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Drop solo rda review

Discussion in 'Tank Reviews' started by Shone, Jul 17, 2018.

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  1. Shone

    Shone Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Apr 22, 2017
    Drop solo RDA comes in few colors:

    - Stainless steel
    - Black
    - Gold



    - Diameter: 22mm
    - Height: 24mm without drip tip

    - Juice Well Depth: 5mm
    - Single Coil
    - Thread: 510 thread
    - Stainless and PMMA top cap included
    - Standard 510 pin and BF squonk pin

    In the box:

    - BF Pin
    - PMMA 24mm Ring
    - Allen key
    - PMMA Cap
    - 510 Drip Tip Adapter
    - 810 Drip Tip
    - User Manual
    - Spare Parts
    - Two coils


    Drop solo is new version of very popular dual coil drop rda. Drop solo is designed by Brian from TVC youtube channel and made by Digiflavor.
    I received this atomizer in stainless steel color. First of all I want to say that i think that this RDA looks beautiful, design of drop solo is very good in my opinion. Build quality is good as well, everything is as it should be.

    In the package you can see a lot of things. In the box you will receive drop solo with mid cap and top cap made of stainless steel and 810 drip tip and in the box will be one more mid cap and top cap made of pmma with one more 810 drip tip. In the package as well you can find o rings, beauty ring, 510 drip tip adapter, tools, spare screws and bf pin. Drop solo will come with pre installed regular 510 pin and if you want to use this rda with squonk mod you will need to replace regular 510 pin with bf pin.
    I like that in the box there are even two different caps and you have option to choose which one you want to use without buying it separately. Drop solo is rda with 22mm diameter and it will fit on small mods very nice. In the package you will receive silicon o rings and silicone o rings looks beautiful and you will receive rubber o rings, rubber o rings are strong and durable.

    Drip tip that comes on stainless steel cap is beautiful, it's very comfortable for using, I kinda like the shape of it and this drip tip it's not similar to other drip tips that comes with other atomizers. About second drip tip that comes with pmma cap, designer of this rda says that this drip tip is made for flavor and with this drip tip your mouth will be further away from rda. I really like drip tip from stainless steel cap and I am using it all the time. Other drip tips that i tried they fit very well on drop solo.
    Outher diameter of drip tip is 15mm, inner diameter is 10mm, and height of this drip tip without part that goes in the top cap is 8mm.
    Drip tip stays very good in the top cap, everything is good here.


    So, as I said in the package you will receive two mid caps with two top caps.

    With stainless steel cap height of atomizer is 25mm, without drip tip and 510 pin. This cap has 20 air holes, 10 holes on one side and 10 holes on the another side. When you adjusting your airflow, what is adjusted on one side it will be the same on the another side.
    First 4 holes from the top on each side are placed on angle, because that way air will hit the coil more precise.
    On the mid cap you can see nice engraved details, on one side you can see engraved "Drop" and on the other side you can see engraved "solo".
    With this mid cap you will receive the top cap made of stainless steel as well and with this top cap you can control your airflow. On the top cap you can see engraved details that helps a lot when you want to grab it and adjust your airflow. There is no stopper on the top cap.
    Airflow adjustment is very good and precise here, you can very easy adjust your airflow. By turning top cap you will close 1 hole on each side of atomizer, so basically you have a lot of options here and i believe anyone can find his favorite airflow adjustment.

    About pmma cap, with this cap atomizer is a bit shorter, height is 22.5mm. With this cap atomizer looks really short and it looks very nice, honestly I still can't decide which one i like more, so I am switching them constantly. With this mid cap you will receive beauty ring and when you put this ring on atomizer diameter will be 24mm, so it will look much better with some bigger mods.
    On this cap as well you can see engravings on each side, on one side "SOLO" and on the other side "DROP". On PMMA cap there are only 6 holes on one side and 6 holes on the another side, so here we have only only 12 ariholes.
    Airflow adjustment here is the same as on the stainless steel cap, only difference here is mid cap without top 4 holes on each side.
    On the pmma top cap you can see as well some engraved details for better grip.
    On both caps you can see noches and when you attach the base it will stay very good in place, so when you want adjust airflow your mid cap will not turn around, very good and nice solution.
    On the base you can see two o rings and they holding cap very good in place, you can choose here whih o rings you want to use, silicone or rubber o rings. On the bottom of the base you can see gold plated 510 pin, serial number and some branding, threads are nice and clean.


    Build deck

    Diameter of the build deck is 18.5mm and you can see two posts for your coils. Also on the posts you can see flat head screws that holds legs of the coil very good. On the build deck there is a lot of space to work with your coils. This is single coil rda but there is enough space to put in two coils without any problem. I like this build deck because you can play around and find perfect buid. Big plus for this.
    On drop solo, you can put in your coil on many different ways, so anyone can find some build that works for him. As I said on this RDA you can put in two coils and on this build deck you can put even vertical coil. With vertical coil you need to put one leg in the post from the top and the other leg from the bottom in the another post.
    So you can put legs of your coils from the bottom or from the top, if you put them from the top, you can easily clip coil legs because there is plenty of space, then you need to use your tool to bend down the coil and place it where you think it will be best for you, but you can also put legs of the coil from the bottom and this way you can even easier clip legs of the coil, then again you will need to use your tool to lift your coil where you want it to be.

    If you like more airy draw you will need to put your coil from the top because coil will be placed higher, but if you like restrictive vape, then you need to put your coil from the bottom, bacause coil will be placed lower and you will need to reduce ariflow.
    I tried this rda with vertical coil build and it works very good, because airflow holes are placed that way that air hits vertical coil very good.

    Best build for me is with horizontal coil placed from the bottom, I really like the flavor with coil placed like this, because coil is placed lower and I need to reduce airflow, so I can vape more restrictively.
    With one horizontal coil if you ask me, when all holes are opened there is to much airflow, you can use all holes opened only if you are using two horizontal coils or one vertical coil.
    For horizontal single coil build I like to use 6 opened holes on each side or even less than that.
    Build deck well is deep 5mm, so it can hold nice amount of e liquid and this rda won't leak if you use it properly.
    If you like to drip through drip tip you can easily do that here without being scared, because e liqud can't miss build deck well and your coil will be saturated very nice.
    With this atomizer you will also receive bf pin and it works very good, I saw some people said that squonk pin should be smaller, but I disagree because design of the base is really good and when you use your squonk bottle liquid will go in the well right in the middle and your coil will be saturated very good from both sides.


    With this rda i am very impresed, results are amazing, flavor on drop solo is very good and intense and probably the best from all rda's that I tried and trust me I tryed a lot of them. Ariflow is not loud and airflow is very smooth. With the pmma cap, probably because it is shorter I get a little bit more intense flavor. I am using this rda with 4 holes opened on each side and for me this is the best ariflow option, flavor with 4 holes opened on each side is even more intense.
    Coils that came in the package are both 0.35ohm and im using that coil on 35-40 watts and there is plenty of vapor. If you like to use high power, you can use here, because versatility, you can out in your coils on many different ways and you can adjust your airflow from very airy to very restrictive. I think that this RDA can't disappoint you, so I can highly recommend drop solo rda.

    Drop solo RDA Geek Vape Online Store

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