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Customs in the Netherlands - Please help

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Feb 7, 2018
If you import something from outside the EU then yes, there is a fee associated with that, but you will only be forced to pay it when customs get a hold of your package. Of course you're free to go and pay the fee voluntarily after receiving the package ;)
I can't tell you what the exact amount is, I don't know anything about NL tax laws. Here in germany it's exactly the VAT (19%) if the purchase price was between 25€ and 150€.

That said, packages from outside the EU containing vaping gear and delivered by PostNL don't have a good track record of reaching germany, they get sent back or destroyed relatively frequently in comparison to other shipping methods. That's mostly from china though so they may have chinese sellers on their radar.
My rule for ordering from outside the EU is: I'm glad if it reaches me but I have to be prepared to lose it all.
So far that didn't happen to me :D
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