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Apollo Ecigs Valuable Prizes and Contest Thread!!

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Dec 14, 2010
California, USA
Welcome ECF to Apollo Ecigs first Grid Based Contest!!!!

Many of you are familiar with this game so it should progress nicely...we chose this contest because it gives everyone a darn good chance of winning!!!

This contest will have a grid of numbers
1-800 At the start of the game you will be told what Game # & Round # you are playing, and how many numbers you may pick for that Round.

When you Post your Numbers, your Post should include the Game #..the Round #...followed by the numbers you choose. After Posting...
Please do NOT edit your Pick Post. Should you happen to pick numbers that have already been chosen by someone else you will be notified by us via "Reply with Quote" , it therefore behooves you to follow the thread for updates so that you don't miss an opportunity to get your numbers or $1000 in prizes.

Reply back to our Post with your alternate numbers...you will know if your numbers are valid because we will
"Like" them. Once the grid is full we will pick a Winner using a Random Number Generator.

Some numbers will randomly give you a regular VTube during the game, at our discretion. Feel free to chat during the course of the contest and ask us any questions that you may have.

Thank you and good luck!!!

First Place for this Contest will be a Limited Edition SS V Tube!!!
Also $1000 in Vtubes will be given away randomly during EACH round.

Game #1 Round #1--Pick 5 Numbers!!!

https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Avg1C_YpyWJGdC1lRHRkaFVpNzExclVuMXRiQTJVU Xc#gid=0

Want to skip ahead of the contest and buy a vtube at 30% off?
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