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Cig2o review

Discussion in 'New Members Forum' started by p.opus, Aug 25, 2010.

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  1. p.opus

    p.opus Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Aug 24, 2010
    Coral Springs FL
    The Cig2o is a retail product that has been showing up here in So. Florida in some of the dedicated tobacco shops around town. After some research I found it to be a rebranded KR808D-1. Which, after some research, I discovered is not a bad thing.

    I picked up mine for 45.00 and it included a couple of cartomizers, the battery, A USB/wall charger, and instruction book.

    Since I was spending over $33.00 every 10 days for my cheap 305's, I decided to take the plunge, and purchased the Cig2o.

    Boy am I happy with my purchase.

    Now I understand that I could have gotten a cheaper KR808D-1 online, but there is definitely something to be said about having the ability to walk into a store and pick up a unit and if you have a problem with it, returning it at the store. Especially if you are a skeptic, as I was.

    The Starter kits come with one of two types of cartomizer, "tobacco" and "menthol". I purchased the "tobacco" starter kit and am very pleased with it. It has pretty good flavor (at least a lot better than the cheap ... cig's I was previously smoking), a decent throat hit and a decent amount of vapor.

    What is odd, however, is that tobacco refill carto's are not available. I contacted Cig2o and they said that they underestimated how much people would like the generic "tobacco" flavor.

    Their website has a handful of flavors available, and their website includes free shipping on all their products which is nice.

    I have been using my e-cig for about a week, and I can't tell you how I impressed with it. I smoked the first day of purchasing it to "close out" my last pack and haven't had the need for an analog since.

    My cig2o even passed that most stringent of tests: The post-cloital cig. My girlfriend has a blu and is not at all happy with it, but last night took a couple drags from my cig2o and her eyes got wide and she said that it was nothing like her blu. She's back on analogs and I haven't looked back. I may try and get her to return the blu and get the cig2o.

    So that's about it. The cig2o is a retail rebranded KR808D-1 with all the benefits and shortcomings that come with this model. It's a great starter 2 piece e-cig with great cartomizer support from third party vendors like

    It's not the best or cheapest e-cig out there, but is high on the list, and it's wide support base make it a great way to start vaping. Hopefully companies like Cig2o will get better market penetration so I can start buy my supplies at the local Walgreens instead of online. Until then, I'll continue vaping my Cig2o and appreciate each day that I am smoke free.
  2. Automaton

    Automaton Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    Jun 23, 2010
    Well, considering you got it in a store, that's a pretty good price. I got mine online for $35, which is about as low as you can find them.

    I too am very happy with it. Of course, it has many of the pitfalls that all stock models do, and a couple that are unique to cartomizers, in addition to certain benefits.

    But as a starter e-cig, it's definitely one of the better models around (that and the ever-famous 510).

    I would really recommend you pick up your own juice and start refilling them yourself. Those cartos can take quite a few refills, and you will save a boatload of cash.

    There are lots of well-loved companies out there, like Tasty Vapor, FreedomSmokeUSA (who I believe is having a sale right now), Vapor Bomb, etc.

    And really, the juice is half the fun. :)

    Welcome to ECF, and glad you found what works for you!

    EDIT: Just looked at the site and WOW stuff's expensive on there! You can find cartomizers and batteries for a lot less than that. Considering the price the starter kit is online, I'm surprised you got it for so much less in-store.
  3. Digar

    Digar Full Member

    Feb 12, 2012
    CIG2O is what I bought Thursday at a local smoke shop.

    $18 for a rechargeable auto battery (the main body), two 24mg regular flavor cartos (guy said comparable to Camel regulars) and a usb charger.

    They sell pre-filled cartos in packs of 4 or 5 (I forget) for $16.

    The taste is not exactly like Camel or any cig. It's good enough all the same though. The first carto worked better than the second one. The second one is working okay, just doesn't hit as well. I charged the battery for 9 hours between cartos and the indicator light on the usb was green for full charge.

    So far, I like it and this is going from smoking mini cigars to vaping. It does satisfy both the physical habit of smoking and gives the nic fix.

    Great forum here. Well laid out with loads of useful user friendly features. :toast:
  4. JasonInTN

    JasonInTN Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Nov 15, 2011
    Cookeville, TN
    Welcome to the forum. I have had a Cig2o since Thanksgiving and have used it everyday. I had already ordered an e-cig kit with larger batteries and was waiting on it to arrive, but I wanted to vape while watching the Macy's parade, so I picked one up here in town. I now have a set of 650 mah Rivas with Boge and SmokTek cartos too. While the Cig2o is no replacement for the Rivas I have enjoyed it. I have refilled my cartos many times and think the quality of the cartos is nearly as good as Boge. The caps on the Cig2o cartos are hard plastic and are a little difficult to remove the first time. I use a jewelers screwdriver inserted just slightly into the hole the vapor comes out of and pry it out. The cap may distort slightly but is still usable. There is a soft rubber disc below that which can be removed and discarded. I refill them by dripping juice down the inside wall, while holding the carto at a 45 degree angle and rotating. You can learn more specifics about filling your cartos here on ECF or on You Tube. As you already know, the Cig2o is a KR808D-1 style and other cartos are available from other suppliers. I wouldn't sink a lot of money into any analog style e-cig, but as convenience store e-cigs go, the Cig2o ain't too bad.
  5. Digar

    Digar Full Member

    Feb 12, 2012
    Good to know. And I sure enough took one apart already. Don't think I'll be reusing this one. :p

  6. Digar

    Digar Full Member

    Feb 12, 2012
    So I go back to the smoke shop to buy a second battery and they do have them, in hot pink, for $20. Today's starter kit price, the kit I bought on Thursday, was also $20. Okay. :glare: So now I have a spare charger too.
  7. SubSplat

    SubSplat Full Member

    Jan 25, 2012
    Got a Cig2o kit for $20 from the local Circle K (small convenience store). Only included one battery, charger and two cartos.

    But the performance is amazing for a little thing like that.

    PS: I don't know what they make that orange butt wrapper out of, but that thing survives boiling without so much as a trace. And even permanent sharpies won't stay on there. They last for a while, but gradually fade away and disappear. That's some voodoo magic right there.
  8. vikeme28

    vikeme28 Super Member ECF Veteran

    Jan 16, 2012
    Waste Lands
    cig2o is what i started out with but with battery life i was going through 4 a day and cartridges were killing me. I had to move on to bigger bats and refilling juices. as for a cig style bat probably the best i have had in my hand. felt sturdy and well built. i have tried a few 510 cig styles and they all felt light and cheaply built.
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