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Better Vapes

Discussion in 'Reviews of Suppliers - Negative' started by Harold Smith, Nov 25, 2012.

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  1. I ordered a Lava Tube june yen or whatever back the end of Oct. Right out of the box I had problems. Threads on the top suck, has to be the cheapest thread cutting I have ever seen. Problems reading the display. Contacted Better Vapes and was told I needed to try a different tank/carto which I never received. So i put it up for a while and didnt use it. When i pulled it back out and put a fresh charged battery in, it was worse. Now when I push the fire button the voltage drops by .1. The light stays on in the display and I continue to get this .1 drop every time I push the fire button. I have sent emails but never hear back form them.

    My take on this is
    1 Dont buy from Better Vapes as there customer service sucks.
    2 As I have heard there is a new lava june whatever model out. This one is suppose to fix many of the problem they had with previous models. Well if they knew there are problems with previous models, why are they not replacing those PV's with there new models. Are the customers with the junk ones just suppose to use those for paper weights?
  2. Sent another email today and still have not heard anything. I would suggest NOT dealing with this company as the have very very poor customer service. I am also going to post all over facebook for my friends. Dont want them to get ripped off.
  3. Just received an email from steve at Better Vapes. Seems he has been busy with a death in his family( which I am sorry for anyone to loose a family member and truly hope his family make it through this tough and trying time). THIS IS THE PART THAT MIGHT BE INTERESTING TO A LOT OF PEOPLE. According to Steve, he has emailed the young june company several time with no reply. Seems they don't want to stand behind there products. I have also sent them an email tonight. We will see what happens. But I am truly wondering if anyone want to deal with this company if they make a crap product and don't take care of there customers or dealer for that matter.
  4. Now I have received an email giving me excuses. They still do not want to stand behind this junk product.
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