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Chit Chat thread

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Jul 9, 2010
Beautiful Baldwinsville (CNY)
    Hopefully this will run faster, though i still think Sarge needs to feed the hamsters on the ecf servers :)

    Continuing to enjoy the vv grand with vapage amg hybrid 2 ohm bf atty. I'd like a 2.5 ohm, but these are the new design that isn't out in 2.5 yet. Excellent, consistent flavor. Every couple days i just unscrew atty and dt, rinse it for a few seconds to nudge out any gunk, put it back on.

    Buzz pro is still my go to for more tough and tumble use. I need to dig up something similar to the nebo csi holster that I use with the bp for the vv grand; there should be a smallish stretchy cell case with carabiner belt clip, just haven't found one yet.


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    Aug 29, 2012
      Only thing worse than a Monday is a dreary rainy Monday :(

      Going to add to that its also the Monday after Vapercon. Trip home yesterday was long and somber after all the great people and fun at VC so glad I went it was a great time and I met some awesome helpful people and so glad I paid attention to those that were helping others with wrapping coils and such. Learned so much.
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