. I believe it uses the YiHi SX220 board. But supposedly, the YiHi SX450 Is going to ship out any day, and the first test samples of the YiHi SX470 are going to be ready by end of this month. Not sure How accurate/realistic that is, but I'd sure love to get one.

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    Dec 31, 2010
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      evolv is no longer selling the dna 20 board.....the next best thing will be out soon:)

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      what do you mean,they have stopped production?do you know anything else?

      means that as of right now they aren't making the dna20 board anymore and are focused on something new....coming out hopefully early january if the rumors are true!

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      and the dna 30 is released:)

      that's what i was talking about

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      Evolv will continue to make and market the dna20d along with the new dna30d.....
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