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May 30, 2009
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    As someone told me, ask and you shall receive.

    I copied and pasted Webby's message about the restart and the purpose of the CASAA (located below (message 2)---hope Webby doesn't mind.
    If you're a nominee, and your bio isn't here, please add.
    And, PLEASE, no other post except bio’s.

    I should make a detailed bio for myself, but I think my past track record of being a very outspoken critic of Big Government, Big tobacco, Big Pharma, the FDA, ASH, and Banzhaf in particular, should speak for itself.

    Been vaping since May 09 and never went back since, and I would fight tooth and nail for all of you.

    It's MY life and I want to take it back. I think all of you should too. Hopefully I can do my part by being a member of CASAA.


    Þornbjörg (Pronounced Thornbjorg)
    I'd love to work in a lobbyist-advisory role. Between here and the moonport boards, I'm sure many of you have seen my letters. I've been posting them all open for others to see.

    Qualifications include:
    Smoker of about 20 years who's finally kicked the 3 pack/day habit via vaping.
    Enough knowledge of medicine to both reference and inform regarding medical topics.
    Enough knowledge of chemistry to reference lab findings in an informative manner.
    I have family working in both medical fields, and one who is a full time lobbyist.
    I've been active in the LBGT community as a lobbyist for several years.
    I've helped recruit new people to aid in LBGT lobbyist movements.
    I understand processes and procedures to contact law makers, in digital, paper, and in person.

    I also intend, should the people succeed against the FDA in getting PV's out of hot water and into the clear, to begin producing eliquid. This is something I do not intend to get into until after the dust settles, and should it settle poorly at first, I will be pursuing grants to get FDA approval.

    Side note, polls open on my birthday, lol. Oct 18th. Sadly, it will be my big 30 this year.

    That said, if I win a seat, great and I'll do my part. Should I not, then I'm sure someone better than I won the seat, and I will still continue to do what I do.


    I am completely shocked to see my name on the list for a CASAA. Thanks to all who believe I might offer something useful to the vaping community.

    After 30+ years of smoking analogs, I was able to leave them behind three days after I started vaping. I never intended to quit; it just happened. My wife is happy that I gave up analogs, but is far from being 'on board' with vaping. There seems to be a disconnect with the general public who believe that nicotine is the most evil substance in analogs. I have an uphill battle about the real danger of smoking while admitting I may have an addiction.

    While I am an ardent vaping advocate, I also understand the need for proper testing of e-liquid, inhaled vapor and second-hand vapor to insure everyone affected by vaping is safe and can make an informed decision about this new habit. That would make me cautious, yet supportive up to the point that a person or association makes claims that cannot be verified or backed-up by scientific evidence. No, I am not siding with the FDA or claiming we should have our right to make personal decisions compromised; I am simply leaving the door open to future knowledge none of us have right now.

    Vote as you will, but I remained humbled by this simple nomination.

    First let me say I am honored to have been nominated and have humbly accepted the nomination.
    My organizational skills when it comes to computers are feeble at best.
    My time is precious and rarely free.
    I founded and championed a non profit 501c3 organization and served as Executive Director for over 10 years and currently hold an honorary position and continue to offer my services on a voluntary basis.
    I have sued 5 local governments and the State of NJ taking the case to a federal level and winning a National Charter for Self-Run, Self Governed Recovery Houses for Recovering Substance Abusers.
    I am relentless when it comes to my rights and the rights of others and will NEVER lay down for the FDA or any other organization that is trying to stop us from vaping.
    I am prepared to continue marketing, promoting and distributing these products until they kick my door down and drag me away, and then I will continue from off shore if necessary.

    It is my opinion on and belief that "There is no Wrong way to do the Right thing"

    Thanks and that will be my campaign cry...


    When Sun, Webby and I first discussed forming CASAA I knew it was precisely the node of representation our vaping community had been tirelessly calling for months to form. I felt the idea was on target, and was certain it would grow into something even better, that our initial idea would be built upon; but I had no idea it would get such response so quickly.

    I am so humbled and honored to have received even the privilege of consideration for the Boarding of the CASAA team. With my nomination I bring first-hand knowledge and understanding of this industry, its associated technology, direct access to thousands of proud electronic cigarette users, and many well-connected friends and acquaintances. I have been extremely pro-active in writing not only my own district Representative (Burgess) and state Senators (Cornyn and Hutchison) all three of whom I've met personally, but also Senators and Congressmen and Congresswomen of other states (I'm very familiar with the "We appreciate your words, but we have to tend to our own Constituents" letter.) in both written letters and emails/contact tickets.

    As a confident speaker, strong advocate for freedom and liberty, and fierce believer in the Constitution, I do feel I have a lot to bring to CASAA. I look forward to serving you all if you folks would have me serve.

    My name is Michael Thomas in sunny southern Utah. I am a married father of 3 great yet very mischievious boys. I am a technician by day, residential and mobile service of home theater, computer networks/repair, satellite tv, 2-way satellite internet, and VSAT.

    I was surprised as well as honored to be nominated for the possibilty of serving on this board with some great folks. As a 36 year old 20 year smoker, I fully support nicotine delivery through alternatives such as electronic vaporizers, patches, gum and lozenges, etc. As we all know there is much current debate and misinformation associated with personal vaporizers and thier usage, and I will work hard to promote and educate. Some may wonder about my love for druids, which stems from growing up with a love for the Shannara series of books written by Terry Brooks. The Druids of Shannara are an order of historians, philosophers, teachers, researchers, and philanthropists working after an apocolypse to restore science (and magic) to a land stripped of everything they used to have and live for. In our fight for choice, wether to deter the PV apocalypse, or to continue the fight after the possible ban, I think we will need all of those things to make ground. There is also much debate concerning ties of our country's founding fathers belonging to a druid order but that is debate for another time.

    My current projects are a community based charity currently in soft launch at VividChange, as well as 3 online stores. They can be found at eVapor, DealBoxUSA, and my coming mod shop. You won't find much info at the stores, they are in construction and/or re-building. They are taking my partner and I a long time, but we do everything ourselves from the ground up.

    I believe in the protection and education of not only our devices, but our freedom to choose. While we should be allowed to use tobacco if we choose, we should have the right to obtain our nicotine through whatever delivery method we choose. I believe the organization should not only promote and educate PV's, but also support (or not support if need be) any other products currently on the market or that may come to us at a later time. While our fight is currently here at home and takes precedent for us, there are other places in the world now and surely later, that will also need our support. I believe in the fight at home and also the need to fight the fight abroad. I will also be for the organization to offer smoking cessation support, as well as nicotine cessation support.

    My board voting would be unbiased, with support of the following:
    Industry Safety and Testing
    Marketing Standards (including labeling, representation and age verification)
    Openness to ALL products, not just PV's.
    Support of cessation.
    Public Awareness of ALL choices available.

    I hope this says enough, and my support and action stays live regardless of any voting outcome. I am happy to be a part of all we stand for.

    Thans for your time...


    My name is John McHaffie. Born and Raised in the area of Springfield, MO.
    I've been a Field Technician of some form or other for the last 15 years until last December at which time I started my own web development and technical services company.

    I currently work part time additionally doing general office work for a couple that does medical records. Yep that's right, I even do secretary stoofs

    I am basically a jack of all trades, I do not hold a college degree, just a High School Diploma, lots of fancy schmancy certifications that companies like to see, and a wide variety of life experience.

    I started a music session in Springfield, MO back in 2004 that is still going on to this day. Before then - no Irish / celtic music sessions of any kind here. When I couldn't afford or find my own Irish whistle starting out - I made my own out of copper water pipe and fittings and went on to make my own brand of whistle for some time. I even made quite a shift in how whistles were manufactured by many makers in a certain facet.

    So anyway, I am really not for certain what all of you wouldl ike to know speficially about me, but all I can say is that regarding CASAA, I would be happy to take on any duties you might need. I am not a rich man, but I do manage my time very well - I can make myself available when possible, I can organize and somehow come up with things when needed.

    Until I had to move away for relocation a few times, I was an active member of the local St. Andrew's Society, and I have never stopped taking care of their website even while I was gone from the area for a few years.

    In closing, if you do decide you need me for something and ask me to do it, if it is within the realm of possiblity for me then it will get done.

    Take care all and I really look forward to seeing how this all turns out. I'm just offering my services - officially or not.

    - Hap

    My background is insurance, specifically claims and information technology. I am a retired Sr. Business Systems Analyst, so I'm not always up on all the latest web technology, but I grasp it well once someone points me in the right direction. In that position, I wrote almost all project documentation, from white papers to functional specs to detailed specs, and liaised with management and users. I wrote the test plans, managed the QA (quality assurance) team, trained users and wrote user manuals and then the help portions of applications. I did some SQL programming and am functional with html. I'm really good at breaking software, which can be a curse at times!

    I served a term as Second Vice President of the Orange County (CA) Orchid Society. I published two newsletters for them when the editor unexpectedly died (the show must go on, ya know). I also worked with the Greater Valley Springs Advisory Group, a group of citizens working to update a very out-dated community plan in conjunction with the Calaveras County General Plan update. I was author or co-author/editor of several detailed "vision statements" that were to be submitted to the county.

    I play viola in two local symphonies. I can also "play" a good devil's advocate in an effort to keep things on target.

    As most of you know, I was active in the campaign to contact Gov. Schwarzenegger to veto SB 400. I'm so glad our voices were heard, and I thank all of you who contacted him. I am also a volunteer at Right To Vape.

    I will never hesitate to contact a government representative to voice my opinion. I would like to see an education campaign directed at all of our representatives so they can learn about PVs before someone drafts legislation to ban them because they "look like smoke." I believe we can find more allies by being proactive.

    Thank you for your nominations!
    Diane Starner

    I don't know what I can bring to CASAA that others expect of me, but I am passionate about vaping and winning the case for vaping in the court of public opinion. I'm like a pit bull - once I sink my teeth into something, I don't let go.

    If I see I can help, I'll jump right in, as evidenced by the articles I wrote, promoting PVs and debunking misconceptions, when others would just complain there were no positive stories. Or the helpful tips I write on ECF, when others just complain about newbie questions. Where others can't be bothered, beyond complaining, I make the effort to help and I love doing it. I love knowing I've made someone's life better in some little way.

    I also listen. I admit I'm no expert and I expect co-operation, from the vaping community, to help me get it right. I don't go off half-cocked with limited or biased information and I'm very willing to admit when I am wrong and eager to learn.

    I genuinely like people, almost to a fault, where I assume only the best from them.

    With twelve years as a real estate consultant, I am very experienced in working with different personalities and negotiating to bring people to common grounds.

    I'm internet savvy, am familiar with many social networking groups, run a top-rated web site and have moderated several forums and online interest groups. I also have 2 different blogs and a monthly newsletter. Any article or blog where I have seen misinformation posted about vaping, I have taken the time and made the effort, to comment to politely correct the errors and positively promote vaping and vapers.

    So far, I've converted 5 people to vaping from smoking.

    So, I'm not sure why I was nominated - as to what people expect me to do. I'm certainly no expert. I have no medical or journalism background. I have no political background - beyond lobbying for homeowner's rights. For those things, I defer to the experts and hope to learn more from their guidance.

    But I am passionate and determined. Whether I'm on the board or not, I will continue to support their efforts and try to show the world the diamond in the rough that they are missing amid all of the dirt.

    So, if the members of ECF feel these are qualifications that may further our goals, I'd be more than happy to serve. Either way, I'm going to be involved, one way or another.

    Kristin Noll-Marsh's Contributor Profile - Associated Content -

    See video: CASAA | Board Nominees & Elections

    My name is Mr. Kai... Mr. Kai Cherry.

    That's right, I use my real name on the internet...simply because I believe that if you have a microphone to the world, for better or worse, you shouldn't hide behind a veil of quasi-anonymity.

    I was as honored as anyone to be nominated and a bit surprised, for while I've lurked here for months and months I've only recently spoken; I felt the time was "right" for me.

    So who am I, anyway? Well a simple Google search for "Kai Cherry" will turn up probably more than many would *want* to know, going all the way back a good 10 years

    My experience is varied; my training is in creative problem solving with a socio-technological bent.

    I've done everything from writing ad copy to designing and implementing targeted marketing patient education kiosks for doctor's offices ("pharma-whoring") to weeding out "Bobbies" from the Church of the Subgenius, exposing their blind fanboy faith in a system they little understood...from implementing Inter- and Intranet sites for an international consortium of space agencies and their EO satellite Ad-Hoc group spearheaded by NOAA to telling SCEA executives, to their face, on their dime, why Sony Connect would implode and how they could not possibly beat Apple in the MP3 player space with the PSP...and EXACTLY why this would be the case, from a purely marketing perspective. Steve Jobs gets on the cover of Time magazine for almost anything...I get in Newsweek because Sony can't do their job

    I've built software that transforms ugliness into beauty...and created products for the purpose of propaganda and press manipulation.

    Most of my professional career has been focused on two things: using technology to manipulate and enhance image via creative R&D...and as a "hired gun" of sort to exploit weaknesses in competitor strategy via creative, quick solutions.

    These days, I run a small software enterprise,

    My nickname was "MacGyver"...and Mac rocked

    So what of does any of it apply? It all does...because what we have is a David vs Goliath-scale battle on our hands in a way that I don't think many people truly grasp; we are a *minority* of arguably the most trampled-upon minority that exists in modern society, certainly in the USA: Smokers.

    CASAA has a tremendous task before it: it must make a loud enough noise to be heard by groups as disparate as monolithic bureaucracies and dudes huddled under a tin shack behind a building trying to get a smoke in before they have to "deal"...but NOT to shout so loud that CASAA seems like a ranting fringe lunatic.

    CASAA must play "dirty pool" to expose the Nicotine Temperance movement for just that, as they truly are, but still have clean hands.

    CASAA will need to expose the outright zealous bigotry of groups like ASH without "becoming just like them" in the eyes of the public.

    CASAA needs to reach out to two groups of people in a general division "Smokers" and "Non-Smokers" as well as the factions within these groups to find a common ground.

    CASAA needs to fight bigotry with logic, callousness with compassion and battle in the bloody arena of Public Opinion...but not with an army of club and axe-wielding centurions...but with a cadre of scribes and ninjas.

    I'm ready to do it. Right now.

    -I'm 52, raised 3 men, and I'm currently retired but raising a grandson.
    -I served in the Air Force for 5 years in radio maitenance and basic electronics.
    -I worked in a Pulmonary department of a Children's Hospital as a pulse oximetry/x-ray technician.
    -I have a Master of Science in Counseling Psychology with specialized certification in testing/assessment.
    -I taught General Psychology for a hospital university that specialized in training RNs.
    -I was a psychotherapist with hospital priviledges, led weekly groups dealing with addictive disease, individual and family therapy, the dual-diagnosed, and disabled individuals.

    Those are the pertinent areas of my experience but my views may be slightly different than others on this forum and may alter any decisions made by the board or members. To be more specific...I do not hold the nicotine addiction theory to be true. Many ascribe to this theory but I simply can not.

    Further, I have fought for smoker's rights for 3 years now (lost in Ohio) because I believe in choice. I do not believe a lot of the research studies as it pertains to tobacco products, nor what is being touted about e-cigs.

    On a personal note, I lost a brother to lung cancer when he was 21 years old. My brother did not smoke, my parents were non-smokers, none of my siblings smoked...I'm the only nicotine user in the family. So I knew at a base level that to be very wary over what information one chose to believe to be true.

    I question everything, I always have, I'm a rebel at heart

    Like the others nominated, I am honored to be considered for election to CASAA's board.

    To be completely honest, the e-cigarette has been the only thing in recent years that has given me any inspiration to be active for a cause. I suppose we all have this in common.

    As far as skills... people say I should be a diplomat, so I guess that means they think of me as a mediator. I'm somewhat proficient in graphic design (Corel Draw, Flash animation), a decent sound/video editor (Adobe Premier/Audition), and among other things I can play 5 out of 6 strings on a guitar....

    It really doesn't matter to me if I'm elected or not, I will support CASAA in any way I can, regardless.

    It's nice to have a cause to believe in, and I support all of you that have been nominated.

    There are many qualified candidates on the ballot and I am honored to be among them.

    My name is Cheryl and I'm originally from WV. I now live near Nashville TN and I've worked in and around the entertainment industry for 30 years. I have worked with the best-of-the-best including 25 years with Dolly Parton. My credits include feature films, television, music videos, magazine articles, commercials, and album covers.

    My forte' is public relations and publicity, however I am happy to apply any skills I have to saving the PV. It's something I firmly believe has the potential to save many lives. My daughter (Riddle80, an original creator of Right to Vape) will play a supporting role.

    I was a 2 1/2-3 ppd smoker for almost 40 years and have been using a PV since Dec 22 "08."

    37 year smoker. Quit cigs entirely after about 6 weeks I'm a damn Yankee, transplant from Michigan to Florida for 30 years Served 6 years in U.S. Army. Re-married with 1 grown son. I'm a Registered Nurse so I'm familiar with the medical aspects of e-smoking and cigarettes Currently work in a psych unit. I researched everything I could find after hearing about e-cigs Previously tried every nrt except drugs, way too scary My father was a journalist when they still had integrity So I can sniff out bs at 100 yards. Laid out the pros and cons to my son and now he's a vaper Speaking publicly to others, is 2nd nature to me Taught classes at a workshop @ FSU on domestic violence and STD's, not shy I'm a child of the 60's-70's, so I enjoy a good fight for rights


    I have been involved in scouting in one way or another since I was 9. I started as a cub scout and went through webelos and eventually earned the Arrow of Light award when I was 11.

    That brought me into the Boy Scouts of America. Where I was immersed into more than I can fit my head around. I learned just about every skill set that could be imagined from surviving in the wilderness, Being a public speaker, to How to save a life.

    I met life long friends along the way and had more fun that I though was possible. Whether it be canoeing, Visiting the battleship in Mobile, Going to the space museum, staying weeks on campsite, or participating in two 25 mile hikes in a row.

    Also during this time I served in various positions in the troop itself. Anywhere from Quartermaster, to Assistant Scoutmaster. My role throughout the years had been one of leadership.

    In 2004 I received the rank of Eagle Scout, Fulfilling what I had set out to do when I was 9, just 9 years later. I have determination and will power. I will fight for what is right.

    For a few years after I received Eagle I stayed heavily involved with the troop. Now that I have a family it isn't always easy to find time to be involved but I do. I strongly support the Scouts in any way I can. We have a saying in scouts, "Once a Scout, Always a Scout" There is a long list of outstanding people who share the rank of Eagle with me.

    I have the ability

    I did not have an extensive smoking habit as most, 1/2 to 1 pack a day for 6 years, managed to quit for 6 more years, and then stupidly started back again for the last 4. I've used patches, gum, lozenges, Wellbutrin, and Chantix, but could not quit for more than a day and a half. After the purchase of my first PV, I finished my final pack and haven't smoked or had the desire to smoke ever since.

    I am a 40-something year old single mom of a 9 year old daughter. I have always lived in Texas, with a fairly standard childhood. While studying for my bachelor's degree in zoology at Texas Tech, I worked in a research lab as a student assistant. After graduation, I continued in the same lab as a research assistant. My work was on a type of blood cancer called multiple myeloma.

    I then attended Texas Tech School of Medicine and received my MD, with internship and residency following. I have work in various aspects of primary care, including with populations with a high rate of smoking related illnesses.

    Along with my general medical knowledge, I am able to read and interpret both basic science and medical literature. I have passing knowldge of writing both research protocols and grant applications, although these skills would have to be updated extensively before I would attempt to submit anything.

    I am honored by this nomination, and I'm proud that you feel I have something to contribute to CASAA.

    Theresa A. Whitt, MD

    My name is Thad Marney, but I generally post as Thulium or sometimes "The Devil's Thadvocate"--a reference to a jab a former roommate once made about my tendency to offer alternate viewpoints for argument's sake. In that spirit, I feel that my natural tendency to take a step back and try to re-examine issues from multiple viewpoints is the most important asset I would try to bring to the CASAA board.

    I was raised in a traditional nuclear home as the oldest of 5 children. My father worked in the computer industry all my life, but he was also a licensed Minister so I was fairly conservative (politically and socially) growing up. After undiagnosed ADHD and some poor choices foiled my educational plans, I moved to southern Idaho and spent 2 years in volunteer service as an Assistant Director for a media production company and outreach ministry for At-Risk Youth that has since transitioned into a nationwide outreach called the eXtreme tour.

    After that period, I returned to the Portland area and to my more technical roots and have spent the better part of the last 15 years in various systems support and quality assurance roles for businesses including Freightliner, Nike, Microsoft and Providence Health & Systems. Along with my technical savvy, I've worked in various customer service and even medical related industries which I feel gives me some additional perspective.

    Currently, my only technical work is usually private consulting and the occasional bit of web development. The majority of my work now is as a home care provider for my friends with physical disabilities and I work part time as a guest attendant in Portland's Rose Garden Arena. (Go Blazers!!) I also have experience volunteering with Oregon Public Broadcasting and various organizations that advocate for adults and children with disabilities.

    In no small part thanks to my exposure to a variety computer industry professionals, fellow customer service and call-center worker bees, and a lot of artists and musicians...I'm sure you can imagine how I might have developed a smoking habit despite my conservative upbringing. When I discovered e-cigarettes from a SmokingEverywhere vendor in the local mall, I was impressed enough at the basic concept that I spent way too much money on impulse only to be quickly dissatisfied with the quality but I remained convinced that this is an idea whose time has come. The way I see it, even if it turns out that I am still tempted to smoke the occassional analog, every one that I don't smoke is that much less pollution for me and more importantly I am not exposing my daughter to second-hand smoke while simultaneously improving the odds that her daddy will be around for her for a long time.

    I've tried the patch, it irritated my skin and made me feel sick. I tried the gum--it was better than the patch because I could titrate, but it is expensive and pretty disgusting. I tried the lozenge--better than the gum, but I still wanted to smoke. I tried cold turkey--that worked, but never for long. I actually quite good success with hypnotherapy, but the effects of hypnotic suggestion for behavior modification are temporary without good follow-up.

    In the final analysis, I support every person's right to choose the smoking replacement that works best for that individual. Personally, I love the e-cigarette because it takes the burden of "quitting" off my back. I don't really want to quit smoking--it helps me slow down and focus and I enjoy watching the smoke and I enjoy socializing with my friends over a cigarette. It is only with the e-cigarette that I don't have to quit the parts of smoking that I like while still getting rid of the things like nasty smelling breath and clothes, the constant coughing and wheezing, the fact that I catch colds and flus more often and they stick around longer, and most importantly e-cigarettes keep my daughter from being exposed to my smoke.

    A few days ago, my daughter found an a mostly broken Smoking Everywhere e-cig lying unused and said, "That's healthier for you, isn't it daddy? You should use that." So right now I am trying out my first 510 and if my perspective or experience on the CASAA board can do anything to help promote our freedom from poisonous smoke, I would consider it an honor to serve either on the elected board or as a lay member.

    Best regards,
    Thad Marney

    Greeting: My name is Elaine Keller, and I am a vocalist. Hence, the screen name. Here's a picture of me from a few years back:

    Ooops, wait! Wrong picture. Don't worry, I'll find it.

    I trace my history as an activist back to junior high school, when I was called into the Principal's office for circulating a petition asking that all graduating students be dismissed at the start of 4th period, instead of at the start of their respective (4th or 5th) lunch period. He told me that this was no way to go about trying to change the situation. I pointed out that we had been taught in government class that the people are allowed to petition the government for redress of grievances.

    The petition was kyboshed, but the Principal quickly announced that all graduates would be excused at the start of 4th period to go get dressed for graduation ceremonies. Of couse, the Principal has ways of getting even with students who irritate him.

    In more recent times, I have served in various capacities in an Employee Resource Group (ERG). Last spring, headquarters asked me to coordinate the efforts of a workgroup made up of representatives from all local chapters. The workgroup was charged with creating an enterprise-wide ERG. We used Live Meeting to connect the geographically dispersed membership and SharePoint to store documents and track versions.

    Those who have followed my posts know that I am not averse to writing letters. Writing has been a major part of my work history. I worked for 5 years in advertising and public relations. Then, as an instructional designer I developed classroom training materials, computer-based training, web-based training, user manuals, and job aids. Currently I work as a technical writer, mostly in the field of public health. I'm responsible for the documentation that accompanies the AHRQ's Quality Indicators software modules. Recently I created the framework for a meta-analysis of published research on the effectiveness of school-based tobacco education programs (most don't work very well.)

    I began researching tobacco and nicotine before the days of the Internet. What triggered my research was when I noticed that every time I tried to quit smoking – or even just cut back on my intake – I would become quite ill. I started at the local library. A book called Smoking: the Artificial Passion by David Krogh provided a wealth of information about the physical, biochemical, and neurological underpinnings of the effects of nicotine on the brain and body.

    Krogh reviewed relevant research in lay-person's language and provided a rich set of references from numerous medical and scientific journals. I actually drove to the National Library of Medicine in Bethesda and took out a library card so that I could read the full articles. I also used their mainframe computer to search for more articles. I spent a small fortune in their copy machines. Today, of course, I do my research on Pub Med.

    My research convinced me that smoking is not an "addiction" in the traditional sense of the word. Nicotine is the best natural, multi-purpose, miracle drug to hit the world since acetylsalicylic acid.

    I hope to teach the world someday to stop talking about "nicotine abuse" and begin discussing the therapeutic applications of nicotine. I hope to someday overcome all the noise generated by anti-tobacco extremists, and see all of us treated with respect by the rest of society.

    I truly feel that the electronic cigarette has saved my life. I would be honored to join the board of CASAA and further its work.

    --Elaine (VocalEK)

    I am Webby, hear me roar... My mouth is too big to ignore..
    I have to say, I had no idea that the experience of CASAA’s nominees ran so deep in the fields of marketing, NPO administration, legal, medical and public relations. Apparently, our participation in ECF precedes each of us. Our views and public posts are a direct reflection of who we are, and FWIW, enough ECF members believe in us to ask that we lead the cause. I really hope that sinks in to everyone on this thread.

    There is an ancient Chinese curse that says, “May you live in interesting times.”

    To my credit (or said curse) I have had the privilege to be involved in many vocations over the years. I have owned bars and restaurants, been a program director and DJ in a top 25 radio market and flown air cargo throughout most of Central and South America. Seeing a Scottish CV-340 pilot who speaks fluent Spanish can really rattle the natives - regardless how well your customs paperwork is filled out (just FYI, in case you find yourselves in a similar situation in San Salvador…)

    In 1988, I started misc.transport.air-industry.cargo an air cargo newsgroup on Usenet (the precursor to today’s internet forums) The internet was primarily a few million sites, email and a network of dial up access BBS boards. Prodigy , CompuServe and AOL pretty much ran the show.

    When the internet exploded in ‘92 and the dot com era reared its darling little head, I tied my mouse and keyboard into a handkerchief on a stick and rode that wave through Redmond, LA, Oakland, San Antonio, Dallas, New York, Atlanta and Miami.

    In ’98 I came home to the Gulf Coast and started (See “About”) we have six offices and host 3,800 clients, providing web development, hosting, SEO and online marketing. This is where I got saddled with the nickname "Webby" and most of my clients don't even know my real name. They probably wouldn't believe it anyway

    About a year ago, a dear friend and former client came to me with e-cigarettes.

    He showed me about ten different models he’d bought and said he wanted to start an e-commerce site. After hearing him out, I met with him a week later and told him, “AC – in fifteen years of web development and marketing, I have to say that for the first time that I don’t want your money. I want to be your partner”

    Over the next year, we started and narrowed our product line from 11 models to Joyetech’s 510 and 302. Like any good entrepreneurs, to us it was simply a business decision at the time. The Joyetech line had the least support issues and lowest customer return issues.

    At the time, I was a 2-3 pack a day Marlboro smoker. AC had recently been diagnosed with emphysema (his doctor had recommended he try e-cigs) Throughout the next several months, he had quit entirely and I had dropped down to 2 or 3 analogs a day (still can’t beat that morning coffee and a smoke) While building up the business, we spoke daily and traded email hourly, tracking shipments, responding to customer questions and about the cost of shipping.

    My friend and business partner AC died in June from complications of his emphysema and the direct result of 50 years of smoking. As a vet, he died with full military honors. I was a pallbearer and carried his casket; placing a 302 on the top (several mourners questioned later why I had placed a “pen” on the casket) It was a deeply personal moment for me and I still regret not leaving him a charger.

    AC Reeves lived a long and happy life. I was blessed to have known him briefly but very closely in his last years. One thing he said will always ring loudly to me and is probably one of the most important reasons I am so vocal in the advocacy or the electronic cigarette.

    “I wish they’d had invented these damn things twenty years ago.”

    Wow. I don’t want those same words to be my epitaph.

    If they had, my friend and business partner would be here now. None of you knew AC and it doesn’t really matter. He introduced e-cigs to me and (for all I know) added a few more precious years to my life to see my kids grow up. For that alone, I owe him everything.

    I’ve read many kind comments and personal email thanking me for the time and efforts I’ve spent on CASAA. Until this very moment it really hadn’t struck me why this fight was so important to me. Even if there was no CASAA, I would be advocating e-cigs. I’d be looking for opportunities to vape in public (and I do) just to get people to ask what that gadget is. I’d call over the flight attendant on commuter flights and ask if I can vape on the plane – even on 30 minute flights.

    So. What are my qualifications for being on the Board for CASAA?

    Academically, I have a BS in Business from the University of Alabama (Roll Tide) with a minor in Communications. In ’94, I completed my second BS in Computer Information Systems with a second minor in Psychology.

    From Micro$oft, I have MCP/MCSE/MCSD and a MCT cert. (XP/Vista Tracks)

    I have 17 years of corporate management and private business ownership experience. I speak three languages (English, Spanish and Portuguese) and can program in eight. I own an ISP with six offices in four states, 3,800 corporate domains and 14,800 users. Site development, online marketing and managing internet resources is what we do.

    I am also the CEO of and We supply over 380 retail outlets with Joyetech products and supplies. I make no apologies to the fact that ABB is a tobacco retailer’s source and we commercially brand our products as ECS-Wholesale (with retail prices) to protect our reseller’s markets. Most ECF members buy directly from

    All of this basically means that I am certified to run your friendly neighborhood business or corporate IT department. NOW - If it goes into Chapter 13, I can coherently explain to you exactly what went wrong (in three languages) and convince you that you are really a good person and your parents were to blame. If all that fails to convince you, I can write an application that calculates algorithms to prove your parents were to blame. If you buy a 510 kit from another supplier, it really doesn’t hurt my feelings as most of our clients don’t even own a computer. Which proves, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that it is most likely the direct fault of their parents.

    I thought our respective posting histories, which after all were what people relied upon in sending in nominations, would also be what people looked to in making their selections in voting. So I didn't intend to "campaign" in any way.

    However, in light of the several posted requests for information from all the potential board members, I decided I should post a bit about my background too.

    With psychology and health education being my majors in college, my first employment was as an educator and counselor for Planned Parenthood, and then as a social worker for Catholic Family Center.

    But at thirty I went to law school, with the specific goal of doing indigent criminal defense, which after graduation I devoted myself exclusively to for 23 years at my county's Public Defenders office. I did appellate work for 12 of those years, and trial work for 11 years.

    At the same time however, I was becoming progressively geekier and geekier - I was the first attorney to bring my own computer into the office in 1986, when secretaries were still using typewriters ( ) - and was happily instrumental in the PD's evolution over time into a technologically adept office.

    I absolutely loved my work as a PD, but it is an extremely stressful and terribly high stakes occupation, with a corresponding high risk of burnout, so I retired when I was able to a few years ago.

    I had been on the board of directors of a small non-profit civil legal services office the whole time I was a PD, and its executive director offered me a job when he learned I was retiring from the PD's office. That wasn't my plan (I was going to create my own small IT/web support business), but since he was willing to offer me an only part-time and seasonal, grant-funded position, I couldn't say no. So that's what I'm doing now.

    My other retirement plan was to live in Venezuela at least 2 or 3 months every winter, and I am doing that. Like Webby, I'm fluent in Spanish (although I understand a bit of Portuguese, I'm not fluent in that though ).

    But what I think is most important and most relevant to the issue at hand - CASAA - is that I have had a consistent and logical vision and position on the legal issues confronting us since the very first letters from the FDA surfaced many months ago, revealing the FDA's determination to categorize the e-cigarette as a new drug/drug device combination needing prior approval.

    As some no doubt remember, I laid out the arguments why the FDA's position was not necessarily the correct one, why e-cigarettes can and should be considered a smoking alternative and not a drug/drug device, and I predicted the FDA would be challenged in court (and even [one of] the parties ) all well before the currently pending lawsuit was commenced. For example, a snippet of a post from April 19, 2009:

    Originally Posted by yvilla
    And it is also entirely possible that even if the FDA does decide to attempt enforcement of a claim that all ecigs are subject to its jurisdiction, there will need to be a court determination as to whether ecigs not marketed with health claims or as NRT do, in fact, constitute a "new drug" or "drug delivery device". Because it can certainly be argued that they do not, and I have no doubt that players like NJOY and other big sellers here in the US have their attorneys right on top of this issue.

    See, Retracting My Support (?) for ECA and It's All in the Timing, But WHEN?

    Beyond just taking a position and expressing it here however, I have also joined in with all the rest of you over these past many months, madly researching, writing to journalists and politicians, posting comments and promoting information in other parts of the internet, and talking to anyone and everyone about the issues we're facing.

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      CASAA | Voting Restart
      Due to a problem in the original voting ballot last night, the CASAA Board Elections have been restarted. Our apologies to everyone who voted, and most especially to the CASAA Nominees.

      Please be familiar with the following before casting your vote

      CASAA's Goals

      1. To inform and educate the general public as to the available options for reduced harm tobacco and nicotine alternatives and provide documentation to reputable medical and news items.

      2. To establish a membership of users, suppliers and manufacturers of these devices for the sharing of information and substantiated data, support of users and unified industry support.

      3. To maintain a social support network and web-based community for all members and their shared experiences.

      4. Formation of a collective voice for the urging of more positive political, medical and legal representation of the electronic cigarette and smoke-free alternative community in congress, the medical community and the media.

      5. Encourage and support manufacturers and suppliers to:

      - Provide accurate documentation and safety information to their customers.
      - Provide fair and legal advertising or marketing claims on packaging, and web sites
      - Require purchases be conducted using appropriate identification to prevent sales to minors.

      6. Establish guidelines for responsible, fair and ethical business practices that manufacturers, suppliers, and retailers are required to maintain in order to receive group approval.

      7. Act as a clearinghouse for information about products and services that adhere to ethical practices, high standards of quality and demonstrate true representation of products intended for consumers.

      8. Support studies, clinical trials and independent research based on improving the relative safety and effectiveness of "e-cigarettes", smokeless tobacco products, nicotine replacements, and smoking cessation or replacement products.

      9. Provide a physical office and staff to dispense live technically valid and informative information as well as campaigning supplies or advice .

      CASAA Goal Strategy

      The goals of CASAA will be obtained by:

      1. Definition of initial CASAA Board positions and duties.

      2. Election of CASAA Board and Officers.

      3. Procurement and provisioning of professional services.

      4. Completion of CASAA bylaws and legal non-profit status.

      5. Completion of CASAA.ORG web presence/social network/mailing list and appointment of Content Moderators.

      6. Design, development and implementation of a physical presence. This includes a home office, mailing address, staff and redundant network of physical servers, IT support and basic brick-and-mortar infrastructure.

      7. Establishing a liaison effort of shared information and marketing data with other organizations to ensure efforts aren’t diluted and the collective message advocating the continued legalization of electronic cigarettes is universal.

      8. Dissemination of current news, bans, approved test results, political decisions or press releases to the public as a responsible collective on behalf of the electronic cigarette industry in general. This will be done in concert with the efforts of the Electronic Cigarette Organization, Right to Vape, and any other group that promotes electronic cigarettes in a productive and positive light.

      9. Public postings of political or public events to members where a CASAA member presence can be beneficial to promoting public awareness of the benefits of electronic cigarettes and smoking alternatives.

      10. Providing materials and support for any individual or grass root efforts to promote public awareness.

      11. Scheduling of regular meetings and member events to gather support for the CASAA Movement.

      12. Encouragement of US and foreign manufacturer compliance and participation.

      Voting Board

      1) The CASAA Board shall consist of 12 voting members.

      2) Each Board Member has one, equal vote.

      3) The Board will be comprised of (no more than) three suppliers (or manufacturers), three subject experts (SE) Directors and six general users.

      4) The six AT-LARGE users will be made up of individuals from all walks of life.

      5) The three Subject Experts (SE) will be comprised of experts in the field of Legal/Financial, Science/Medical and Communications/PR issues.

      6) Each SE will manage a team of users who will help in making recommendations to the Board and provide depth in the event that the SE isn't available or drops out.

      7) Standard positions of Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary and Treasurer will be elected by the Board from within it's own ranks. Board positions will be one year and a Chairman will server no more than two consecutive terms.


      HOME (introduction, members gallery, most recent news/events - the rest fall off into the archive areas, join and support links and navigation menu) and users poll with link to archived polls

      ABOUT CASAA (mission statement, org charter, board info, financials, terms of use, privacy policy, etc)

      RESOURCES ( ECF links, glossary of terms, gov't agency mailing addresses, congressman’s' contact info, sister agency links and document library, etc.)

      NEWS (searchable archive of news posts)

      Support CASAA (donations, links to banners and icons for your web site, stickers and downloadable items, etc. This may evolve into an online “store” at some point)

      Membership (Free membership info, benefits and reasons to join)

      Lifestyle (tips, tricks and commentary from fellow users. This is NOT a duplication of ECF - it is a source for non-frontpage-news items such as how to guides (tea bag mods, stir stick mods, newbie tips) and feedback from fellow users worthy of being documented. Think, "things that are repeated every week in ECF")

      Event Calendar (searchable/sortable event calendar)

      Contact Us (physical mailing address info, phone numbers and webforms)

      Heard Enough?

      Then VOTE!


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        Okay, the last one I'm coping and pasting---the rest of you are on your own.


        My real name is Karen. I'm a Long Islander transplanted to Florida. I've been an RN for 17 years (neonatal icu). Prior to that I delivered papers, 400 a day, 7 days a week. I was a single parent during that time, putting myself through school with newspaper delivery.

        I'm married, and have 3 grand kids. I also have 2 dogs, 2 horses, and 22 pet chickens.

        I smoked for 35 years, a pack a day. A member named Wildsky is a friend of mine and got me started on PV's. After 10 days, I quit smoking, and have been smoke free for almost 7 months. I didn't mean to quit, I just wanted to save some money. But these PV's were so good, it was easy. I loved to smoke. I would have never quit if it wasn't for the PV. I was so thrilled with them that I ordered 30 starter kits, and sold as many as I could, not to make money, but to help smokers, and most of all to stop the government from profitting from my addiction.

        I rant about the corrupt government re: PV's everywhere I go, at work, on my message boards, myspace, my blog, I write to newspaper editors, and anyone I can. I am thankful that I know enough about PV's, including using them and the politics. When we go out to eat, I make sure I can hang outside for a while to catch curious people. Where ever I go, I make sure people can see me use my little 901. My philosophy is to spread the word to unenlightened non-smokers and smokers as well.

        Exposure is what we need in any way we can.
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          I'd recommend anyone interested in knowing more about me look at my posts. I speak my mind, I like real information, real facts.

          Vote for whoever you want, but please, vote!

          From the old thread:

          SLDS181 said:
          I smoked for about 12 years, and in the past 5 years I tried every NRT (gum, patch, lozenge) I knew of besides taking anti-depressants re-labeled as smoking cessation drugs.

          I research thoroughly, and I'm good at understanding information put in front of me well enough to atleast ask the right questions.

          I'm an annoying letter-writer. You know, that guy that will write a letter to every politician out there when annoyed about any random subject.

          I currently have no financial ties to the industry, and I don't plan any. I do this for me, and I continue to be involved to share my experience with others.

          I'm also irritatingly stubborn, and I will rarely shut up. Ever. So be sure to keep that in mind :)
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