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Discussion in 'Standard E-Cigarette Reviews' started by haplo, Apr 14, 2008.

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  1. haplo

    haplo New Member

    Apr 14, 2008
    This post's original text has been deleted due to topic starter duplicating his/her post from elsewhere. From now on only members who have made five posts or more will be able to start a topic here - please PM Smokey_Joe with a request to be added to the "Full members" group if you wish to start topics in this forum.

    This is to prevent sellers from coming on the site and signing up to mud-sling against their competitors. I have no idea whether this is the case with "Haplo" or not, but agree with the substance of the complaints made below, and wish to err on the side of caution.

  2. shammy

    shammy Full Member

    Apr 11, 2008
    Ahh.. I wish this review was posted at few days ago!

    I just purchased my first e-cig -- a Crown7. I haven't received it yet (it has only been a few days) but now my excitement level has dropped a bit. Especially since I paid a pretty penny for it compared to the [same] option.

    Hopefully I'll enjoy it when it shows up. I'll be sure to post my own review/reply when I have a few days with my new 'toy' -- which I hope shows up by the weekend.

    How long did it take for you to receive yours and where (what state/country) are you located?
  3. jimldk

    jimldk Super Member ECF Veteran

    The device is the same with crown 7 ..same manufacture but repackage...their stuff is not as good (compared to Njoy) and the break in period is much longer and requires gentle care/handling...mine still functions after 1 month BUT I 'm not using their batteries..Njoy batteries match perfectly with their device and last much longer..the good part about e-cig and Crown 7 devices is that they excel in Drip / Dry smoking method and very durable but if you use normal cartridge,that's where it becomes a problem(doesn't seems to extract very well)..try the needle modified cartridge and you'll get a better results...So all is not lost( I Hope)...just trying to help. ;)
  4. Crown7

    Crown7 Moved On

    May 1, 2008
    I own Crown7 and the post is false. Yes, We get some defective units, but we reply to every email within 3 days and replace every defective unit for free.
    I have a very bad feeling about this site.
    I have been asked for free products from several people so they can post revues about my product on this site.
    I considered it until I looked at the site and realized that they are selling banner ads to competitors.
    After not sending out free Crown7 units-all the sudden there are negative revues.
    For everyones information, I also was the person that supplied the start up funding for njoy-so I know the business pretty well.
    I ask that people please think before they point fingers and make false statements, it's a very immature tactic.
    The post about not receiving their order-complete lie-our shipping department can tell me what every product in every order contained through our inventory software and the weight of the product.
    Please feel free to contact Crown7 through this board or our web site.
    We value our customers and we don't sling mud at our competitors.
    Thank You,
    Ron MacDonald
  5. TropicalBob

    TropicalBob Vaping Master ECF Veteran

    Jan 13, 2008
    Port Charlotte, FL USA
    Ron, I've seen you in television show video postings on the Internet. Thanks for replying. I agree that the Internet can be used to trash a competitor, and that might be the case here. But there is also a great leveler: If a person lies, pretty soon others make posts saying "That's full of it!" As Crown 7s spread, other posts should appear here that either support or contradict the original post.

    What bothers me most? This poster joined, made exactly one post -- this one -- and hasn't contributed since. Seems more than a little suspicious.

    Sites like this one are valuable to new users, and problems will occur (we had a blatant ad posted in the middle of an information thread yesterday). But overall, these forums serve a useful function in sharing information that one company or one individual can't hope to collect.

    I'll look for future posts on Crown 7. Good luck with your American venture.
  6. EricD

    EricD Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Mar 30, 2008
    chicago, IL
    TB is exactly right. I've seen this exact same post, word for word on another website about 2 weeks ago. It's BS. I know crown 7 will fix or replace a defective item because i've talked with someone who got a defective item and they are getting replacement parts. Perhaps crown 7 is of lesser quality than some other e-cigs available, but I'm just talking about the initial poster here. It's 99% likely it is a competitor trashing crown 7. :twisted:
  7. leaford

    leaford Vaping Master ECF Veteran

    That's about what I figured, but it's good to hear since my Crown7 arrives tomorrow. :)
  8. Minus Sign

    Minus Sign Full Member

    May 2, 2008
    I've had my Crown 7 for a very short time. its my first and so far only e-cig and I must state that I am quite happy with its results for what it is. I did have trouble with the vapor, but this forum introduced me to dry smoking, which has greatly improved the devices performance, as well as the taste and feel. the technique may be something that, Ron, you'll wish to add as a tip to your FAQs, if you haven't left this forum in utter disgust by the time I post, never to return.

    But I also KNEW that its not the best thing out on the market. I knew that going in, tbh. i bought it because I didn't want to make a several hundred dollar investment for a product that was-still IS, but I'm being sold over with each puff-dubious to someone whose been puffing smoke since the age of eight. Their product was reasonably priced for an entry level device. Thus far, my experience is that of someone using an entry-level device. The quality of the Crown 7 (I got the cigar version, if that is any difference) meets all my expectations of inhaling water vapor instead of carbon monoxide and tar...a considerably "thicker" cloud. It feels sturdy in my hand and well made; I don't forsee it crumbling into dust any time soon. In fact, I'm happy with its rugged look and it feels solid in my hand. I'll bookmark this and post again in a month to update progress if others are interested in these forums.

    I have yet to see any e-cig anywhere try to claim "Yes! Our product tastes, draws and feels exactly like a Malboro Red!" Or Pall Mall, whathaveyou. The Crown 7 performs to my expectations (as a consumer who followed car pe diem and did his homework). If it breaks tomorrow or next week, I'll certainly post that fact. But I will also post whether or not Crown 7 acts on my request for a replacement, and how quickly they react. I do--sadly--expect any replacment to be slow in coming. It took nearly two weeks to get my Crown 7 and the shipment was the only real bug in the ointment.

    I hope this post helps others make a more informed decision about what to purchase as they leave the white sticks of death behind ;)
  9. Oliver

    Oliver ECF Founder, formerly SmokeyJoe Admin Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Hi guys,

    I have actually been worrying about this happening for quite some time now, that we'd get a trash review from a one-post member. I will change the posting rules straight away so that only members who have made 5 posts or more can start a topic in the review section.

    Anyway, post deleted.

    PLEASE, if anyone suspects this sort of thing going on, get in touch and it will get sorted.

    Many thanks,

  10. leaford

    leaford Vaping Master ECF Veteran

    Well, for the record, I got my Crown7 today, and although I'm trying to resist the temptation to use it before giving the battery a full 8 hour charge, I've taken a few puffs off the other battery. So far, pretty good. It draws a lot easier than any other one I've tried, and the smoke is nice, but there's not a lot of volume. Maybe a full battery will improve that though. Only real complaint is that the atomizer attaches to the battery at a slight angle.
  11. leaford

    leaford Vaping Master ECF Veteran

    Folks, I just got off the phone with Ron, and he lives up to his promise.

    I got his E-cig yesterday, and have really enjoyed it overall, with just a couple minor problems. One was that the batteries screwed on the atomizer a little bit crooked. The other was that the batteries were doing the auto cut off thing after 3 seconds instead of 5.

    Otherwise it was great. Easy draw, good volume of smoke, and nice flavour. The crooked connector was cosmetic more than anything, and 3 seconds was about how long I usually draw on it anyway. I'd have given it a 'B,' maybe even a 'B+'.

    But I sent Ron an e-mail, and within a half hour I had an e-mail inviting me to call his cell to talk about it. This at half past midnight! And the service got even better from there. I now have a new atomizer and two new batteries coming. Now that's an 'A++'!

    What's more, Ron himself is a great guy, and good to talk to. :cool:

    The thing to remember on these new toys of ours is that they're still new tech, and we're early adopters. Early adopters always pay a price, and ours is a high failure rate. Since all the e-cigs come from a handful of factories, everyone is in the same boat failure wise, so what sets one seller apart from another is SERVICE. And Ron gets that.

    I could have saved a few bucks ordering the same product from E-cig, and if theirs had the same defects, I'd either have to live with them, or pay to ship it back, wait 2-3 weeks for the defective unit to get back to China, and another 2-3 weeks for the new one to get to me. With Ron, I'll have one on it's way first thing Monday.

    For this reason, my number one advice to any newbie would be to buy from a local supplier, even if it's a comparative premium. It's abso-f*&%ing-lutely worth it WHEN, not IF, your shiny new unit fails. Oh, and it's just good to support a local business anyway. :)

    And my number two advice would be to make that local supplier Crown7 (if you're in the US and like his models, that is). The service is absolutly first rate, and then some.
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